Haikyū OVA
Japanese Title ハイキュー!! ジャンプスペシャルアニメフェスタ2014
Translation Haikyuu!!: Jump Festa 2014 Special

Production information

Storyboard Yoshida Taizou
Production Production I.G.
Directed by Susumu Mitsunaka
Broadcast information
Japanese Broadcast March 4, 2015 (JST)
Other Airdates November 9, 2014 (Jump Festa)
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The Arrival of Haiba Lev (Japanese: リエーフ見参! ---) aired on November 9, 2014 at the annual anime exposition sponsored by Shueisha, Jump Festa. It was also included in a limited edition DVD release of Haikyū!!, along with the 15th edition of the manga, to be shipped March 4, 2015. The event anime will tell an original story that reveals "a surprising side of a popular player."


The episode follows the progress of Lev Haiba, a first-year Middle Blocker who aspires to become Nekoma's ace.

Plot Edit

Lev Haiba, a half-Russian student at Nekoma High, is determined to become the team's ace despite being a first year and inexperienced. The episode begins with a mysterious figure in a Nekoma uniform following an orange cat. Tetsurō Kuroo and Kenma Kozume walk past on their way to volleyball practice, discussing video games and the upcoming Spring High Tournament. They enter a gym with every volleyball player, except Lev, setting up for the morning practice. Morisuke Yaku recalls telling Lev that the first years should be early, and Taketora Yamamoto adds that without Lev here, it's quiet. Yaku ends the conversation by comparing Lev's behavior to a stray cat's.

Lev arrives at practice late, the orange cat in his hands, and his teammates reprimand him. Yasufumi Nekomata assigns Kenma to practice with Lev before their practice match with Kunihira Senior High. After practice, the team is seen outside of a gas station, talking about its upcoming match and briefly mentioning Karasuno High's Shōyō Hinata and the other first years.

Ryūnosuke Tanaka is seen outside of Sakanoshita Store, playing the same video game that Kenma is playing. His teammates soon join him and seeing that he is unable to beat the current level, pass around the console, each attempting to beat it.

Lev arrives at practice early, surprising Yamamoto. He is enthusiastic, saying that he has to become the ace in the next week.

On the train, Kuroo listens to Kenma's complaints about Lev. He is having trouble beating the current level of his video game and Kuroo points out a crucial detail that Kenma missed. He also remarks that Kenma loses sight of his surroundings if he is fired up, to which a frowning Kenma adamantly denies.

At practice, Lev still does not know how to sync with Kenma's tosses nor does Kenma know how to toss to Lev because his jump fluctuates so randomly. The scene cuts to the team jogging, when Kuroo announces that he and the rest of the team will go on ahead, leaving Kenma and Lev to jog behind. They stop to help a cat out of a tree. Kenma notices that Lev could reach the cat despite it being significantly higher. Before their match with Kunihara, Lev spikes a high ball, leaving his team in astonishment.

After the credits, Tobio Kageyama is seen to lose yet another round of the video game. Kei Tsukishima and Tadashi Yamaguchi show up, mocking him for his lack of skill in areas other than volleyball. Enraged, Tobio suggests that they try to win the level instead. Shōyō reminds him that it was his turn, and they bicker until Tobio drops the console, breaking it. The OVA ends with Coach Ukai yelling at them to go home.





Locations Edit

  • Nekoma High's gym
  • Nekoma High
  • In front of Sakanoshita Store, Keishin Ukai's store

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Trivia Edit

  • The OVA originally aired November 9, 2014 at Jump Festa 2014.
  • The episode is bundled with a limited edition DVD release and Volume 15 of the Haikyū!! manga, and was shipped March 4, 2015.
  • The ending theme is "Hoshi wo Tsukamaete (星をつかまえて)" by Hyuui Ishizaki.
  • The episode takes place shortly before the Tokyo training camp with Fukurōdani Academy, Ubugawa HighShinzen High and Karasuno High.
  • This OVA was not based on a manga chapter.

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