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"The Birth of the Serene King" (Japanese: (しず) かなる (おう) 誕生 (たんじょう) Shizukanaru Ō no Tanjō) is the twenty-third episode (and the tenth episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on December 4, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR.


The match between Karasuno and Inarizaki is nearing the end. Each team continues to fight for the winning point with surprising methods and fierce determination.


With Inarizaki in the lead at 18-17, Kita is being subbed back into the game. Before he had, Kita questions Coach Kurosu if it was wise for him to return to the game since it would just be adding to their defense. Kurosu replies that it's the best offense attack he currently has; adding that since the Miya twins are in top form, he wants Kita in the game to make sure they don't falter. As Kita makes his way onto the court, he silently admits that he isn't too fond of the team banner that reads "We don't need the memories". While not fully understanding players like the twins, Hinata, or Kageyama, Kita confesses that seeing them play does give him a sense of excitement. Knowing that he's not a player who can change the flow of things, Kita resides himself to keeping an eye on those around him who seem to keep pushing forward. At this, he looks over to Daichi and guesses the Karasuno captain must feel the same.

Kageyama and Tsukishima s4-e23-1.png

After Suna is able to score, he points out Tsukishima's lack of stamina. Although Tsukishima doesn't deny this, he simply walks away from Suna. In the next rally, Karasuno performs the synchronized attack but Tsukishima and Kageyama were not in sync. As a result, Tsukishima misses the ball and Inarizaki is given the point. To the surprise of several of the players, Tsukishima right away tries to take the blame by admitting that he wasn't able to jump high enough to reach the ball. He admits to himself that he's amazed at how Hinata is able to jump the way he does for every attack. Kageyama instead claims that Tsukishima is not at fault as he had unintentionally set the ball too high. Having watched Karasuno's interactions, Kita feels that they should have been able to follow up on the missed attack. Tsukishima is able to get a spike past Aran and Ōmimi.

Asahi is next to serve and uses one hundred percent of his power. To Inarizaki's surprise, Asahi lands a service ace that earns him the praise of both Karasuno and Inarizaki. Atsumu theorizes that Asahi had started the match using about eighty percent of his strength and gradually began to use more and more power throughout the match. The thrill of it excites both Atsumu and Osamu. At Asahi's next serve, Kita is able to receive it. Ginjima is impressed at his captain's abilities and admits he is not sure if he would have been able to make the receive. Aran spikes but Tsukishima is able to get a one-touch. Asahi attempts to get a spike through but Atsumu is able to make the receive. He begins an approach that is right away noticed by some of the Karasuno players. Osamu and Atsumu attempt their new quick attack but are off on the timing. The ball goes past Atsumu but Kita makes a dive to save the ball. After remembering how he and his teammates don't want this to be their last game and how Hinata was able to keep their spirits high after promising he will make another amazing receive, Daichi receives the ball and promptly joins a synchronized attack. Kita watches Karasuno carefully while remembering that they not once used a back attack during the match against Shiratorizawa and questions why anyone would abandon their defensive position to attack. Daichi is aware how he is not on the court simply to protect his teammates as they are all there to attack. At this, Kageyama sends him a set and Daichi does a back attack. Kita attempts to receive the ball but it ricochets off his arms and flies directly into Inarizaki's banner. With this, the score is now tied 20-20.

Asahi serves for a third time. The ball clips the top of the net and nearly lands in the front but Akagi is able to receive it. Despite his save, the ball goes back over the net and Tsukishima hits the ball down before Atsumu can reach it. Ōmimi quickly gets the point back with a spike past Kageyama in the next rally. Asahi receives Osamu's serve and Kageyama gets a spike past a double block only for Atsumu to receive it. Suguru watches the Miya twins nervously, feeling certain that they won't be trying the quick again after missing the last one. Kita on the other hand, believes that the brother's will certainly try the quick again. Guessing that Karasuno must be thinking the same as Kita, Osamu sets to Aran instead of Atsumu. Since Karasuno was caught off guard and the block was not up in time, Aran is able to land his spike with no trouble.

Daichi receives Osamu's next serve. Kageyama right away sends the set to Tanaka who is then able to do a block-out. Watching Tsukishima get ready to serve, Takinoue and Shimada keep in mind that Tsukishima and Hinata are not the strongest servers in the starting line-up and that Karasuno may sacrifice a point during this time. Hinata keeps a close eye on what will happen next only for Atsumu to catch him and the others by surprise when he performs a setter dump. Daichi is quick to not let his team regret what happened and keeps them focused on what to do next. Ginjima is subbed back into the game and Kita leaves the court. Asahi receives Aran's serve but Ginjima is able to do a direct spike and put Inarizaki at match point.

At Aoba Johsai High, several members of the team are watching and feeling the same tension that Karasuno is. Yahaba yells at the players to ignore their fatigue and try harder. After Asahi receives Aran's next serve and Kageyama sets to Tanaka, the second year recalls when he made a request to the setter. He asked for Kageyama to reduce the number of sets he sent to him only for Kageyama to refuse and state that Karasuno needed Tanaka to attack.

Tanaka attempts a cross shot but Ōmimi is able to block him. Fortunately, Nishinoya is able to prevent the ball from landing. Kageyama sets to Hinata and the middle blocker is able to get the ball over but Aran manages to get the ball up. The ball heads toward the net and too low for Atsumu to make a proper set but he still surprises them when he is able to make a set while bending backwards. While Karasuno tries to keep things going, Tanaka finally realizes that when Kageyama refused his earlier request to have less sets it was really because the first year was being truthful in his statement of saying that Karasuno needed the second years attacks. After remembering what Ukai told him about being aware of the condition of others and seeing how Tanaka has been playing well since the end of the first set, Kageyama questions if the cross shot is really Tanaka's best weapon. Realizing that it's not his place to decide, Kageyama sends Tanaka a set that stretches across Karasuno's side and nears the antenna. Ukai notices how Inarizaki's blockers have been more cautious of Tanaka ever since he managed the cross shot that won the first set and how the blockers have been subtly cutting off the path for Tanaka in case he were to attempt it again. However, doing this opened another path.

Kageyama s4-e23-1.png

As Tanaka prepares to spike, he sees that Kageyama's earlier statement of how Karasuno needs him wasn't encouragement but rather a threat for Tanaka to prove to everyone why the setter has such a large amount of trust in him. Tanaka is able to land an extreme straight shot that lands right on the sideline. All of Inarizaki is left speechless while Karasuno celebrates with Saeko even being moved to tears. As Kageyama and Tanaka show signs of gratitude and respect to each other, Atsumu questions Kageyama's behavior as he sees no sign of the setter he had labeled as a Goody Two-Shoes. In another location, Oikawa is watching the match while out on a run. At seeing Karasuno's successful play, he channels his frustration through his run until he notices the looks he is gaining from strangers.

With Inarizaki still at match point, all eyes are on Kageyama as he prepares to serve. Although he knows there's not need for it, Hinata still feels the need to protect the back of his head. Osamu is able to receive Kageyama's serve but is terrified that the first year is still able to make such a powerful serve so late into the game. The power behind the ball causes it to go over the net and land out as Atsumu attempted to recover it. Now at a deuce, Kageyama serves again but throws Inarizaki off guard when he instead does a soft serve instead of his usual powerful serve. Osamu once more receives and the ball goes back to Karasuno. Hinata gets a spike past the blockers and puts Karasuno at match point. At Kageyama's third serve, Aran makes the receive. Atsumu sets to Ginjima who scores and puts the game at a deuce again.

Kita overhears his juniors talk about how talented Atsumu and Kageyama are while wishing they too possessed the same gifts. The captain recalls a time when he had been asked if it was difficult to play on a team with someone who was younger and more talented when he himself was not a starting regular. Kita admits that he's not sure what would qualify someone to be called a genius but he did understand what was being said. He saw that players like Atsumu always give their best effort and don't let things like mistakes or the loathing from others bother them. Kita also states that to call someone else a genius would simply mean that one would give up before even facing them.

Hinata s4-e23-2.png

When the ball goes over the net, Suna and Kageyama both attempt to reach it first while Hinata begins his approach. Kageyama is able to narrowly reach the ball first but the ball heads straight down. Hinata is able to use his foot to kick the ball up and over the net. Although Karasuno has reached match point again, Kageyama tells Hinata to criticize him for his poor set but Hinata instead says there's no need to do so and simply asks for the set again. Having observed their interaction, Atsumu feels moved by Hinata.




Episode Notes


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: When Tsukishima misses the set, Yachi, Yamamoto, Fukunaga, and Suguru are shown reacting. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Suna notices Atsumu make the approach for the quick attack and when he misses the set. Anime: Suna is not shown reacting.
  • Manga: Tanaka has several flashbacks before Asahi's third serve. Anime: The flashbacks were moved to after Yahaba pleading Karasuno to try harder when Inarizaki reaches match point.
  • Manga: Before Osamu serves, Yaku mentions how he does not like that Osamu waits the entire eight seconds before serving. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Manga: When others teams are shown watching the game, players from Date Tech are seen during a run. Anime: This was not shown.

OSTs Used


  • Kenma Kozume's Stubbornness (Japanese: 孤爪研磨の根性論 Kozume Kenma no Konjō-ron) 0:21 - 1:23
  • - OP -
  • It Doesn't Work (Japanese: うまくいかない Umaku Ika nai) 2:54 - 4:09
  • Atsumu Miya (Japanese: 宮侑 Miya Atsumu) 5:31 - 6:36
  • Omnivorous (Japanese: 雑食 Zasshoku) 6:48 - 8:05
  • Outbreak of War (Japanese: 開戦 Kaisen) 8:12 - 9:55
  • Form of Strength (Japanese: 強さのかたち Tsuyo-sa no Katachi) 10:37 - 12:34
  • Playground (Japanese: アソビバ Asobiba) 12:58 - 13:24
  • The Threat of Trust (Japanese: 脅迫(しんらい) Kyōhaku (Shinrai)) 13:42 - 16:02
  • - eyecatch A-
  • - eyecatch B-
  • Transformation (Japanese: 変化 Henka) 17:02 - 18:49
  • The Birth of the Serene King (Japanese: 静かなる王の誕生 Shizukanaru Ō no Tanjō) 19:11 - 22:21
  • - ED -


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