The Black Team (Japanese: (くろ) のチーム Kuro no Chīmu) is the ninety-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 11th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Bokuto is able to redeem himself thanks to his teammates and ultimately defeats Karasuno with the score of 25-23. After a long week of practice, meeting new opponents, making progresses, and overcoming obstacles, the summer training camp ends with a delicious healthy meal given by the coaches to the ever-hungry-for-victory players.


Fukurōdani has beaten Karasuno and the team gives Bokuto heavy praise that brings him out of his depressed state. Tsukishima overhears Yukie Shirofuku and Kaori Suzumeda talk about how Bokuto's simple mindedness and mood swings can be over just as quick as they start and this being the reason he's ranked as one of the top five ace's instead of the top three.

Ukai sees that Bokuto's weakness is what draws out the strength of the rest of his team and make them so solid in their foundation. Takeda admits that he had believed Karasuno would have a higher chance of winning if they had been able to stop Bokuto. Ukai is able to determine that Fukurōdani is a team in which the players trust each other so much that regardless of how one of them may be off the rest are able to cover they are back to full strength.

Asahi apologizes to the team, saying that his last serve is the reason they lost because it was a serve that was basically asking Fukurōdani to attack them. Ukai praises Asahi for realizing this on his own and that it's good for everyone to realize how much they've been attack will determine if they are able to keep going. Ukai goes on to say that, even though they lost, they were able to see how strong their new attacks have gotten and how well they were able to hold up against a team that has repeatedly been to Nationals.

Takeda adds that the team is still not much in terms of serves and combination attacks since the other teams have been at it for longer than they have but that they should not see this as their limit. He relates this to when colors are mixed and they make a muddy color at first but when truly combined they become the color black. With this encouragement to get stronger, Daichi calls for the team to do their final penalty lap of the training camp.

After the lap, Kageyama believes they would have been able to win the match if their new quick had been more successful. Hinata still calls the new quick a weapon they can use but Kageyama says this depends on his toss. Hinata taunts Kageyama of doubting his sets as Tsukishima and Tadashi laugh at their bickering.

Ukai and Takeda realize they will being their matches for the Spring Tournament upon their return home but that this tournament will be split into two. The first being in August that will decide the top eight schools and the second being in October when the top eight will be joined by the seeded teams. From there, they will compete to determine who will represent the prefecture at Nationals.

Though Takeda knows they will have heavy competition from Shiratorizawa Academy and Aoba Johsai High, Ukai also reminds him that there are teams in which the second years will now be the main force since most third years have retired after the InterHigh. Inside the gym, Daichi notes how the next time they might return for a camp will be after the first preliminaries. Asahi becomes nervous at the thought that they might not come back to another camp if they can't make it past the first round and is promptly scolded by Sugawara for being negative.

Later as the barbecue is about to begin, Tsukishima approaches Akaashi and comments how even someone as strong as Bokuto is able to have off plays. Akaashi admits that it's sometimes hard to tell what will throw the ace off but he always seems to do well when faced against a strong opponent and is able to keep the rest of his team in high spirits if they are the ones who seem down. At the same time, Hinata promises Bokuto that if Karasuno and Fukurōdani ever played one another in a real match that Karasuno would not lose. Bokuto eagerly accept the challenge.

Coach Nekomata gathers the teams together to praise them for all their hard work and allows them to start eating.


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