"The Great Monster War" (Japanese: 妖怪 (ようかい) 大戦争 (だいせんそう) ・2 Yōkai Daisensō 2) is the four hundredth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 31st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


The match between the Adlers and Jackals is approaching its final moments. Every player on the court is giving their all as they show off plays that reflect their own volleyball philosophy.


Hinata feels the pressure from Kageyama's serve and watches as the ball flies toward the opposite corner. Inunaki aptly receives it, and Atsumu tosses to Bokuto. Hirugami purposely leaves a gap in the block to draw Bokuto's attention and closes the space at the last second to shut down the incoming spike. The Adlers have scored four points consecutively and regains the lead against the Jackals 19 - 18.

Kageyama serves for the fourth time. Sakusa, fully enjoying being on the court with the sharpest players, cleanly receives the serve and smoothly transitions into a block-out against Ushijima. Next up to serve, Bokuto once again encourages the audience to clap along. Akaashi recognizes that Bokuto is solely focused on the game and devoid of any extraneous thoughts at the moment. Bokuto's serve flies toward Hoshiumi and bounces directly back to the Jackals' side. Atsumu tosses to Bokuto once again, wanting the latter to earn back the point he lost earlier. Bokuto responds in kind and scores for the team.

The match continues with many intense rallies. Kageyama tosses to Ushijima, who uses his new arm swing to breakthrough Jackals' block with pure power. Hoshiumi serves when the two teams are tied at 23 - 23. His serve grazes the net and starts falling on the Jackals' side. Tomas saves it in time, but Atsumu is forced to chase down the ball. He notices Hinata already jumping in preparation for a minus-tempo quick. Atsumu boldly accepts the challenge and makes an accurate toss despite being in a difficult posture. Kageyama is ready with a block, but Hinata successfully evades it.

The Jackals reach match point first, but the Adlers refuse to be left behind. With the score at 25 - 24, Atsumu makes a powerful jump serve. Hoshiumi receives it but sends the ball flying high over the net. Kageyama reaches for the ball and sets one-handed to Romero. Romero notices the opening at the front of the court and switches to a feint. Just when it seems like none of the Jackals can reach in time, Hinata comes out of nowhere for a save. While Bokuto follows up, Hinata moves to spike as he faces off against Kageyama once again.


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