"The Guardian Deity and Moonlight"
Chapter 166
Japanese title 守護神 と月明かり
Translation title Shugoshin to Tsukiakari
Chapter Information
Chapter number 166
Arc Spring High Preliminary Arc
Volume Full Moon
Release Date July 18, 2015
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"The Guardian Deity and Moonlight" (Japanese: 守護神 (しゅごしん) 月明 (つきあ) かり Shugoshin to Tsukiakari) is the one hundred and sixty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 34th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


The third set has ended in Shiratorizawa's favour which leaves Karasuno fazed but after a few talks here and there, the 2 teams leave the benches and move onwards to the fourth set.

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The spectators expected Shiratorizawa to have been more shaken up but realise that Karasuno made more mistakes which led them to conclude that they were impatient.

Most likely due to frustration, Nishinoya states that no matter how hard he tries, taller players will always to have an advantage over him unless he is a libero which would give him equal footing to the taller players like Ushijima. After that statement, Daichi and Asahi note that Nishinoya had likely gotten the feel of Ushijima's left-hand spikes but was left frustrated for being unable to receive despite all that.

While the teams change courts, Ushijima disappointedly tells Hinata that with his quick reflexes, he would have been good at blocks and receives but seeing as he was not, he was pretty much useless in his eyes. At a loss for words, Hinata continues to walk until he approaches Kageyama and tells him that he and Ushijima are similar in terms of their blunt statements but Kageyama misinterprets that and thinks that Hinata was talking about their spikes.


As Keishin tells them that they should be used to the intense atmosphere and that they were not doing anything wrong, they were still at a disadvantage. He personally advises Hinata to go for a soft-block if he felt that his jump would be delayed since he lacked height.

As the fourth set begins, Goshiki serves but was out of bounds. Sawamura serves next but is received and set to Ushijima. Tsukishima is seen to have told Asahi to block off Ushijima's cross course should they do a 2-man block before the match begins which was what they applied. As Ushijima spikes, Nishinoya receives it.

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