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"The Halo Around the Moon" (Japanese: (つき) () Tsuki no Wa) is the fourth episode of Haikyū!! Karasuno High School vs. Shirtorizawa Academy High School, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on October 28th, 2016.

The opening theme of this episode is Hikariare by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and the ending theme is Mashi Mashi by NICO Touches the Walls.


Karasuno and Shiratorizawa are having trouble trying to gain two-point leads against the other, but Tsukishima finally manages to block Ushijima's spike at Karasuno's set point and wins the set for Karasuno. Everyone is surprised about this, even Karasuno and Tsukishima himself.


Now tied with Shiratorizawa, Nishianoya and Tsukishima are both praised by the team for how the block and receive worked and gained the point for Karasuno. Saeko sees that their play just now was not to block Ushijima but to guide his spike to go directly to Nishinoya. Yachi compares the play to the mobbing attacks smaller birds will do against larger ones.

Asahi delivers the next serve and Reon calls it as going out but it just manages to land in-bounds. At Asahi's next serve, Goshiki receives. When Reon is given the last hit, Saeko is surprised that it was not sent to Ushijima. Shimada believes it is because the Shiratorizawa team is keeping Ushijima's stamina in mind and are aware that he would be worn down if he were sent every last hit.

As Reon goes to spike, Tsukishima, Kageyama and Tanaka go to block while following Tsukishima's call on the timing. Reon executes a feint that Daichi is able to save though it heads right back toward the net and Tendō scores with a direct spike. He cries out in victory only for Ushijima to point they are still two points from winning the set.

Group s3-e4-3.png

With Shiratorizawa's change in rotation, Ushijima is now up to serve. Daichi receives the spike that goes to Asahi who then sends it to Tanaka. As Goshiki receives the ball, Shirabu is wary of Tsukishima. Tendō calls for the ball at the same time Ushijima and Reon ready themselves for a possible attack though Kageyama spots Shirabu attempting a setter dump. The Karasuno team notice the attempt as well but are taken back when Tsukishima is able to reach up and get a one-touch. Despite the effort, Nishinoya does not reach it in time and Shiratorizawa gains the point.

Tsukishima apologizes to Nishinoya as he believes his one-touch altered the balls path and the chance for it to be saved. Nishinoya instead states that he would not have been able to reach it regardless and Tsukishima should not be upset.

Yachi notices Akiteru has been watching his brother carefully and he notes that Tsukishima is acting differently than normal. When Yachi says that Tsukishima seems to be more lively, Akiteru is surprised at how she is able to tell the difference in Tsukishima's behavior; making him question if his brother has made more friends.

Ushijima serves again. Daichi momentarily believes the ball will go out but realizes it will not and receives. Tsukishima sends the last hit to Tanaka who deflects the ball off Reon's hand and sends it out, bringing the score to a deuce.

As Hinata rotates in, Tsukishima takes the chance to speak with him before his serve. After he serves, Yamagata sends the receive to Shirabu. Tendō attempts to spike but is surprised when Hinata jumps and gets a one-touch. A brief flashback reveals that Tsukishima had warned Hinata that if his serve was neatly received there was a sure chance that Shiratorizawa would try doing a quick

Kageyama and Shirabu s3-e4-1.png

attack and Tsukishima had advised Hinata to try jumping as high as he could against Tendō. Hinata and Tanaka call for the ball but are surprised when Kageyama instead does a successful setter dump, seemingly as payback for Shirabu's setter dump. Tsukishima quietly praises Kageyama and manages to side-step Hinata who had attempted to hug him for his accurate guess of Shiratorizawa's play.

Karasuno now has set point but that is taken back when Reon lands a spike. Takeda becomes on edge at seeing how hard it is to score more than one point in a row. Ukai agrees though he explains that's how volleyball was designed and when a team is in the last part of a set they become more eager in an attempt to score and win. Despite that, Ukai says that as long as a team is able to continue being persistent and able to connect while staying calm and maintaining teamwork then it will start chipping away at the opponents' defense.

As Reon serves, Akiteru sees how the Shiratorizawa players continue to deliver strong serves as if it were natural to them. Asahi receives the ball but it goes directly over the net, leading Kageyama and Goshiki to a joust that Kageyama easily wins but Tendō saves the ball by kicking it into the air. Yamagata gets the ball up for Goshiki to send it back to Karasuno.

As Nishinoya sends the receive to Kageyama, Hinata charges for the net and suddenly heads to the right side. Tendō and Shirabu are caught off guard and believe Hinata will get the ball but Kageyama instead tosses to Tanaka on the left

Tendo 2 s3 e4.png

and he gets by Shirabu and Tendō who had jumped too late. As the Karasuno team celebrates their point, Tendō is becoming annoyed as he calls Hinata a first-class decoy. Though Tanaka praises Kageyama on his toss, Kageyama instead apologizes to Tanaka saying that his set was slightly early. With the rest of the players, Tsukishima sees how frustrated opposing teams become when Hinata is running about the court in front of them and silently encourages Hinata and Kageyama to get as wild as they can.

With Karasuno at set point, Washijo calls for Shiratorizawa's first time-out. Though Coach Akira Saitō admits that Karasuno is a different team from what they are used to, there is no reason for the players to panic and encourages them to continue scoring as they normally do.

After the time-out, Shiratorizawa scores right away. Semi is then subbed in for Tendō for the next serve. He serves and Asahi receives. Tanaka sends the last hit to Daichi and the ball is bounced off the blocker's hands and goes

Tendo 3 s3 e4.png

straight above the net. Shirabu is instructed by Kawanishi to go for the ball at the same time Hinata jumps to block. To his surprise, Shirabu changes forms and sets the ball to Semi who then sets to Goshiki. Goshiki lands a spike past Daichi and Hinata. Semi serves again. Daichi receives but the ball is short. Despite this, Hinata and Kageyama pull off a successful quick attack to the shock and horror of the Shiratorizawa players. Now tied again, Semi is subbed back out for Tendō.

Tanaka serves next and the rally goes on with both sides returning the ball and attempting to score. Ushijima is again lured into Karasuno's plan of being faced against a triple block and aiming a straight shot right at Nishinoya who saves it despite getting knocked down from the sheer force behind the spike. Asahi attempts to spike the last hit but is blocked by Kawanishi and Shirabu. After a short rally following Shirabu's serve, Daichi is able to score a point when Yamagata fails to receive his spike.

As the rotation changes and Tsukishima goes in, Yamaguchi recalls the conversation he had with Tsukishima of whether or not Tsukishima believed he would be able to beat Ushijima. Tsukishima had admitted that it was not possible for him to beat Ushijima due to their experience, efforts and physical abilities.

Shirabu s3-e4-2.png

Hinata prepares to serve and Shimada and Takinoue notice how nervous he is, which they believe is due to Hinata being inexperienced in serves and receives. Kageyama quickly gives Hinata a signal of what their next attack will be. As they wait for Hinata to serve, Tsukishima analyzes that Tendō's style of guess blocking ranges between 120-0 points and read blocking is an average of about 75 points. As Hinata serves, Tsukishima declares that Karasuno cannot allow the opposing setter to feel the pleasure or accomplishment of overcoming their blocks. They must continue to be persistent; adding pressure and building stress.

Tsukishima's one-touch on Ushijima's spike heads out but Hinata leaps after it and hits the ball back while crashing through the court barriers. With Ukai shouting to connect, Tanaka sends the last hit to Kageyama. Kageyama spikes but the ball hits the top of the net. Kawanishi manages to save with a single-arm receive but the ball goes right back to Karasuno. Asahi sends Kageyama the ball as Hinata runs back with great speed. Kageyama sets the ball and Hinata perfectly spikes and scores before any of the Shiratorizawa players can try to receive and while trying to keep himself from crashing into the net.

Sugawara is amazed at how much quicker Hinata has gotten at his back attack since Oikawa had stopped him while Kawanishi is criticized by Tendō of not attempting to save the ball even though Kawanishi believes it would have been impossible to do so.

Asahi compliments Tsukishima on his one-touch though Tsukishima says that if it were not for Hinata's cover, it would have just been a loss for them. Asahi points out that without the one-touch they would have been done right then and there. 

At that moment, Ushijima requests Shirabu to send him the sets.

At Hinata's second serve, Goshiki debates if the ball will go out or not and questions what will happen if he doesn't receive it. He ultimately saves it but the ball is off. Yamagata sends the last hit to Ushijima as Tsukishima, Asahi and Daichi prepare to block. Despite this, Ushijima spikes over them and the ball flies past Kageyama and Tanaka with great force that momentarily stuns the two.

Takeda comments on how Ushijima was able to change the flow of the game with that one spike. Daichi advises the team not to get discouraged and they will continue to press forward. Goshiki serves next and Daichi receives. Asahi tries to spike but Kawanishi is able to block and the ball heads toward Karasuno's backside. Tanaka saves with an over-hand receive and they launch a synchronized attack. Kageyama gives the set to Daichi and Karasuno gets the point when Yamagata is unable to save the ball.

Daichi serves and the ball heads toward the front. Reon receives and Shirabu tosses to Ushijima. Tsukishima, Kageyama and Asahi jump to block as they once again lead Ushijima to spike directly at Nishinoya. Tanaka and Daichi are able to get the ball up and back over to Shiratorizwa as Shirabu is becoming more frustrated. As Yamagata sends the ball to him, Shirabu recalls the one touches and receives of Ushijima's spikes that Karasuno has done.

Group s3-e4-2.png

When he gets the ball, Shirabu's frustration causes him to send a low toss close to the net. A moment that Tsukishima had been waiting for. Tsukishima and Asahi jump to block as Ushijima spots a clear path for him to spike through. He spikes the ball only for Tsukishima to move his arms in time to ultimately block Ushijima and score the set winning point for Karasuno. Everyone in the gymnasium, including Ushijima, is utterly surprised that Tsukishima has done what no one thought was possible. 

Tsukishima recalls Bokuto's words from the training camp that when he has his own special badass moment, that will be when he will get hooked on volleyball. Tsukishima then lets out a cry of accomplishment as everyone shouts in celebration of his block. As Tsukishima is heavily praised by Tanaka and Nishinoya, Kageyama realizes that Shirabu's toss just now was not the normal set he would send to Ushijima and that Tsukishima realized this and took advantage, possibly having even waited for that very moment for a while.

When Daichi and Asahi compliment him on his block, Tsukishima explains the block was made possible from the pressure and stress they had been piling on Shirabu from seeing Nishinoya's receives of their spikes from his sets and from Hinata and Kageyama getting through Shiratorizawa's blocks.

Akiteru realizes that Tsukishima had been waiting for the moment when a toss from Shiratorizawa's setter would result in Karasuno being able to shut down one of Ushijima's spikes. While Saeko is amazed that Tsukishima would plan that far ahead, Yachi is not surprised by it; saying that Tsukishima is always making plans when he's playing volleyball. She believes that during that moment, the only thing on Tsukishima's mind was of blocking Ushijima.

Hinata approaches Tsukishima and compliments his block, saying it was a block worth one hundred points.

Tsukishima s3-e4-1.png

Tsukishima then teases Hinata, silently saying that he should attempt the same since he too is a middle blocker. Hinata gets riled up at the taunt though Tanaka tries to calm him by saying that Tsukishima did not mean this in a competitive way.

Tsukishima advises the team that the time to celebrate what he has done is over, saying it was just one point, and the game is just getting started. The team agrees as they prepare themselves for the third set.




Episode Notes


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: Hinata, Ennoshita, Sugawara and Kinoshita are shown cheering for Asahi's service ace and encourages him to do another. Anime: Shimada and Takinoue cheer Asahi, but not with the enthusiasm the others had.
  • Manga: When Shirabu sets to Reon, a female Shiratorizawa student questions why it wasn't given to Ushijima. A male student then answers that the rest of the team is keeping his stamina in mind. Anime: Saeko and Shimada discuss this.
  • Manga: The notation of Ushijima being moved to the back row to serve is done by Michimiya and Aihara. Anime: It is done by Takinoue and Akiteru.
  • Anime: When Hinata goes to High-five Tsukishima, Tsuki dodges him. Manga: Though Tsuki does dodge Hinata, Hinata refuses to give up giving Tsuki a High-five.
  • Manga only: When Kageyama apologizes to Tanaka for setting the ball a bit too quick, he admits to himself that he had panicked from believing Tendō had figured out what he was planning.
  • Manga: The score is shown being tied when Kageyama serves the ball into the net. Anime: Kageyama doesn't get a net serve. Instead, Tendo scores the point, as the Shiratorizawa cheers his name.
  • Anime: After Hinata and Kageyama do the quick from the bad receive, Tendō is shown saying a surprised statement. Manga: This was said by two random fans.
  • Manga: When Hinata serves, Tsukishima does not cover the back of his head. Anime: He covers the back of his head.
  • Manga: Two fans and Takinoue are shown reacting to when Hinata saves the ball and crashes through the boundaries. Also, Koji and Izumi hear the fan being surprised and smirk that that is Shoyo after all. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Hinata is shown knocking over multiple barriers. Anime: Only one is knocked over.
  • Manga: The scene when Tsukishima tells Yamaguchi that he can't block Ushijima is shown after Hinata saves the ball. Anime: This scene has already been shown twice before this moment.
  • Manga: When Nishinoya receives Ushijima's straight, the ball hits his right shoulder. Anime: The ball hits his left shoulder.
  • Manga: When Shirabu sends the low toss to Ushijima, Kageyama is shown to also notice this and realizes what happened before everyone is shown reacting to Tsukishima's block. Anime: This happens after everyone begins reacting and is shown as a short flashback.
  • Manga: After Tsukishima thinks about volleyball and the point as 'just', he starts to celebrate. Then, after everyone reacts to the block, Bokuto's flashback is shown, when he tells Tsukishima about 'that' moment when volleyball will hook him. Anime: The flashback of when is shown before Tsukishima celebrates.
  • Anime: Sugawara is present when he reacts with Hinata and Yamaguchi. Manga: He is not present. 
  • Manga only: After Tsukishima blocks Ushijima, a small flashback montage is shown of all of the things Tsukishima has learned.
  • Manga: When Nishinoya and Tanaka jump onto Tsukishima, Asahi and Hinata are shown nearly doing the same until they are held back by Daichi and Yamaguchi. Anime: This does not happen.
  • Manga: Saeko spots Akiteru crying and learns that it is due to seeing that Tsukishima has fit in with the team. Anime: During this moment, Akiteru doesn't cry and doesn't say that Tsukishima has fit into the team. He instead explains that Tsukishima was waiting for a mistake in Shiratorizawa's sets.
    • Anime: However, after the ending theme, Akiteru is heard to be crying and explaining that though Tsukishima can be a jerk, he is a good boy.
  • Anime: The discussion of adding pressure onto setters is done by Tsukishima. Manga: Ukai and Takeda also explain this.
  • Manga: Tendō is shown realizing Tsukishima's plan for the block after Tsukishima explains the pressure on the setter. Anime: This is shown at the start of the next episode, when the teams are at their benches.
  • Manga: When Yachi mentions how Tsukishima always seems to be thinking of plans and Akiteru says how Tsukishima can sometimes be a jerk, Akiteru admits that it is partially his fault, with flashbacks of Tsukishima learning Akiteru was not the ace during high school are shown. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: When Hinata compliments Tsukishima's block being worth one hundred points, a brief flashback is shown when Kuroo had mentioned the same thing during the summer training camp. Anime: The flashback was not shown.
  • A lot of the events' order were changed in the anime from the manga.

OSTs Used


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  • Just 1 Point (Japanese: たかが1点 Takaga 1-ten) Preview


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