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"The Lucky Ones" (Japanese: 幸運 (こううん) (われ) Kōunna Warera) is the three hundred ninety-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 25th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


Sakusa's backstory and philosophy toward volleyball are revealed. While insisting on being prepared and careful as much as possible, Sakusa recognizes the role lucks plays and seeks to give it his all until his last game.


During a tournament in high school, Sakusa once asked Ushijima how he got so good at volleyball. Ushijima replied that he practices a lot, and after a brief pause, added that he is lucky.

The Adlers close in on the Jackals with Hoshiumi's last spike. Sakusa mentally notes that both Hoshiumi and Hinata didn't get lucky with their physical statures and acknowledges their strength for getting this far despite their disadvantage. Romero makes his second serve, but Sakusa cleanly receives it. While tuning in to the match, Komori and Suna converse about how Sakusa lacks any weak points. Komori remarks that Sakusa isn't passionate about anything but hates to leave things unfinished once he starts. Just then, Sakusa goes up to spike. Sokolov lands a touch, but the ball ricochets out-of-bounds due to the spin Sakusa has put on it.

Sakusa reveals his dislike for careless and unprepared people as he recalls his first meeting with Hinata. Having recognized Hinata as the one who exited a match due to a fever, Sakusa was unenthusiastic about them becoming teammates, but Hinata assured Sakusa that he has changed. Despite his insistence on being well prepared, Sakusa is well aware that accidents can happen at any time.

According to Komori, Sakusa spent a lot of time alone as a kid due to having busy parents and much older siblings. The two were cousins but they didn't know each other very well. Komori, by his parents' request, invited Sakusa to play volleyball. Sakusa followed along mostly due to not having anything else better to do. Komori soon learned that Sakusa would always see things through completion. While practicing together, Komori noticed the unusual spin on Sakusa's spike after failing to receive them.

During an All Japan Middle School Athletics Tournament, Sakusa encountered Ushijima in the restroom and was quickly impressed by the latter's cleanliness. Sakusa struggled to receive Ushijima's serves during their match and was motivated to improve his serve receive. Komori noted that Sakusa appears to be having fun whenever he's with Ushijima. In their second year of high school, they found out that Shiratorizawa lost to Karasuno in their qualifiers; thus, Ushijima was unable to attend his last Spring Interhigh. Later, Sakusa and Komori watched as Karasuno lost after Hinata fell ill. Itachiyama soon dropped out of the tournament after their captain and setter, Iizuna, injured his ankle mid-game. Prior to high school, Sakusa and Komori ran into Iizuna. Sakusa saw Iizuna cleaning his jersey jacket with a lint roller and immediately felt a camaraderie. The injured Iizuna called out to Sakusa after reading the latter's thoughts. Sakusa replied that he wonders why Iizuna would feel regret even though he has been fully prepared and added that he didn't want to pity his upperclassman. With tears overflowing, Iizuna proclaimed that one day, he will play his last game and finish with a smile.

Iizuna's proclamation makes a great impact on Sakusa and shapes the latter's perspective on his own game. Sakusa considers himself lucky to have met people and still be able to play volleyball. While winning would be nice, he prioritizes training and taking good care of himself so that he would be satisfied when his last moment as a volleyball player comes.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Sakusa and Komori are revealed to be cousins and have attended the same school since they were young.
  • Sakusa's household consists of his parents and his much older siblings.
  • Ushijima and Sakusa first met in middle school during an All Japan Middle School Athletics Tournament.
  • Former Itachiyama setter and captain, Tsukasa Iizuna, now plays as a setter for the DESEO Hornets in Division 1 of the V.League.
    • Iizuna won the best setter award once in a Junior Olympic Cup.
    • He is teammates with Ryōsei Kai. Kai is an alumnus of Inubushi Higashi High School, the team that Itachiyama lost to in the 2013 Spring Interhigh.


  • Itachiyama's motto is revealed to be "Effort" (Japanese: 努力 (どりょく) Doryoku).
    • This differs from the anime where the banner said "Invincible (Japanese: 常勝 (じょうしょう) Jōshō)


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