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"The Man We Want" (Japanese: () しがった (おとこ) Hoshigatta Otoko) is the one hundred eighty-third chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 52nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Shiratorizawa reaches match point only for Karasuno to score making it a deuce. Shiratorizawa scores again making it their match point once more. Tsukishima returns.


Shiratorizawa scores making it their match point. Ushijima asks Shirabu if he remembers the promise he made to him about tossing the ball to him no matter the situation and Shirabu says he does. Goshiki serves and Daichi receives it. Karasuno then performs a synchronised attack which succeeds and they score, making it a deuce.

Shiratorizawa's coach, Tanji Washijō, has a flashback to when he was 18 and playing volleyball. One of the other players commented on his height, saying if he was a little bit taller he would be fine. Washijō thought that because of his short height, he was not as good as the people who were taller and he didn't get the chance to fight on the court. He knows that there isn't anyone who just has height as a weapon but he feels jealously and disgust towards them but also longing. He realises he doesn't want to find a way for short people can fight.

Back in the present, Ukai notices that Karasuno's energy and focus are nearly spent. He mentally cheers them on, saying that if the ball hasn't touched the floor there'll still be a chance, and pleading for them to persevere to the end. Daichi serves and a rally ensues between the two teams. Washijiō looks on thinking back to when he was 18, realising he didn't want to find a way for short people to fight but instead he wanted to find a kind of over-whelmingly powerful strength. Nishinoya receives the ball and he and Asahi manage to get the ball over the net, giving Shiratorizawa a chance ball. Coach Ukai senses that Karasuno are using all their remaining strength for this ball as it will determine the flow of the match, and that they can't let the ball or their willpower drop. Shirabu tosses it to Ushijima and he scores making it their match point once again. Ukai shouts to the team to look up instead of down because volleyball is a sport in which you are always looking up.

Just as Karasuno prepares to play on, Tsukishima returns.


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