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"The New Karasuno" (Japanese: 新生 (しんせい) 烏野 (からすの) Shinsei・Karasuno) is the one hundred twenty-ninth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 46th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


The match between Aoba Johsai and Karasuno begins. The match right away starts with both teams giving their all but Karasuno seems to have the upper-hand with all of their new attacks working.


As the teams are warming up for the match, Oikawa notices that Karasuno seems to have a different atmosphere around them. A ball suddenly rolls in front of him and he reaches for it at the same time as Kageyama.

The two right away try to get the ball back as Oikawa taunts Kageyama about he beat him in the last game and that only Ushijima is worthy of being his rival. Yahaba points out to Kindaichi that Karasuno has another female manager. The two both become envious at Karasuno having another girl manage and both find Yachi very cute. In an attempt to speak to her, Yahaba tosses a ball in her direction and pretends to retrieve it while asking for her to toss it to him.

Hanamaki suddenly misses a receive and the ball heads right for Yachi. Kiyoko quickly stands before Yachi and blocks the ball from hitting her. Yahaba and Kindaichi are impressed with Kiyoko's feat until Tanaka appears and ushers them away.

When Oikawa and Daichi are called forward, Oikawa questions Daichi on his recovery and notices that Daichi seems more disciplined than before. Daichi partially credits the growth of himself and his team to a few rowdy friends, namely Kuroo and Bokuto. Karasuno wins the coin toss and choose to receive.

Takinoue joins Shimada and Saeko in the stands as Saeko realizes that if Karasuno were to win this match they would advance to the finals. Before the game starts, Ukai does not hold back in saying that playing against Aoba Johsai is going to be a tough match for them. At the same time, Oikawa is admitting that Karasuno is a tricky opponent for them to face. As they head onto the court, Oikawa tries to instill trust in his team only for the third years to suddenly announce their faith in him; surprising Oikawa and their coaches. However, the third years quickly add that if Oikawa is unable to land his first serve he will owe them and the rest of the team their choice of ramen and side dishes after the game.

Seeing Oikawa will be serving first, Takinoue and Shimada become nervous. Saeko questions why and they answer that Oikawa has a powerful serve that can get things going for Seijoh from the get go. The game starts and Oikawa serves. Daichi makes the receive but the ball goes over the net. Kindaichi attempts to slam the ball down before Hinata can get to it. He reaches it first and Kageyama makes the first touch. Kindaichi believes this will make things easier for Seijoh with Karasuno's attacks being limited but then watches in surprise as Nishinoya makes a jump set to Asahi. The Karasuno ace lands his spike and cuts Oikawa's serve off. Despite the success of their attack, the two are questioned why Asahi and Nishinoya seem the most surprised their attack worked.


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