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"The Second Day" (Japanese: 2日目 (かめ) 2-ka-me) is the thirteenth and final episode of Haikyū!! To The Top Part 1, based on the manga Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on April 3, 2020.

The opening theme of this episode is PHOENIX by BURNOUT SYNDROMES and the ending theme is Kessen Spirit by CHiCO with HoneyWorks.


Karasuno prepares for their first match in the second round against the team that is second favorite to win the tournament, Inarizaki High and their team of unique players.


Kanoka and Tanaka s4-e13-1.png

Kanoka and her teammate are returning to their hotel when Kanoka is asked what is it about Tanaka that she finds so interesting. Kanoka reveals that she and Tanaka use to be neighbors in grade school until her family moved when she was in fourth grade. She remembers when she first met Tanaka when she was being picked on by other students for being so tall when Tanaka appeared and chased the bullies away. He praised her height and took her to the school volleyball club. From that encounter, Kanoka says that Tanaka was the one who helped her gain confidence in herself.

Tanaka is still stunned at being told he finally has a real chance to have a girlfriend and recalls times he has tried to gain Kiyoko's attention but was turned down each time. Suddenly realizing he's never had a chance before, Tanaka begins to question his existence. Kinoshita tries to tell Tanaka otherwise while blaming Ennoshita for the situation.

Later on, the team is having a meeting. Knowing the team is already thinking about their next match, Takeda takes the chance to praise the team for their first victory at nationals. After a brief celebration, Ukai gets the team back on track to prepare for their next game. He does not bother to find a nice way to reveal that their next game will be against the team that placed second in the Inter-High, Inarizaki High School of Hyōgo prefecture.

Aran s4-e13-1.png

The first player that Ukai makes them aware of is Inarizaki's ace, third-year wing spiker Aran Ojiro. Depicted as having both height and power, Aran, like Bokuto, is an ace that is just outside the range of being one of the top three aces of Japan. But when he is in top form, Aran can easily surpass that mark. Ukai instructs the players to use the same strategy on Aran that they did with Ushijima in which they will use their total defense method and focus on stopping Aran and getting the ball.

The next player they need to keep an eye on will be the second-year middle blocker Rintarō Suna. Though he is shorter than most middle blockers, Suna has exceptional instincts. He will need to be heavily marked when he goes to attack and will be the one most likely to get used to the quick attack. Ukai tells Hinata and Kageyama to take advantage of all the space they can when on the court. 

Above all else, the one player that Ukai warns them of is Atsumu Miya. Sugawara recognizes Atsumu as the number one high school setter, to Kageyama's dismay. Despite this, Kageyama does admit that Atsumu's sets are easy to hit and give the impression that a spiker has improved. Tanaka is amazed that Kageyama would admit this about another setter. Atsumu's next weapon that he is known for is his serves. Ukai and Kageyama both go over how Atsumu is capable of both spike serves and jump float serves. Nishinoya is a little unsettled at hearing this, believing that they will not know what type of serve Atsumu will use until the last second.

As the team continue their discussion, Yachi looks over the tournament bracket. She herself is terrified at the thought of the facing the team said to be the second favorite to win the tournament. Her thoughts are interrupted when Hinata exclaims his excitement at being able to play against such a team and possibly even the number one team, Itachiyama. Kageyama quickly points out that both their teams, or the team that possibly beats Itachiyama, would have to make it to the finals if they want to face off against each other since they are different blocks and the two first years are questioned how they can be so confident at such a time by Sugawara.

After the meeting, Daichi is standing outside on a balcony and is soon joined by Asahi. Daichi tells Asahi that he can go over his little moment of this being their last tournament since he didn't let him during the Inter-High but Asahi feels it's not needed and actually feels calmer at having seen Daichi be nervous.

In the bath, Hinata accidentally falls asleep and goes under but is pulled out by Yamaguchi. In the main room, Nishinoya has already fallen asleep. Sugawara is amazed at this, seeing how the energetic ones in the bunch are suddenly asleep before everyone else. Ennoshita guesses this is due to everything at nationals being different from what they are used to and has caused them to be more worn out than they realized.

Group s4-e13-1.png

Outside the inn, Tanaka is pacing around while trying to deny that he's feeling nervous. Kanoka suddenly appears and Tanaka becomes flustered when he remembers what Ennoshita said about his chance of finally getting a girlfriend. The two make small talk about their families before Kanoka seems like she is going to confess and causes Tanaka to panic. Before Kanoka can speak, Tanaka proclaims that he has his heart set on another before noticing that a man approached Kanoka before she could say anything. Thinking that Kanoka is with someone he suspects is her boyfriend, Tanaka believes that he has misunderstood the entire situation and runs off. Kanoka sees Tanaka run away as the man, her cousin Koji Terada, gives her a victory charm made by his mother. Kanoka becomes upset, feeling her heart has just been broken but tries to regain herself by saying that she did not come to the tournament to fall in love but to win.

The next day, the team is at the gymnasium for their warm-up when Takeda is approached by Inarizaki's coach, Tarou Oomi, who requests time for spiking drills. Takeda is right away intimidated by the coach, seeing that he is used to being at nationals, before Ukai rushes over and asks for more time to work on serves.

Atsumu and Osamu s4-e13-1.png

When the Inarizaki team is working on drills, a flashback shows Hinata's idea of aiming hits toward Atsumu during the match. Though a good idea, Ukai quickly points out that it may not be as successful as they want. The tape of Inarizaki's game they had watched was of a match from the qualifier finals and they did not have one of their regular players on the court. There is a good possibility that this player will be partaking in the game and is capable of covering for Atsumu. Karasuno watches as Atsumu's set is spiked by none other than his twin brother, Osamu Miya.

After warm-ups, Inarizaki's team captain, third-year wing spiker Shinsuke Kita, is being interviewed when the Karasuno first-years walk by. Hinata and Yamaguchi become excited at the thought of being interviewed as well until Tsukishima points out that only the powerhouse schools will be interviewed. Hinata still tries to lure Yamaguchi into going behind the interview and make peace signs but, to Yamaguchi's horror, Tsukishima scolds both of them.

In another part of the stadium, Kanoka's teammate is trying to convince her that she is a bigger catch than she believes and should fight for Tanaka's affection. Tanaka suddenly appears and Kanoka's teammate quickly hurries away. Tanaka apologizes for his behavior the previous night and is surprised to learn that the man he had believed was Kanoka's boyfriend is actually her cousin who was just dropping off a good luck charm. Kanoka then surprises Tanaka further by saying that she has kicked her slouching habit because of him and asks that he watches her during her game to see how good she has gotten. When she leaves, Tanaka acknowledges that Kanoka has become a rising star in volleyball and feels he is the one being left behind.

In the sub-arena, Hinata and Kageyama are practicing together but Hinata is distracted by remembering Hoshiumi's jump. This leads to the ball hitting him in the face and getting yelled at by Kageyama. Atsumu then appears and greets Kageyama. After wishing Kageyama luck in the game, Atsumu states his dislike of playing with those who suck and pointedly stares at Hinata. When Kageyama makes an apology, Hinata becomes enraged which only grows when Kageyama states that Hinata is the one that sucks and not himself. But Kageyama adds that Atsumu should not worry because they are not weak.

Moments later, Yachi hurries over and announces the game before them has reached the mid-point of the second set. The players go change into their away uniforms and Hinata admires how Nishinoya still stands out like the star of the group. Hinata then comments to Kageyama how orange does not suit him only for Kageyama to insult him back, calling him a tangerine. 

Asahi is envious at how some of the others seem so calm and Sugawara points out that Hinata especially does not seem nervous like he normally would be and instead seems excited. Sugawara then remembers seeing a crowd of fangirls for Atsumu and questions if he's an idol. Ukai confirms that Atsumu can be referred to as an idol as he possess popularity as well as impressive skills and plays and has been featured on television several times, making Atsumu the ultimate challenger.

Daichi becomes somewhat depressed at hearing this, thinking that no one around even knows who Karasuno is but it actually gets him more fired up. The team soon moves to their court and are right away taken back by Inarizaki's band and cheering section. The Inarizaki team take the court as they receive great praise and cheers. Daichi calls for his team to take the court but has to shout several times because he is drowned out by the Inarizaki band.

When Inarizaki goes through their last spiking drills, everyone watches as Atsumu and Osamu rush forward. Osamu sets as Atsumu calls the attack 'Soul swap delayed spike'. Many see that the spike was not delayed and guessed that Atsumu simply wanted to shout something cool. The twins are still praised for the move as others come to realize that Osamu, a wing spiker, was the one who made the set and Atsumu was the one who spiked. Karasuno soon goes through their own drills and Hinata catches the attention of several Inarizaki players with the height of his jump. The game soon begins and Takeda tries to inspire the team by reminding them that no one had believed they would beat Shiratorizawa only for them to prove otherwise and should do it again for this game.

Atsumu s4-e13-1.png

Atsumu is the first to serve and does his signature stance of clenching his fist that causes the audience to go completely silent. As he goes to serve, two girls in the crowd suddenly cheer out loud, to the horror of several of the team players. Atsumu serves and lands a powerful service ace before turning to the girls who cheered for him. Though the girls are initially excited that he is looking at them, they become terrified when he glares at them for disturbing his concentration. 

Atsumu goes to serve again but this time it lands out and he is taunted by Osamu. Asahi is next to serve and the Inarizaki cheering section starts booing. Ukai sees them as 'trained' fans, in which they are perfectly quiet for their own teams serves but make a commotion when the opposing team goes to serve. Asahi serves but the ball goes right into the net.

Hitoshi Ginjima serves next but his serve also goes into the net. Libero Michinari Akagi receives Tsukishima's serve and Hinata rushes forward while trying his new jump. He jumps high into the air but is so overcome with joy at his accomplishment that he forgets to hit the ball, stunning everyone and getting yelled at by Kageyama.

Atsumu is in shock at seeing how high Hinata was able to jump, having believed that his previous height was as high as he could get and comes to the realization that Kageyama is not the only person Inarizaki will need to be cautious of.






Episode Notes

Character Revelations

  • Atsumu Miya has a twin brother, Osamu Miya.


  • The music played by the Inarizaki band closely resembles that of the Naruto opening song Blue Bird.

Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Manga: After Kanoka reveals how she and Tanaka first met, the next scene shows Karasuno's meeting. Anime: The next scene is Kinoshita trying to cheer Tanaka up, which takes place before Kanoka's flashback.
  • Manga only: Before the team meeting, Ukai is shown on the phone receiving news of his grandfather's condition and a time when he met up with Ikkei and discussed the possibility of Karasuno and Nekoma facing each other in the tournament.
  • Manga: When Ukai says lets get to business, the next panels are showing Daichi and Asahi talking outside, as well as Tanaka meeting Kanoka. Anime: These scenes are shown after the team analyze Inarizaki.
    • Anime: Instead, Ukai straight away goes into explaining and analyzing Inarizaki's team. Manga: The analysis occurs as a flashback, after Keishin and Ikkei's meeting.
  • Manga: After Tanaka runs away from Kanoka, brief glimpses are shown of Nekoma and Fukurodani, as well as a brief appearance by Wakatsu Kiryū. Anime: This was not shown.
  • Manga: Before the team is warming-up, Karasuno is shown jogging to the stadium and designated players to take their luggage to the storage area so the main players can go to the court due to the time limit on warm-ups. Anime: This is not shown.
  • Anime only: Inarizaki's team is shown warming up before Osamu is introduced.
  • Manga: When the Miya Twins stand next to each other, they are wearing their jumpers. Sugawara's statement of Osamu being able to cover for Atsumu takes place in a flashback and after Osamu is debuted. Anime: They are wearing t-shirts. Sugawara makes the statement as Karasuno watches the twins and before Osamu is fully shown.
  • Manga: Tanaka quietly calls to Kanoka before they talk. Anime: They coincidentally meet each other.
  • Manga: After Tsukishima makes fun of Hinata in their away uniforms, Hinata questions Tanaka about his conversation with Kanoka. Anime: This was skipped.
  • Anime: When Ukai describes Atsumu's status as an idol, he says this about Atsumu alone. Manga: Ukai refers to all of Inarizaki.
  • Manga: When Inarizaki is taking the court, Atsumu and Suna are shown to still be wearing their jackets. Anime: Only Kita was seen with his jacket.
  • Manga: Kiyoko is shown to wear her hair in a ponytail style. Anime: Her hair is shown in her normal down style.
  • Anime: After Hinata forgets to spike the ball, Akaashi, Bokuto, Sakusa, Hirugami, and Hoshiumi see this. Manga: They are not shown.
  • Anime: A scene shows Karasuno and Inarizaki face to face outside. Manga: This is a colored, double spread page at the start of Volume 30 Chapter 264.

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