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"The Setter Showdown"
Chapter 50
Japanese title ザ・セッター対決
Translation title Za Settā Taiketsu
Chapter Information
Chapter number 50
Arc Interhigh Arc
Volume The Setter Showdown
Release Date February 25, 2013
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"The Setter Showdown" (Japanese: ザ・セッター対決 (たいけつ) Za Settā Taiketsu) is the fiftieth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 13th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.

Overview Edit

After scoring off Aobajohsai with a surprise dump, Kageyama goes to serve. Distracted by Oikawa, he ends up sending the ball out of bounds. Hinata and Kageyama use their quick, but Oikawa seems to be watching them intensely. At the same time, Aobajohsai seems to be playing a lot differently from when they did during the practice match. To add onto Karasuno's problems, Oikawa has figured out Hinata and Kageyama's secret signals.

Plot Edit

As Kageyama challenges Oikawa, the spectators note that it's almost like a setter showdown between the two. Hinata notes that Kageyama's amazing and Kageyama responds that even if Oikawa is strong, when it comes to being a setter, the first year won't lose.

Kageyama soon goes to serve. As he prepares himself, he thinks of Oikawa's serve and puts all his power into his. It goes out of bounds, however, and Oikawa goes to serve. He hits it hard, but Nishinoya is able to receive it. Kageyama prepares to set to Hinata and though Kindaichi knows the quick is coming, he's unable to react to it in time and Karasuno scores.

From the side, Takeda wonders if Oikawa had accidentally served to Nishinoya despite his high level of skill. Ukai replies that Oikawa had done it on purpose, possibly in hopes of Nishinoya missing so Karasuno's morale would be destroyed.

At Aobajohsai's side, Oikawa frivolously remarks to Kindaichi that he must be upset after having Hinata take his place as Kageyama's partner. Kindaichi tries to deny it, but Oikawa ignores him and proceeds to state that Kindaichi shouldn't worry about anything and just jump. Kindaichi understands his message and the next move, goes to attack. He jumps higher than usual, surprising Hinata and Daichi.

Karasuno takes back the point when Asahi scores off Oikawa, but Oikawa seems to realize something. Quickly motioning for a timeout, he gathers his teammates around him. Confidently, he tells them the signals Hinata and Kageyama use for their quicks: "send" and "bring". On Karasuno's side, Kageyama and Sugawara watch Aobajohsai warily.

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Character revelations Edit

  • Oikawa's been ranked as the top overall player in the prefecture.

Trivia Edit

  • Same with the volume this chapter is included in, in the official English manga release this chapter is called "Setter Battle!"[1]




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