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"The Teams Arrive" (Japanese: 集結 (しゅうけつ) Shūketsu) is the one hundred eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 24th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno returns to the Miyagi Prefecture representative playoffs, in which they run into Terushima once more. The Johzenji manager apologies for Terushima's behaviour, before they head off into the gym. Hinata runs into Oikawa, Iwaizumi, and Ushijima. Hinata gets caught between the rivalry of the two teams, before exiting the bathroom to avoid further conflict. "The Queens", a team known for winning the girls Miyagi representative title multiple years in a row is introduced, and it is revealed that Tanaka knows one of the members on a personal level. Karasuno then goes onto the court to begin their match against Johzenji.


The Karasuno team has returned to the Sendai City Gymnasium for the playoffs to determine the prefecture representative. Determined to get their revenge, Hinata runs off toward the building with Kageyama giving chase after him.

As he is running, Hinata comes across Yūji Terushima of Johzenji High. Terushima recognizes Hinata and instantly calls out to Kiyoko, requesting that he gets her phone number this time. His comment quickly angers Tanaka and Nishinoya. Both second years charge at the Johzenji captain before Daichi can stop them but they are quickly halted when the Johzenji team manager, Hana Misaki, steps forward and apologizes on Terushima's behalf; her actions causing Tanaka and Nishinoya to freeze and float in mid-air to the astonishment of Yamaguchi and Tsukishima. Terushima soon leaves after declaring he will be waiting for Karasuno in the first round.

Hinata attempts to make his way to the restroom but approaches with great caution after remembering the times he met Kageyama, Yoshiki Towada, and Lev. His cautious behavior is quickly noticed by Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Iwaizumi tries to question Hinata about Karasuno's win against Hyakuzawa but Oikawa wastes no time in terrifying the middle blocker with comments of getting rid of Hinata right then. Hinata runs off, not noticing Iwaizumi try to scold Oikawa for his taunt, and runs into someone. When he looks up, Hinata becomes more terrified to see that he ran right into Ushijima.

Ushijima instantly recognizes Hinata before turning his attention to Oikawa and Iwaizumi. Both Seijoh players are not thrilled at meeting with Ushijima who politely wishes them good luck in what he believes will be their last high school tournament. Iwaizumi proclaims that Aoba Johsai will be going to the Spring Tournament only for Ushijima to remind him that only one team can be the prefecture representative. The entire time, a crowd of onlookers has formed, watching the tension between Ushijima and Oikawa and Iwaizumi. They take notice of Hinata stuck in the middle and realize that he's the player from Karasuno who defeated Hyakuzawa. Hinata suddenly declares that Karasuno will be the victor of the tournament and becomes nervous when the attention is shifted to him.

Hinata attempts to back away but bumps into Aone in the process. Ushijima is the first to walk off with the promise that Shiratorizawa will defeat whichever team comes before them.

Whilst going over the tournament bracket, Sugawara points out the Niiyama Girls' High team; nicknamed 'The Queens'. Hinata becomes interested in the team when Sugawara explains that the Niiyama team has been the the girls representative for Miyagi at the Spring Tournament for several years. Hinata and Yachi comment how the Niiyama girls appear to look both like models and a powerful team. Right then, Tanaka suddenly calls out to one of the Niiyama girls but is silenced when several of the players glare at him.

Hinata right away questions Tanaka if he knows someone on the Niiyama team. Tanaka answers that he had a personal hand in helping the Niiyama team ace only for Daichi and Sugawara to point out that he only knew the Niiyama ace when they were in the same sports club for a while when they were younger.

After a while, Yamaguchi and Hinata announce to Daichi that Date Tech's game is nearly over; with Date Tech five points away from winning the game. After Date Tech wins, Karasuno soon heads onto the court.

With their first game being against Karasuno, Terushima gets his team fired up by telling them they will play harder than any other team present. Their excitement being noticed by spectators in the crowd who refer to them as 'The Party Team'.



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