The Third Panel (Japanese: “3枚目 (まいめ) “3-Mai-Me”) is the one hundred twenty-sixth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


As the match between Aoba Johsai and Date Tech reaches the second set, Karasuno observes new setter Koganegawa in action.


Retired third years Kamasaki, Moniwa, and Sasaya rush into the gym to observe the match between Date Tech and Aoba Johsai. Seeing that the match has reached the second set and Date Tech is two points behind, they wonder if Date won the first set.

The three are surprised to see the Karasuno third years still on the team when Daichi informs them that Aoba Johsai won the first set. The Date Tech third years head over to the cheering squad and watch as Hanamaki gets over a double block with a feint.

Hanamaki's serve is received, allowing new setter first year Kanji Koganegawa to make the set. Kamasaki is amused at how the setter is still moving about like a newbie but Sasaya is confident that this will go away with time. Futakuchi calls for the set but is shocked when Koganegawa sends the ball incredibly high into the air. Despite that he is not good with sets that are too high, Futakuchi spikes but the ball goes into the net. He then tells Koganegawa not to make the too high or low and mildly confuses the setter with the description of his set request.

After Hanamaki's serve goes into the net, Daichi and Asahi figure out that Date Tech's new setter is a first year and marvel at how big he is. Moniwa takes the chance to introduce Koganegawa to Karasuno as Date Tech's new super weapon, the Big Boned Setter. Moniwa quickly becomes embarrassed when Koganegawa attempts to set to Aone but the ball goes too high and is caught by Coach Oiwake. Koganegawa offers his own punishment of one hundred laps around the school for his mistake but Futakuchi instead tells him to just practice on his sets.

Moniwa tries to save face with the Karasuno third years by saying that Koganegawa is still new and still developing his skills as a setter. Futakuchi remembers how he would give his seniors a hard time but believes that taking things too seriously is something to avoid. Kamasaki and Sasaya are both highly amused at how Futakuchi seems to be having trouble keeping his underclassmen in line.

The game continues and Koganegawa attempts a setter dump. Though Koganegawa is clear above the block, Watari sees the obvious motion and is able to receive. Iwaizumi spikes but libero Sakunami makes the receive. Futakuchi tries to spike past the block but instead Kindaichi gets a one-touch. Oikawa receives and has Watari give him the last set.

Futakuchi and Aone rush to block but Oikawa spots an opening that he tries to spike to. Koganegawa suddenly appears and helps in the block, successfully shutting down Oikawa's spike though his momentum causes him to bump into the others and knock Futakuchi down. After seeing the block, Moniwa proudly presents to Karasuno Date Tech's new iron wall.



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  • To celebrate the printing of ten million copies of the manga, a center color page of Aone and Futakuchi standing in front of a metal wall and dressed in medieval armor. There is also Oikawa dressed in a samurai costume; he is sitting on Kindaichi, who is dressed in a horse costume. The text reads: “Clash!! It’s the decisive battle of this great war!!!”
  • This chapter is included in the 15th volume of the English release, instead of the 14th volume like in the original release.[1]



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