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"The Volleyball Bug" (Japanese: バレーの (むし) たち Barē no Mushi-tachi) is the three hundred twenty-seventh chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 51st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2018 series.


After Hoshiumi issues his challenge to Hinata, the teams get a much needed rest time before their next match. Daishō taunts the defeated Nekoma third years. Meanwhile, Itachiyama easily defeats their third-round opponents. Soon, the showdown of top aces between Fukurōdani Academy and Mujinazaka High will commence.


Hoshiumi challenges Hinata to a showdown to determine who is the current "Little Giant." Although initially surprised, Hinata feels honored to be able to compete against an amazing player like Hoshiumi.

At this time, the Karasuno alumni end up sitting together with Akane and Alisa at a restaurant due to overcrowding. The atmosphere remains awkward until Saeko silently proposes a toast to Akane, who returns the gesture immediately. Meanwhile, the Nekoma third years are wandering around the gymnasium before running into Daishō and his girlfriend, Mika. After Mika leaves to check out the souvenirs, Daishō taunts the three for their most recent loss. However, when Kuroo and the others don't react much to his provocation, Daishō begins a tirade about how winning is not the reason they play volleyball. Eventually, Daishō leaves with Mika. The Nekoma third years are soon joined by Kenma and the second years to spectate Fukurōdani's match against Mujinazaka.

The said two teams are currently waiting for their match to begin. Kiryū thinks back to Bokuto's carefree greetings a little while ago and deliberates over the ulterior motive behind it until his teammate, Usuri, breaks him out of his musing. After Itachiyama makes quick work of their round 3 opponents, the match between Fukurōdani and Mujinazaka is ready to get underway. 



Chapter notes

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  • The chapter includes a cover of Bokuto and Hinata standing next to each other with their arms crossed, the text reads "We were only just chasing after the ball, but before we knew it, here we stand."
  • Although he is shown wearing the #8 jersey, Usuri is depicted with #9 instead in subsequent chapters. 


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