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"The Whole Width of the Court" (Japanese: コートの横幅 (よこはば) めいっぱい Kōto no Yokohaba Meippai) is the sixty-second chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 26th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2013 series.


Hinata enters the court, which serves as a chance for Karasuno to turn the tables against Aoba Johsai. After being told to use the full width of the court freely, Hinata scores a wide broad attack. Oikawa becomes nervous at Kageyama and Hinata and anxiously waits for the rotation to shift the middle blocker into the back row. With the strongest decoy functioning to its fullest, Karasuno gains advantage.


As Hinata rotates onto the court, Sugawara realizes the weight upon them in the final set and knows that if there is any hope of winning it lies with Kageyama and Hinata working together.

Remembering Ukai's instructions of taking advantage of the entire width of the court, Hinata suddenly dashes across the front row. Though the Aoba Johsai players see what Hinata is attempting, they are not successful in trying to stop him when he successfully executes the wide broad attack. After a moment of stunned silence from everyone in the gymnasium, Karasuno loudly cheers for Hinata and the score is now 14-13.

Oikawa starts to become nervous at Hinata and Kageyama being paired on the court and starts wanting the rotation to move faster so that Hinata will be moved off court. Seijoh fans Asuka Hirama and Manaka Ujiie see how much Hinata is moving across the court and scoring and wonder why this was not his method from the start of the game. Takinoue explains that the wide broad attack is so successful now because Hinata and Kageyama have not used it until now.

When Hinata looks to be attempting a third broad attack and manages to lure Iwaizumi into blocking, Kageyama sets to Tanaka on the opposite end. The second year manages to score and bring Karasuno to a point behind Seijoh.

Ujiie notices how long the rallies are lasting and that Hinata is continuing to jump without stopping. Shimada explains that this is how volleyball is truly played and such actions are expected from players whether they are playing as blockers, decoys, or as attackers. But the longer the plays last, the easier it is to make mistakes as there is little to no time to catch your breath or gather your thoughts.

Despite all odds, Hinata still rushes across the court while calling for Kageyama to send him the set. Iwaizumi and Matsukawa are determined not to let Hinata hit unmarked. Kageyama hesitates slightly before sending the ball to Asahi. With only Oikawa trying to block him, Asahi deflects the ball off the setter's arm and scores. The score is now 15-15 as everyone mentions how it was believed Hinata would be the one to get the ball. Kageyama himself is surprised that he nearly sent the set to Hinata when he knew Asahi was the right person to do a back attack.

As Seijoh calls for a time-out, Kageyama silently praises Hinata as the strongest decoy.


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