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"Third Hit" (Japanese: 3本目 (さんぼんめ) Sanbonme) is the one hundred fifty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 20th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


As Ushijima continues to display his power, Tsukishima continues to struggle with his blocks. 


During the summer training camp, Lev questions Kuroo if he believes he would be able to block Ushijima. When Kuroo answers that he might be able to block one out of ten of Ushijima's spikes, Hinata and Lev give him questioning looks. Kuroo explains his answers was out of pure honesty and that he doesn't know Ushijima's abilities like he knows Bokuto's.

Kuroo explains that there is no sure way to completely block someone one hundred percent of the time and that, during a critical time, a single point can completely turn things around and feel as if it were one hundred points. Bokuto quickly calls out Kuroo out on his logic and Kuroo admits he even confused himself. Akaashi admits he listened to Kuroo thinking he was being logical only for the opposite to happen, though he does agree with Tsukishima about the single point factor.

Back in the game, Tsukishima narrowly misses blocking Kawanishi. His blocking is criticized by Shizuyasu Yokoyama. Saeko becomes more worried about the team not finding a way to fight back against Ushijima's left-handed attacks until Akiteru points out that his brother isn't the kind of person who will rely on intuition; stating that Tsukishima doesn't have faith in his own strength and instead only believes in what he sees before him.

Tsukishima watches as Ushijima is making his approach and is able to position himself with perfect timing to block but fails to stop the ace's spike. The second technical time-out takes place. Kinoshita compliments Nishinoya on getting the hang of Ushijima's spike but Nishinoya admits that the spikes he's tried to receive haven't been at full strength.

Yamaguchi becomes panicked when he sees that Tsukishima's finger is injured. As Ennoshita helps him tape his jammed finger, Tsukishima realizes that he had given up on his block too soon. The time-out ends and the teams go back onto the court. Takeda tries to get the Karasuno team to relax but is unsuccessful when he sees that Ushijima is up to serve. Ukai states that, while Ushijima has a lot of power behind his hits, his serves are not as powerful or controlled as Oikawa's.

Ushijima serves and Daichi attempts to receive but the ball heads out of bounds. Though he is grateful that he is not in the position to receive, Tsukishima notices Nishinoya's focused expression as Ushijima gets ready to serve again.

Ushijima serves and the ball goes right to Nishinoya. The libero stuns everyone watching when he is able to properly receive the ball.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • In terms of control and success rate, Oikawa is better at serving than Ushijima.



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