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"Thorny" (Japanese: 刺刺 (とげとげ) Togetoge) is the two hundred twenty-third chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 43rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


Kageyama's irritation manifests as he harshly criticizes his teammates for their mistakes. As the tension within Karasuno arises, the team can't help but wonder if Kageyama is reverting back to his old oppressive habits.


Nishinoya confronts Kageyama after being shouted at for being in the way. After Kageyama elaborates on his reasoning, Nishinoya realizes his error and humbly accepts the criticism. Tanaka is irked at Kageyama for using such impolite tone, but Daichi urges him to overlook the issue. However, other team members have picked up on and are growing wary of Kageyama's unusual behavior.

As the practice match continues, Kageyama's annoyance grows as Tanaka and Asahi fail to score off of his tosses. Later, when Tsukishima misreads an offense and fails to jump for a second block, Kageyama openly reprimands the blocker for the missed opportunity. Despite the rising tension within the team, Karasuno carries on the practice match, but they are unable to gain momentum. Kageyama makes another toss to Asahi, who spikes it out of bounds. Asahi immediately apologizes for the mistake and assures Kageyama that there's nothing wrong with his toss. However, Kageyama curtly tells his senior to make decisions quicker before turning away. By this time, all of Karasuno have noticed Kageyama's irritation and wonder if he's regressing back to his "Tyrant King" mode.


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  • Extra pages are added to the volume version of this chapter that shows Kageyama struggling to voice his dissatisfaction to Tsukishima and Hinata noticing Kageyama's strange behavior.  


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