• Hi! TheLittleRabbit didn't finish changing the wikia completely, so there are a few links on the navigation bar and main page that don't work or are redirects. There are a lot of things but I don't want to bother you too much so I'll just list the major ones:

    -On the main page, under characters, Suga (Teams) doesn't work; it only leads us to the image. Yamaguchi (Our Staff) links to a blank space instead of the List of Admins page.

    -Navigation bar: Characters:

    -Fukurodani High is spelled wrong so it doesn't link to the school page. Bokuto's name is also spelled wrong, so same issue there.

    Since only admins can edit the navigation bar and main page, I want to ask if you can fix them. Sorry for the inconvenience and thank you.

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    • If you could help out, could you please give a structure about how to fix the navigation bar. I'm actually bad lately with organizing. Thanks!

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    • Oh, sorry but I don't know either because since only admins can edit those things, when TheLittleRabbit and Fattieschan were fixing up the wikia, only TLR worked on the navigation bar and main page. So noone else knows how to code that stuff........sorry.

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