• THINGS THAT ONLY ADMINS CAN DO: Haikyuu Main Page: -----About; Policies; Administration; Forum; Chat: NEED LINKS Navigation Bar: Media: Manga: -----Volumes Guide: Nothing on the page (KidProdigy needs to unlock page for us to clean; otherwise, he/she has to do it himself/herself) -----Furudate Haruichi: Navigation link is a redirect Media: Anime: -----OST: Nothing on the page Community: Starting Out: -----Adding Content: Nothing on page -----Manual of Style: Nothing on page Characters: Fukurodani’s link is spelled wrong so it doesn’t work Characters: Others: -----Ukai Keishin: redirect/ name is spelled “Keishin Ukai” Characters: Date Tech High: -----Kosuke Sakunami: link doesn’t work; spelled wrong, supposed to be “Kōsuke Sakunami” Characters: Fukurodani High: -----Bokuto Kotaro: link doesn’t work, spelled wrong; “Kōtarō Bokuto” -----Akaashi Keiji: redirect/ “Keiji Akaashi” -----Konoha Akinori: redirect/ “Akinori Konoha” -----Washio Tatsuki: redirect/ “Tatsuki Washio” -----Sarukui Yamato: redirect/ “Yamato Sarukui” -----Komi Haruki: redirect/ “Haruki Komi” -----Onaga Wataru: redirect/ “Wataru Onaga” Community Messages: Guidelines, pages ,etc THINGS THAT NORMAL USERS CAN DO: -----Haikyuu Main Page: Characters: ----------Hinata’s (Characters): Karasuno & Nekoma need links; Date Tech & Fukurodani don't have pages/coding etc ----------Tsukishima’s (Manga Guide): Nothing on the page ----------Suga’s (Teams): link doesn’t work & I don’t think we have teams, so change to policies? ----------Yamaguchi’s (Our Staff): Nothing on the page

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    • We need (most) of these things done by tomorrow, because we can't do anything without it. Especailly navigation and the renaming of characters, plus i'm going to compile a list of episodes that need to be renamed, since it doesn't match the episode list/there's an unneeded (episode) at the end of the title. Thanks.

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