• I'm sorry for bothering you when you already have so much going on, but I noticed that the chapter summaries have been changed to past tense. I read your message on Healnarutoule's wall and how you prefer past tense, and I hate bringing up old issues that have already been resolved, but as someone who takes grammar seriously–sometimes too seriously–I need to say this.

    I think present tense should be used for plot summaries.

    Like Healnarutoule said, fictional works are considered timeless so they should always be discussed in present tense. If they're discussed in past tense, that really messes up the flow and other things. Stuff like "character revelation, trivia, etc" will always be discussed in present tense no matter what; they just can't be changed to past tense. So if the summary is in past tense but the trivia is in present just doesn't match.

    That aside, you said that the reason you prefer past tense is because most wikias are doing it that way; so I looked around at some of the other wikias but a lot of them use present tense (KnB, Hunger Games, Eyeshield 21, Naruto, etc). Wikipedia also uses present tense.

    I know that it might look and feel weird, and I understand the whole "summaries are histories so they should be in past tense"; but past tense doesn't work for summaries. It's not about the rules and all that stuff, but it's more about getting the tense to fit with the time flow. It's extremely hard to write summaries in past tense because there are a lot of things going on in chapters/episodes such as sudden flashbacks or a narrator talking. Healnarutoule has been doing a good job with her chapter summaries but I can tell that she has trouble sometimes deciding whether to use past or present tense. Using present tense is the easiest way.

    All in all, I'm asking for permission to write the summaries in present tense. Please consider my request and thank you very much. Again, I apologize for adding on to your troubles.

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    • Sorry, due to a lot of load that has been pushing towards me I'm not able to consentrate fully anymore.

      Use the present tense for the chapter, episode or whatever on this wiki. Past tense is being used for flashbacks.

      Hope it actually finally will be resolved, at least.

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    • Thank you very much :)!

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    • Thank you for helping us even though you already have so much going on. We really appreciate it.

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    • You're welcome.

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