• Dear Haikyuu!! Wiki Contributors,

    It's been a very frantic week; many events have occured througout the week which may cause confusion. Thus, to prevent further confusion, I've decided to, as unbaisedly as I can, inform the Haikyuu!! Wiki community about the major events that have occured and are still occuring this week:

    1) Voting: Reverting Back Character Pages:

    A community-run general voting session has been started to debate whether or not the newer layout for pages. A notification was sent out to all Wiki contributors in the "No group" group with five edits or more.The voting session ended Sunday, the 10th of May 2015, with the newer layout being the unanimous winner.

    2) Admin Resignation:

    One of the most active admin, whose name shall not be stated for privacy reasons, has peacefully agreed to resign after much debate with other users regarding his/her admininstration qualities and skills.

    3) Admin Power Reassignment:

    Another user, whose name shall not be stated for privacy reasons, has been suddenly assigned Admin rights. No further information has been released about this user or why this user has been assigned Admin rights.

    On Sunday, the 10th of May 2015, the former admin reassigned admin rights to Wiki Contributor, Fattieschan. The Former Admin states that this is to prevent vandalism from occuring while the Elections are proceeding. Fattieschan has agreed to ressign admin rights if he/she does not win the Admin Election. The agreement and discussion for this has been hidden for privacy reasons.

    Shortly afterwards, Temp. Admin Fattiechan made Wiki Contributor, NoyaThePenguin, an admin as well. He/she has stated that the purpose of this is for NoyaThePenguin to fix and edit Wiki pages and the adminship for NoyaThePenguin is also temporary. NoyaThePenguin has also promised to resign his/her admin rights when the time comes.

    At 7:53 PM (ET), Fattieschan wrote in the Live!Chat, "I promised --- that if I don't win, i would give up ... and I'm going to do that."

    Three minutes later, NoyathePenguin replied with, "Oh I'll do that to."

    4) Voting: Admin Elections:

    An election for a new admin to replace the previous admin has been announced. Currently, the thread announcing this is accepting Candidate Submissions for the election. They will accept entries until Suday, the 24th of May 2015 at 11:59 PM (ET). The starting date of elections will begin the next day, Monday, the 25th of May 2015. It is highly encouraged that you vote if you have a registered Wiki account. 

    5) Vandalism:

    The number of vandalism on pages has decreased from the week before, but the vandalism is still occuring as a steady pace. If you see vandalism, it is highly encouraged that you remove it and report the user who is responsible to the most active admin. 

    6) New Users:

    Several new users have joined the Wiki:

    Mcctay : Joined May 7, 2015

    Occasionallymorganfreeman : Joined May 8, 2015

    Tsuhiro : Joined May 10, 2015

    Please be sure to give them a warm welcome.

    So, those are the highlights of the activity on Haikyuu!! Wiki this week, starting from Sunday, the 3rd of May 2015 to today, Sunday, the 10th of May 2015. If you thought this news thread was helpful, please leave a comment below this thread, so I can know; I'm possibly thinking of announcing news like this every week. Also, if there are any errors, mistakes, or if you'd just like to leave your opinon about anything regarding this thread, please do not hesistate to leave about it.

    The Haikyuu!! Wiki is growing and improving everyday because of its community, so thank you all for your work. We, speaking on behalf of the rest of the Haikyuu!! Wiki community, appreciate it very, very much, and we hope that you all will continue to contribute and stick with the Haikyuu!! Wiki. 


    The Admins of Haikyuu!! Wiki

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