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    This voting session has ended on the 7th of June 2015. The Newest Bureaucrat of the Wiki is Fattieschan, and the Newest Administrator of the Wiki is NoyaThePenguin. Thank you all for your participation and if you have any questions or concerns, please leave a message on either my message wall or Adminstrator NoyaThePenguin's wall.
    06:00, June 28, 2015

    ***Voting Session purpose: The purpose of this Voting Session is to assign the roles of Admin and Bureacrat to two responsible Wiki Contributors who will release the Haikyuu!! Wiki's potential and lead the community of users and contributors in the right direction which will further benefit and promote the progression of the Wiki.

    ***Voting Session Votes: Each person should vote for two candidates: one for bureacrat rights and one for adminstrator rights.

    ***Voting Session Winners: There will be two winners: one with bureacrat rights and one with adminstrator rights.

    Dear Haikyuu!! Wiki Users,

    We apologize deeply for running the Admin Elections a little later than we had stated we would, but alas, the Elections have begun today. All valid entries (2) have been submittied and are listed below, and late entries are not excepted. 

    It is highly recommended that all Wiki users that see this voting session thread vote as it will more accurately represent the Haikyuu!! Wiki Community. 

    If you are planning to vote, please read the following entries and small "speeches" written by the candidates after the bolded black line. After you read the entires, please read the rules and qualifications for voting that follows; the rules and qualifications have been changed from the original voting thread that announced the Admin Election, so it is vital that you do so in order to vote.


    CANDIDATE 1: NoyathePenguin - Joined: April 20, 2015 Edits as of Candidate Submission date: 197

    “Hello guys, I'm NoyaThePenguin and I'm looking to become one of the admins. For those who don't know me, I'll start with some basics. I've recently got into the Haikyuu fandom and even though I'm new, I think that my efforts can really help out the fandom. Recently, I gave the entire a whole makeover with the help of Jin and Chan. We edited the main pages, categorized and I edited the main page along with some other templates. I believe that I can push this wiki to its full potential and make it as big as it should be. Please, give me a chance and allow me to become one of your admins. Thank you for reading and I hope you give me a chance!  ” 

    CANDIDATE 2: Fattieschan - Joined: March 27, 2015 Edits as of Candidate Submission date: 497

    "In episode 21 of Haikyuu!!, Koshi Sugawara said the following quote:

    'The points we get when I'm on the court, and the points we get when you're [Tobio] on the court -all together, they're points for Karasuno.'

    I am no Sugawara, but I think this quote greatly applied to the Haikyuu!! Wiki. It is not a secret that I love the Haikyuu!! Wiki and that I want to improve it. The Wiki has a lot of potential to grow, but that growth is being stultified by vandalism, errors, and lack of proper representation of the community. I want to change that because a community is important; it's like a team. Whether you have five edits or 700 edits, it doesn't matter. Your edits are still important to the Wiki, and you deserve to have a voice, and if you vote for me, I will further enforce your voices and do my best to take actions that will represent your voices, just like a Team Captain.

    So, let me end this short little speech by rephrasing the quotes that we began with:

    The edits I make when I'm on the Wiki, and the edits we get when you're on the Wiki-all together, they're edits for Wiki."


    To Vote: To vote, you must comment on this thread. The comment must state the names of the Candidates and positions (Bureacrat and Administrator) of the candidates you are voting for. Then, your comment must include a valid reason of at least five sentences in total that explains the reason of your vote.

        • Please remember that your vote should be based of solely the skill and abilities of the Candidate and not your personal relationship with the person. 

    Voting Qualifications and Rules:

    1) You must have a registered account that has at least five edits. All users in the "No group" group with five or more edits will receive a notification about this election by the end of Saturday, the 16th of May 2015.

    2) The account you are voting with cannot hold the position of Administration.

    3) Canidates in this election are prohibited from voting.

    4) A valid five sentence reasoning must be included in your vote.

    5) Votes cannot be influenced by personal relationships with the Candidate.

    6) Voting using more than one account is prohibited; it is cheating.

    7) Each person can only vote one time.

    8) Each person can and must only vote for two canidates, each for different positions (Bureacrat and Administrator).

    9) Only one candidate in your vote can recieve one position, and only one candidate in the same vote can recieve the other.

    Your vote will be invalidated if you do not comply with one or more of the qualifications and rules listed above. 

    Please keep in mind that cheating is not tolerated. Anyone caught cheating will have their vote invalidated and will face severe consequences administered by the current administrators. 

    *Also, please remember that your vote should be based of solely the skill and abilities of the Candidate and not your personal relationship with the person.


    Today (Sunday, the 24th of May 2015) is the starting date for Admin Elections.

    The last day for elections has been set to Sunday, the 7th of June 2015 at 11:59 PM (ET) and may be subject to change to a later time and/or date.

    This election is supposed to represent the Haikyuu!! Wiki community, so if you meet the qualifications for voting and see this thread, we ask that you please vote. We will look forward to seeing your votes and vote reasons, and as for the Candidates, Good Luck! 


    The Admins of the Haikyuu!! Wiki

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    • This was hard to decide but my vote goes to Fattieschan for bureaucrat and NoyathePenguin for admin.

      Fattieschan is on almost everyday and is always actively making new pages, adding content to the wikia about the series (the "Let's haikyuu" page and other stuff), and fixing troll edits. She also announces the wikia news all the time, makes polls, and talks to other users all the time. She can basically run the wikia by herself. I think she would be a great bureaucrat.

      NoyathePenguin does a lot of work as well but most of her contributions so far has been mainly coding/technological work and not stuff related to the series. She hasn't really added much information to the character/episode/chapter/series related pages. I greatly respect her work, but I think she would be better as an admin who's in charge of coding/layout work. That aside, she doesn't go on a lot. I don't know if she has work or school or anything, but if she's that busy then maybe being an bureaucrat would be too much?

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    • Imma vote NoyaThePenguin as the admin and Fattieschan as the bureaucrat.

      Although Noya is new to the fandom, she's already shown work that's greatly improved the Haikyuu wikia community. I can really tell that she definitely has ideas that are going to help, and she definitely has the mentality to spend countless hours to brainstorm ideas and execute them until they are perfect. I believe the admin position should go to NoyaThePenguin because I feel like she does more physical stuff, like the layout and others. The admin position will be able to allow the user to access certain abilities that normal users aren't allowed to use.

      However, the reason I chose Fattieschan as the bureaucrat is because I believe this person is really friendly to the community and is on all the time to answer questions, polls, things like that. This person has shown great social skills and she welcomes anyone, no matter what status. I think she can keep the wikia running stablely for a long time, but not organized or clean. The layouts and coding stuff to keep the wikia organized can be done by a regular admin, which is where NoyathePenguin comes in.

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    • I vote myself as admin, because I don't know much about the Haikyuu series. I've only began to watch it a couple of weeks ago, because Healnarutoule urged me to. I've admined and b-crated many wikis before, but since I do lack information about Haikyuu, I humbly only vote myself to be admin. Since school is important to me, I won't really have time to watch the episodes and what not. Maybe during the summer I will watch the rest of the season, but for now, I'm focused on layouts and things like that.

      I vote Fattie for b-crat, because quite frankly, she's amazing :)

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