• Note: "Art Piece" refers to drawings, paintings, and other pieces of a 2D medium.

    Dear Wiki Users and Contributors,

    Recently, we've been discussing about a new special idea, and we are now pleased to announce a new feature: A Slideshow on the Main page of this Wiki that will feature fanart that registered Wiki users and contributors can submit.

    So, basically: You can submit fanart to us, and we'll put it in a slideshow on the Mainpage!

    So, essentially this is how the process will work:

    1) Read this entire thread including the rules before submitting any art.

    2) There are two options to submitting your art:

    A) Leave a message on Bureaucrat Fattieschan's Message Wall clearly indicating that you would like to submit fanart. You may either upload and attach it in your message or add a link to your art in the message. You may also schedule an appointment on the Live!Chat instead in your message to send the link of your art. 

    B) Message our Facebook Page your art with your registered Wiki account username, and leave a message using the referred to registered Wiki account on Bureaucrat Fattieschan's Message Wall clearly stating that you have submitted your art via Facebook (no specifics of the Facebook message required).

    3) The Adminstrators will review the art and either approve or dissaprove your Art Submissions, using the Rules (see below) and other means of judgement. This process can take about a day to a week, so please be patient.

    Note: Please understand that any fanart that is dissaproved and uploaded to the Wiki will be scheduled for deletion with warning.

    4) If your art is approved,  your art will be uploaded (if not uploaded already) to the Wiki. It will be categorized as "Haikyuu!! Wiki Fanart" by an Administrator. Please do not add this category to your own art by yourself; doing so will disqualify your art to be featured if approved and result in (a) consequence(s).

    5) Your art, along with several other art pieces, will be featured on the Mainpage's Featured Fanart  Slideshow in a random order during the duration between when the next Newsletter is released to when the Newsletter after the next is released when they will be replaced with new art submissions. 

      ***Currently, we have decided on the limit of 10 art pieces to be featured on the Slideshow. 

        • In all honesty, we would prefer that you either send us the link in the Live!Chat or send us the art on Facebook. This makes everything more private and easier.


    These rules only apply to your fanart if its initial purpose is for this activity. They do NOT apply to any other image you upload to the Wiki.

    Art Rules:

    1) Art that contains or is related to any sexual content or sexual themes is not allowed.

    2) Art that contains any romantic suggestive themes or the like is not allowed.

    3) Art that contains explicit and/or extreme violence and/or gore is not allowed.

    4) Art that contains inappropiate language is not allowed.

    5) Art must be safe for work (sfw) and clean.

    6) Art must be PG.

    7) Art cannot contain any controvertial subjects or topics.

    8) Art must be solely related to the Haikyū!! series.

    Quality Control:

    1) Uncolored art is not permitted.

    2) No blurry images of the art are allowed.

    3) No doodles or random sketches. We want to show the community an artwork that showcases the best elements of the series,

    4) If the art piece is not digital the art piece is too large to be scanned, the photo of the piece must be clear and must capture the entire piece.

    Submission Rules:

    1) Only registered users with accounts on this Wiki may submit his/her art.

    2) You may only submit one art piece in each submission.

    3) Only digital art, drawings, paintings, and other 2D pieces are allowed. 

    4) We will only permit each Wiki user or contributor to submit one art piece per month.

    5) The art you have submitted must have been produced by you.

    Misc. Rules:

    1) You may add a description your uploaded and submitted art piece, but no innapropiate language is allowed. 

    2) With the exception of administrators and the submitter/uploader of the art piece, no Wiki users or contributors are allowed to change or edit the description of an uploaded art piece.

    3) You must have read this entire thread including the rules before you submit an art piece.

    Breaking any of the above listed rules will result in disqualification of your art piece if approved, deletion of your art from the Wiki if uploaded, and (a) possible consequence(s).

    Please Note:

    By submitting an art piece to the Wiki, you agree that this Wiki may place any of your submitted art pieces on the Main page. This Wiki will still not be permitted to use your art piece without permission for any other thing. This Wiki, however, is not responsible for the actions of any Wiki user or contributor's actions regarding your submitted art. 

    Please Note TL;DR: If you submit your art, know that we can use it on the Main page but no where else unless you give us permission. Also, if another Wiki user or contributor uses it or does anything with it, we are not responsible.

    So, that's that. We hope you all enjoy doing this activity, but please understand that this is only in Beta Testing mode. If we recieve good reception and encounter little to no problems, we will continue this, but if it flops, then we will drop it immediately. 

    Good Luck and Have Fun!


    The Administrators of the Haikyuu!! Wiki


    Activity conducted by Bureaucrat Fattieschan. If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please either leave a comment in the comment section of this thread or leave a message on Bureaucrat Fattieschan's Message Wall


    Note: This thread is subject to change without notice. Please check the "History" portion of this post before you submit your artwork.

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