• Dear Wiki Contributor Airhighfly,

    Hello, I am Bureaucrat Fattieschan, and first of all, I would also like to thank-you for your incredible work! You have already hit #2 on Badge Rankings within the three days you have been on this Wiki, and you have added so much to this Wiki. However, we came across a few problems, and other administrators have contacted you about said problems, so I am very sorry if we seem like we are bombarding you with a ton of problems with your edits, but we have also recently noticed that some of your images that you have uploaded seem to be of low-quality and do not meet our standards for images on this Wiki. Therefore, we must unfortunetly inform you that we must delete those images. Before we do so, however, we would like you to review the images we have scheduled for deletion and reply with any comment(s) or concern(s) you may have about this issue, so please review the following list of said images:







    Thank-you so much for work and cooperation, and if you have any questions, concerns, or if you'd just like to discuss a topic, please feel free to join the Live! Chat or leave a message on either my wallAdmininstrator NoyaThePenguin's wall, or Administraor 1qaz2wsx3edc4rvv's wall, and we'd be glad to assist you. 


    Bureaucrat Fattieschan

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    • I understand the reason for deleting the images, but i have one question. What should be the default resolution of the pictures for future uploads?

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    • Let me answer on behalf of Fattieschan. We don't have a default resolution. Rather, we prefer images that are clear. For example, some of the problems of this image of Sugawara is that it is grainy and you can even that some of the lines are jagged. We would prefer a much more crisp version of this image since it exists somewhere. (You can go to the HD version of that episode and get a screencap.) However, there are times when a high quality version does not exists. Take this image, for example. That image was taken from Chapter 115 page 18. As you could see, the source limits the final quality of the image. In this case, we have no choice but to keep this image.

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    • What 1qaz said, haha. Thanks btw 1qaz.

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    • A FANDOM user
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