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"Through Rock Bottom" (Japanese: ネガティヴ限界突破 (げんかい とっぱ) Negatibu Genkai Toppa) is the three hundred thirty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 8th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2019 series.


Fukurōdani rides the momentum and powers through a second set win. Mujinazaka's confidence is shaken, but they quickly overcome the negativity to face Fukurōdani on equal footing for the third set.


Having regained focus, Akaashi accurately reads and counters Mujinazaka's plays. The whole of Fukurōdani, especially Bokuto, is at their peak and soon dominates the second set. The crowd is spurred on by Bokuto's passionate performance and eagerly cheers for him. In turn, Bokuto becomes even more fired up by the applause and executes a perfect service ace to lead his team to set point. Mujinazaka manages to intercept Bokuto's second serve and entrusts the ball to Kiryū, who is determined to break through a three-man block. However, Fukurōdani cleanly shuts down Kiryū's spike to take the second set.

Mujinazaka attempts to regroup after their loss. Unnerved by Bokuto's confident demeanor, Kiryū expresses frustration at his inability to enjoy the game without any fear or anxiety. His teammate, Mami, believes that fun is the result of hard work and reassures Kiryū that he is truly deserving of having fun. These words help Kiryū comes to a realization as he credits his teammates for being strong.

As the third set commences, Kiryū acknowledges being intimidated by Bokuto and his own insecurities to live up to high expectations. However, instead of being weighed down by the pressure, he chooses to trust in his capable teammates and be motivated by their praises for him. Kiryū once again encounters a three-man block, but this time, he successfully smashes through with a powerful spike to show that Mujinazaka is not out yet. 



Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Mujinazaka is revealed to have a female coach named Michiko Kuzuri.
  • Mami's full name is revealed to be Nozomu Mami. 



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