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Tomonari Shiga (Japanese: 志賀 (しが) 智也 (ともなり) Shiga Tomonari) is a third-year student at Sarukawa Tech High. He plays as a middle blocker on the boys' volleyball team.


Shiga has blue eyes that are partically covered by large, triangular eyebrows. He has short dark hair that he keeps styled upwards. Shiga posses a tall and muscular build. Like the rest of his team, he wears a red headband around his head during the match against Nekoma.


Not much is known about Shiga's personality.


Shiga currently attends Sarukawa Tech High, located in Ishikawa Prefecture in the region of Chūbu.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

In the middle of the first set, Shiga would attempt to block Kuroo when he had attempted a counter attack. Although he was unable to stop Kuroo, he was able to help direct his spike to where Wajima would be in place to make a receive.

Kenma and Shiga s4-e18-1.png

As the match continues, Shiga is seen trying to make numerous blocks of Nekoma's attacks. At one point, he is unconsciously lured to one side of the court by Kenma which would allow the Nekoma attackers to be faced with a single blocker but he is quickly ordered to stay in place by Shiramine when he notices what Kenma is planning. Shiga would still try to help in blocking Kai and managed to get a one-touch but it still resulted in a point for Nekoma.

It's at this point that Shiramine would reveal that Kenma had somehow turned the tables on them by making them think that they were still in control of the game but really Kenma was manipulating things all along. For the rest of the match, Shiga continued to help his team as best as he could but Nekoma eventually claimed victory and Sarukawa Tech was removed from the tournament.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Although not much is shown of his abilities, he seems to be a strong middle blocker. As stated by a commentator, he has a powerful spike against Nekoma and was able to block one of Yamamoto's spikes.


Sarukawa Tech High

Shiga seems to have a good relationship with his team.


  • Shiga was probably named after Shika Town in Ishikawa Prefecture. Although there is a small difference in pronunciation (k/g change), both names use the same kanji.