Toshirō Heiwajima (Japanese: 平和島 (へいわじま) 登志郎 (としろう) Heiwajima Toshirō ) is the Libero for the Schweiden Adlers, a Division 1 team in Japan's V.League.


Heiwajima has short hair which is dark and spikey, along with a thin beard and goatee. 


Final ArcEdit

MSBY Black Jackals Vs. Schweiden AdlersEdit

Heiwajima is first introduced during the match between the MSBY Black Jackals and the Schweiden Adlers.[1] 

Set 1Edit

Heiwajima is seen being surprised by Hinata's jumping abilities, as he didn't think anyone who could jump that high besides Hoshiumi existed.[2] 

Sometime later, Hoshiumi serves and it is received by Bokuto. Sakusa than comes in to spike, and it bounces off the Adler's blocks. However, Heiwajima saves it. On Hoshiumi's third serve, Inunaki recieves it and Miya sets to Bokuto. However, Bokuto's subsequent spike is received by Heiwajima.

After a few more rallies, it is Sakusa's turn to serve. His second serve is right between Heiwajima and Romero.  

Set 2Edit

Near the start of the set, on Kageyama's third serve, Sakusa is able to receive the ball. Hinata than goes in for a spike which is received by Heiwajima. Kageyama than does a setter dump from that receive, earning the Adler's a point.

Later on, Kageyama serves again. It is his second serve in a row and that serve is a net-in. However, Inunaki is able to receive it. Bokuto get's the last hit in, but it hits Heiwajima. 

Set 3Edit

Around the middle of the third set, Bokuto get's a strong spike in which goes right past Heiwajima. 


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