"Transformation" (Japanese: 変化 (へんか) Henka) is the two hundred twenty-eighth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 48th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The match against Date Tech comes to an end. The two teams converse among themselves before heading out their own ways. Afterwards, Karasuno continues their practice routine in preparation of nationals.


After the practice match ends, the two teams' setters converse among themselves. Koganegawa questions Kageyama about using sports tape on his fingers and finds out about the importance of doing maintence on them. In return, Kageyama inquires about Koganegawa's apex of his leap after remembering Koganegawa's high toss with an incredibly short distance set-up. The two teams bid their farewell before going their separate ways.

Nishinoya is still weak at overhand receives.

Karasuno decides on free practice upon returning to school. Kinoshita joins Nishinoya in practicing his jump floaters. Nishinoya is still having trouble with his overhand receive and loses his composure after failing to save Kinoshita's serve. Nevertheless, Nishinoya quickly collects himself to save a sudden spike serve from Tanaka. Seeing this, Kinoshita suggests Nishinoya to just use underhand receives instead of the overhand that he's weak in since Nishinoya is skilled enough to pull it off. In response, Nishinoya reveals he feels limited with using underhand only and is more interested in increasing his versatility by expanding his skill repertoire. Nishinoya's words prompts Kinoshita to reflect on his own situation. Despite still having fear and hesitation, Kinoshita is gradually gaining confidence as his jump floater is shaping up to be a great weapon. 

Hinata's ultimate lonely pass practice.

After practice is over, Hinata bikes home through the mountains while thinking about getting some receiving practice in. Once at home, he begins a practice he calls the "ultimate lonely pass practice" and is soon joined by his sister Natsu. Natsu attempts to do the same but fails to catch the ball after tossing it up.  Hinata gives a proper demonstration on how it's done, showing off his coordination and skills at handling the ball. Natsu notices Hinata's improvement and comments that he, unlike before, is now best friends with the ball. Meanwhile, Coach Ukai is at a gathering with the Karasuno Neighborhood Association. He is delighted to have obtained videos of their first opponent at the Spring Interhigh


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Natsu is revealed to be good at anything athletic. 



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