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"Trap" (Japanese: (わな) Wana) is the eighteenth episode (and the fifth episode of the second cours) of Haikyū!! To The Top, season four of the anime based on Haikyū!! by Haruichi Furudate. The episode premiered on October 30, 2020[1].

The opening theme of this episode is Toppakō by SUPER BEAVER and the ending theme is One Day by SPYAIR


Now in the second set, Kenma continues to be made to run about and further tire himself. As Sarukawa Tech continues to build pressure with their tenacious plays and believing they have manipulated the Nekoma team to play how they want, signs begin to show that Sarukawa Tech may not actually be in control of the game.


In the second set of the match, Sarukawa Tech High is able to get the lead against Nekoma. Coach Naoi and Nekomata compliment Sarukawa Tech for aiming the ball at hard to reach areas but believe they are purposely holding back as part of their strategy to crush Kenma.

As Lev approaches the net, Kenma sets to Fukunaga further down the court. Fukunaga is able to score but right away informs Kenma the set felt low. The announcers comment how Sarukawa Tech is paying close attention to Yamamoto, Kuroo, and Lev and the team may have been on guard with Lev in the front looking to attack which allowed Fukunaga to score unmarked. In the bleachers, Mika questions Suguru on why Nohebi didn't employ the same tactic when they played against Nekoma since they were aware of Kenma's low stamina. Suguru answers that, while they were aware that Kenma does not possess great physical stamina, the setter is usually the one to make second contact with the ball and therefore targeting someone else would be easier to do. He further explains that for a team to continually target and pressure the setter would require a great amount of dedication.

Itaru Shiramine performs a setter dump that gets past Lev and but Kenma is able to dive to save it. Kenma is showing great exhaustion at this point but continues to run to different points on the court in order to make a set. After Lev is able to narrowly make a receive, Kenma hurried to make the set but trips and falls as he does. Kai attempts to get the ball back over but is unable to as it goes into the net, putting the score at 23-21 with Sarukawa keeping the lead. Coach Shishio recalls lessons from Nekomata about how the team should study their opponents in order to take control of the match and how small things can lead to great results.

As Yamamoto helps Kenma stand, the setter laments how he feels utterly pathetic despite the game only being in the second set. Suguru comments how Sarukawa Tech has a clear advantage at the moment and thinks it would be a good idea for Nekoma to have Kenma sit on the bench for a while. At this, he spots Tamahiko Teshiro on the bench looking ready to be subbed in. Kenrō Fukatani serves next but Fukunaga correctly calls the ball to land out. Trying not to let the bad serve get the team down, Shiramine is determined to have Sarukawa in the set. After keeping the ball going for several plays, Iori Kanazawa attempts to spike to an open spot in the vanguard but Fukunaga spots what he is attempting and gets in place to receive. Though Fukunaga is able to get the ball up, Suguru spots that the receive is short and will force Kenma to once more hurry into place. Hisahiko Wakura and Kanazawa are in place when it appears that Kenma will send the set to Kuroo but are caught off guard when Kenma sends the ball to Kai on the opposite end of the court. With Kai having a better shot, he lands his spike and ties the game. Shiramine informs the team that Nekoma is starting to get use to them but that they shouldn't rush their plays.

Kenma and Shiga s4-e18-1.png

Yamamoto serves but the ball goes into the net. Wakura serves next. Yaku receives but the ball veers to one side. As Kenma moves into place Tomonari Shiga begins to follow. Suguru, Shishio, and Shiramine quickly spot that if Shiga follows Kenma, it will lure the blockers away from the left where Kuroo and Fukunaga are waiting for a set. Shiramine quickly orders Shiga to stay where he is, signaling to Kenma that they figured out what he was attempting. With the blockers still where they were, Kenma sets to Kai who is able easily spike past a single blocker. The Sarukawa players try to label the last play as a fluke but many believe that the off receive was done on purpose in order to trick the blockers. At this theory, Sarukawa wonders when this plan went into play.

During a flashback, Kuroo reveals that Sarukawa Tech is trying to get Kenma to tire himself out by having him run to different places in order to make the sets. As Inuoka explains to Lev what this means, Coach Nekomata tries to encourage them to continue to be persistent. Kuroo and Yaku agree by stating that the receivers will do their best to adapt to Sarukawa's plan. Surprisingly, Kenma voices how a battle of endurance seems boring. The team become surprised at hearing that Kenma wants them to purposely make sloppy receives at opportune times and that he's willing to continue moving about despite his weariness and their willingness to do the work instead; admitting that he is aware of how much work everyone else does in order to allow Kenma to keep his movements at a minimal. Kenma states how he is confident in the team being able to carry out this plan because of how determined they all are and makes the final request of having the ball sent to him at a high angle. The plan worked out perfectly that got the score to a tie even after their plan was discovered by their opponents.

Sarukawa Tech believed that they were the ones controlling the game to their advantage but now see that they were the ones being manipulated. Their belief seemed to be correct since they thought that Kenma would be switched out as they had spotted Teshiro looking ready to be sent in. Now they believe that seeing Teshiro on the bench may have been a ploy to get them to let their guard down and that Kenma may not have been was worn out as they thought. During a time-out, Shishio tells his team that they are doing the right things and that they shouldn't rush themselves during their plays.

Kenma s4-e18-2.png

As the game continues, Kai serves. As Kanazawa goes to spike the ball, Kuroo does a jump receive with the determination of proving that Nekoma is able to adapt to any attack. Kenma continues to get frustrated at seeing Lev's spike be received. The frustration is shared when Yaku is able to receive Wakura's spike. As both teams continue to demonstrate their endurance and unwillingness to back down, the score eventually reaches 28-28. Kenma begins to wish he had requested to be subbed out so he could rest and begins to get angry at gravity itself until Kuroo is able to get Kenma to focus again. The Nekoma captain is able to tell that Kenma is starting to reach his limit since he now needs help keeping his concentration.

Remembering the fight with Yamamoto about never showing his true will power, Kenma admits that he never liked the term since it makes it sound like something that just comes to a person out of nowhere. But Kenma has recently been thinking that will power may be a type of attack that can be used by people who have trained their bodies and spirits, which would make it an ultimate attack that he himself could not use. Kuroo gets a one-touch on Wakura's spike. Yamamoto hurries to get in place and makes the receive as Shishio notices how careful Nekoma's plays still are despite how their fatigue has built.

Kuroo is able to get a spike through the center and score, putting Nekoma at set and match point. Remembering how Kenma said the team possessed great bravery, Yamamoto wonders if Kenma included himself in that statement. He remembers how Kenma would normally be the last person to finish training and would normally complain about it while trying to find an easy way out but stuck with it to the end.

Yamamoto receives Kanazawa's spike but the ball is short in making its way to Kenma. The setter calculates his next move and decides that Fukunaga would be the best choice since he would still be able to get the ball past any blockers. After recalling how he told Hinata that the entire Nekoma team was strong, Kenma steps into position and sends a jump set to Fukunaga. His actions surprise many who did not believe that he would use this technique with an off receive. As predicted, Fukunaga is able to land the spike and Nekoma is declared the winner of the match.

Kenma promptly collapses from exhaustion as the team celebrates their victory. Fukunaga compliments the setter for his toss and helps him stand so they can leave the court. Shishio shakes hands with Nekomata and mentions how the current Nekoma generation seems to be more aggressive then previous teams. Nekomata agrees and says that the team still at times surprises him with their true determination before compliment Shishio for having a strong team of his own and that they were worthy opponents. Touched by his former coach's words, Shishio promptly bows in respect.

Nekoma s4-e18-6.png

After thanking their supporters, Kenma is doing cool down stretches when Yaku and Kuroo praise him for the extra effort he put into the game and formulating a plan that would cause him to move about more. Kenma tries to defend his plan by saying it was all in order to prevent a third set from having to take place which would surely have been the end of him. Yamamoto also gives Kenma credit for showing his will power but Kenma claims that he could not do such a thing yet. As he struggles to explain how he felt a sense of duty to put in the same effort that his teammates did, Kenma's weariness causes him to start to get aggravated. At Kuroo's suggestion to eat since his blood sugar may be low, Kenma questions if it's odd for him to try to worker harder while admitting that he sees his teammates as his friends. Several of the players are stunned at hearing Kenma call them his friends. Yamamoto and Fukunaga right away try to embrace Kenma as the setter tries to fend off their affection.

Group s4-e18-1.png

Kenma soon joins Kuroo and Yaku as they watch a match while admitting to himself that, although he doesn't like will power, he was able to level-up. He sees this as a positive thing as he wants the chance to play against a strong enemy. At this, they watch as Hinata is able to get a spike past Suna and Atsumu. Seeing how Kenma is instantly interested in watching his friend play, Kuroo silently states that Hinata is the one person that is able to get Kenma more proactive. As the team gathers together to watch the match, Kuroo sends a silent message that Nekoma has made it to the next round.




Episode Notes


  • When Kenma begins luring Shiga to one side, Wajima is shown to be on the court. However, when Kai spikes, Wakura is shown on the court where Wajima was positioned. This occurred both before and after the commercial break but Wajima is correctly shown back on the court afterwards.


Difference between Anime and Manga

  • Anime: Yaku glaring at another team player for commenting the receive made was nothing special takes place at the start of the episode. Manga: The comment was made regarding Kuroo's jump receive and originally takes place before Fukunaga's spike.
    • Kuroo's jump receive in the anime was changed to a later point after Sarukawa Tech calls for a time-out.
  • Manga: Akane and Alisa comment on Fukunaga's receive of Kanazawa's feint and how it is sent up short. Anime: This was changed to Mika and Suguru.
  • Manga: When Yamamoto's serve goes into the net, Kuroo is shown standing at the net. Also due to a possible error, his jersey number is briefly seen as 11 instead of 1. Anime: Kuroo is not shown.
  • Manga: After Kenma tried to lure to blockers to one side and had to set to Kai, Kanazawa and Shiga were seen attempting to block Kai. Anime: Only Shiramine was shown trying to block Kai.
  • Manga: During the flashback, Shibayama explains to Lev that Sarukawa Tech is trying to exhaust Kenma. Anime: Inuoka makes the explanation.
  • Manga: When Kenma calls his teammates his friends, Yamamoto and Kai are the only ones shown being surprised. Anime: Fukunaga is also shown reacting.
  • Manga: Only Kuroo, Kai, Yaku, and Kenma are shown watching Karasuno from the sidelines. Anime: The entire team is present.

OSTs Used


  • Offence and Defence (Japanese: 攻防 Kōbō) 0:00 - 1:03
  • - OP -
  • Shaken (Japanese: 動揺 Dōyō) 3:36 - 5:16
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  • Allies (Japanese: 味方 Mikata) 7:37 - 8:33
  • - eyecatch A-
  • - eyecatch B-
  • Kenma Kozume's Stubbornness (Japanese: 孤爪研磨の根性論 Kozume Kenma no Konjō-ron) 9:44 - 11:25
  • "Brain" (Japanese: "脳" "Nō") 11:30 - 12:23
  • Targeting Kenma (Japanese: 狙われた研磨 Nerawareta Kenma) 13:11 - 14:30
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