Tsukasa Iizuna (Japanese: 飯綱 (いいづな) (つかさ) Iizuna Tsukasa) was a third year student at Itachiyama Academy, as well as the captain and setter of the school's volleyball team, which was favored to win nationals. Currently, Iizuna is a setter on the Division 1 V-League team, the Deseo Hornets.



Iizuna appears to be very hard working as when he was injured, he stated that he was frustrated because he did everything properly (i.e, practicing and preparing for matches), which makes the injury and subsequent loss more frustrating. He is also likely a fairly responsible person considering he was the captain of Itachiyama. 


Nationals Edit

During the quarterfinals against Inubushi East High, Iizuna unfortunately got an ankle injury. Itachiyama Academy then ends up surprisingly losing to Inubushi that year[1].


When Sakusa and Komori met Iizuna for the first time while in middle school, meaning Iizuna would have been a 1st year in high school at the time, Komori stated that Iizuna had received the best setter award in last year's Junior Olympic Cup[2]. This insinuates that Iizuna is quite a skilled player. The fact that he also currently plays for a Division 1 V-League team also supplements this assumption.


  • Iizuna has the same lint roller as Kiyoomi Sakusa. 


  • "It isn't today, but one day I'll play my last game...and you'd better believe I'm gonna finish that one with a smile!" (To Sakusa, Chapter 394)


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