You're only an ace if you make miracles.

Tsutomu Goshiki (Japanese: 五色 (ごしき) (つとむ) Goshiki Tsutomu) is an outside hitter for the Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets, a professional volleyball team in Division 1 of Japan's V. League.

At the time of his introduction, he was a first year wing spiker on Shiratorizawa Academy's volleyball team and was their up-and-coming ace.


Like most of Shiratorizawa, Goshiki's quite tall and has a medium build. He has black-coloured hair (specifically, a bowl cut), dark brown eyes, and matching coloured eyebrows that thin out at the end. He holds a natural scowl for an expression and a sharp gaze.


He is hardworking, ambitious, and enjoys showing off. Every time he pulls off a good move, he looks around in excitement, wondering if anyone saw him (and occasionally being told off by Shirabu). Goshiki responds to things his teammates say enthusiastically even if he doesn't understand what's being said to him (as seen with his coach, who speaks in the Miyagi dialect). He greatly admires Ushijima and dreams of becoming a better ace player than him, which is sometimes made the subject of jokes by his teammates (much to his chagrin).


Goshiki appears to have been a capable volleyball player even before entering Shiratorizawa Academy. In one of his recollections, he is seen being praised by an elderly lady while showing off a volleyball related trophy. He is also frequently acknowledged for his height and reliability as an ace. 


Spring High Preliminary Arc

Goshiki plays in the finals match against Karasuno. He goes into the match with the hope of proving to Ushijima and the rest of the Shiratorizawa team that he will be the next team ace and will achieve more than Ushijima. Despite his declaration, Goshiki finds himself making mistakes and succumbing to nerves most likely caused from being the only first year in the starting line-up.

He is scolded several times by the team coach, Washijō, and becomes more nervous until third year Reon tells him that Washijō is expecting the most from him. Later in the match after Tadashi is subbed in as a pinch server, Goshiki misses several serves and costs his team points when he under nerves again. Despite having stated that he would overthrow Ushijima as the team ace, Goshiki finds comfort and encouraging words from Ushijima telling him that a player with incredible talent such as himself should not easily allow himself to falter. Goshiki is able to pull himself together and become a great threat to Karasuno. Goshiki's most incredible skill is displayed when he scores numerous line shots through blocks without hitting the net antenna, a feat that continually surprised the Karasuno team.

When Shiratorizawa loses the game, Goshiki is seen crying as the team walks off the court. When the third years are retiring from the team, Ushijima took the chance to give them all some advice of how they could improve themselves. Goshiki became wrought with nerves at thinking of all the things that Ushijima would tell him to fix but becomes surprised when Ushijima simply states that he would leave the team to Goshiki.

Tokyo National Arc

A few months before the Spring Tournament, Shiratorizawa Academy became the host school to the First Year Training Camp. Goshiki was one of the first years attending the camp and was by far the most skilled among those present. Like everyone else, he was surprised to see that Hinata had crashed the training camp but was upset at the thought of the coaches not allowing Hinata to join the camp as he wanted a chance at payback against the Karasuno middle blocker.

Goshiki would mostly keep his distance from Hinata during the start of the camp until a night that Koganegawa was asking others to join him for extra practice. Hinata quickly spotted Goshiki leaving the gym and caught up to him asking if he would stay for the extra practice. Goshiki at first tries to deny wanting to stay to practice with them but quickly becomes overwhelmed when Hinata showers him with praise of his incredible line shots. Goshiki reveals that he has not felt such praise since being part of Shiratorizawa because he is around upperclassmen that are either cold in demeanor or simply unreadable[1]. Caving to Hinata's praise, Goshiki agrees to stay for the extra practice where he continues to show his skills by tricking the blockers into thinking he would attempt a cross shot but instead does a line shot.

During a 2-on-2 match, Goshiki is paired with Tsukishima and he does not hesitate to call Tsukishima out on a poor set attempt. After a practice match against the retired Shiratorizawa third years, Hinata is spotted asking Ushijima for advice and Goshiki is encouraged by Shirabu to do the same since Ushijima would not be around as often to help. Goshiki at first refuses to do this, claiming that he would not ask a rival for advice but quickly changes his mind when Shirabu points out that Hinata is ahead of him when it comes to taking the initiative.

For majority of the rest of the Nationals arc, Goshiki watches Karasunos matches online. He is normally joined by Tendō and/or Shirabu as he watches the games, though at times the company seems uninvited. During Karasuno's game against Nekoma, Tendō points out how Goshiki seems to be supporting Hinata but Goshiki tries to deny this[2].

Final Arc

Goshiki has become a player for the Azuma Pharmacy Green Rockets, a Division 1 team in Japan's V-League. He has become teammates with Kiryū.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Goshiki is recognized as the upcoming ace after Ushijima. He is currently the only first year regular on the team, as such, he is a capable all-around player. He is very competent on offense with sharp angle and line shots in his arsenal. Goshiki is also shown to be decent in blocks and receives.  

Most likely due to his status as a first year, Goshiki falters under pressure more easily than his experienced teammates. Under those conditions, he is more prone to make mistakes like inaccurate judgement of serve going out of bounds and net touches while blocking.[3] Despite these shortcomings, he holds immense potential and is someone Ushijima entrusts to carry the future Shiratorizawa team.[4]

Jumping Reach: 328 cm


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception
  • Jump Serve: Goshiki has a strong jump serve that can put pressure on the opposing team. He has shown the ability to manipulate the power placed into his jump serves, such that it lands shorter than expected to surprise the opponent team. Though he can generally hit his target well, he is not above committing faults, such as serving the ball out of bounds due to putting in too much power.[5]
  • Straight Spike: According to himself, his most powerful weapon is his "super straight" spike. He would use this attack when faced with multiple blockers by spiking the ball through the tight opening between the block and the antenna.[6]


Kenjirō Shirabu

The two don't get along that well. Every time Goshiki gets overly excited, Shirabu would insult him; such as saying that

Goshiki and Shirabu s3-e1-1.png

Goshiki should improve his skills before making bold statements. But on the court, they seem to get along in a unique way. Shirabu trusts the ball to Goshiki (even if he won't admit it or he won't even notice), tossing it to him with zero hesitation if Ushijima wasn't the one to get it.

Wakatoshi Ushijima

Goshiki aims to become the next ace–and a better one than Ushijima. He has challenged Ushijima before but the latter

Goshiki and Ushijima s3-e8-1.png

doesn't see Goshiki as a real threat and instead offers him advice and guidance, which annoys the first year to a certain point. Despite the one-sided rivalry, Goshiki looks up to and respects Ushijima's incredible prowess as a volleyball player. Ushijima appears to consider Goshiki a competent player, as was demonstrated by his brief straightforward encouragement of the first year after he lost multiple consecutive points and became flustered. Following Shiratorizawa's defeat by Karasuno, Ushijima addresses each of the team's underclassmen to provide them advice on self-improvement, including Goshiki. He acknowledges Goshiki with a simple "I'm counting on you," which moves the impassioned first year to tears. 

Shiratorizawa Academy

Goshiki appears to be on friendly or close terms with Tendō as Tendō is often seen speaking with Goshiki on and off the court. Tendō is aware of Goshiki's desire to become the next team ace and surpassing Ushijima. Tendō at times will speak of Goshiki becoming the next ace in a mix of encouragement and playful teasing. This is something that Taichi will at times claim is Tendō babying Goshiki. Tendō often joined Goshiki in watching Karasuno's matches online at the Spring Tournament. Goshiki appears to be on good terms with Reon as the third year helps Goshiki realize that their coach expects great things out of him despite his ridicules. Goshiki appears frightened by Coach Washijō for his harsh behavior. Washijō at times seems to scold Goshiki more than any of the other players but Reon has mentioned that it is because Washijō has the most faith in Goshiki.


  • Favorite Food: boiled flounder
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: Wants to be able to hit a sharper cross
  • Post-timeskip Concern: He wants to increase the power of his serve.
  • His star sign is Leo
  • In the anime[7], he appears right as the Spring High begins. In the manga, he doesn't appear until the Shiratorizawa vs Karasuno match.
  • Goshiki was possibly the ace and captain of his former team as he is shown wearing a jersey with the number 4 that also doubled as the captain number in a flashback[1].
  • Nomenclature:
    • Tsutomu (工) - Worker
    • Goshiki (五色) - Five colors


It doesn't matter who our opponent is--we will simply overpower them like we do everyone else.
This game, I will prove to everyone that I am more worthy of being called Shiratorizawa's Ace than you are.
During this final match, I'll prove to you that I'm worthy of the title "Ace".
Heh! Did you see that?! A laser-straight line shot!
Only those able to pull off miracles can be called aces.


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