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Tsuyoshi Matsushima (Japanese: 松島 (まつしま) (つよし) Matsushima Tsuyoshi) is a 1st year middle blocker from Wakutani Minami High.


He is very tall for a first year student. He has light brown hair that hugs his face. His eyes are open wide, and his thin eyebrows are curved downwards. He is often shown wearing a smile on his face. Overall, his face exudes a gentle aura.


Tsuyoshi is a very timid and quiet person. He is also very emotional as seen when Karasuno High defeats Wakutani Minami High in the Quarter Final of the Main Preliminary in the Spring High-Miyagi Prefecture Representative Playoffs.


Not much is known about his background.


Spring High Preliminary Arc

In the anime, Matsushima's first appearance is in the episode Up Above, where he is seen in his school's gym along with several of his teammates. This seen is cut from the Manga. In the manga, his first apperance is in the chapter Next, where is he seen walking off the court with his team after their victory against Ōgi Biz High School.

During the Wakutani Minami’s first rally against Karasuno, Matsushima would attempt blocking Karasuno’s rookie quick set but fail. Despite this, he does not seem surprised to have seen the quick. Although he knows Hinata’s quick is coming, Matsushima is still unable to block him because of his intense speed, which is something he acknowledges himself. Sometime later, Matsushima once again targets Hinata, as he is the rotation’s blocker assigned to do so, but it leads way for Asahi to spike instead. He and Hanayama both attempt and fail to receive Yamaguchi's jump floater at the end of the first set.

Sometime in the middle of the second set, Matsushima deflects Hinata’s shot. In the third set, Nakashima gets blocked, and Matsushima joins Wakutani Minami in yelling in alarm, stating that it's never happened before. As tension rises because of the third set approaching its end, Matsushima starts to get nervous and lands his serve out, which makes him panic even more.

As Matsushima is about to crack, Nakashima tells him to brush it off, which results Kawatabi threatening him to make him buy Häagen-Dazs if he were to panic when he gets rotated back in again. After Wakutani Minami loses, Matsushima breaks into tears and has Nakashima remind him to line up, after this he and his team then thank the people who came to support them.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Besides his above average speed, his abilities have not yet developed, for they are at or below average. According to the anime, because he is the tallest player in Wakutani High, he is the only blocker guarding Hinata, the use is only to lessen Hinata's spike power, while everybody else played more defensively to receive or to cover the wing spikers.

Jumping Reach: 325 cm


  • Nomenclature:
    • Tsuyoshi (剛) – Sturdy/Strength
    • Matsushima (松島) - Pine tree, Island
  • Matsushima was probably named after Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture, northeast of Sendai City.
  • The kanji used in his given name is the same as in Gō Akaizawa's, but the readings are different.