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"Unpleasant Wall" (Japanese: 不快 (ふかい) (かべ) Fukaina Kabe) is the one hundred seventy-seventh chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 46th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


Shiratorizawa Academy continues to pull ahead of Karasuno High, with Ushijima fired up and at the top of his game. Tsukishima shows his determination in blocking but an accident may crumble Karasuno's wall of defense. The game is 7-4 in favor of Shiratorizawa Academy.


Karasuno calls for a time-out that spectators believe is so they can disrupt Ushijima's serve. After the time-out, Ushijima goes back to serve and gets a service ace when Daichi believed the ball would land out but landed on the base line. Coach Saitō notes that Ushijima's serves at times are unstable but the ace seems to be in top condition. Tendō takes the time before the next serve to warn Sugawara that Karasuno has caused the Shiratorizawa ace to fully awaken.

Asahi is able to receive Ushijima's next serve. Shirabu sets to Ushijima for a back attack but Tsukishima is able to get a one-touch. Despite this, Nishinoya is unable to save the ball. Shirabu mutters how annoying Tsukishima is being which only causes the middle blocker to give thanks which further annoys Shirabu and Tendō. Ukai and Takeda are impressed that Tsukishima continues to use his read blocking to not fall for decoys or jump at the person he believes will be getting the set. Because of this, even someone like Ushijima will be feeling that pressure of knowing that a wall will be in front of them.

When Karasuno saves Ushijima's next serve, Sugawara sees that Shirabu is attempting a quick set with Tendō. Tsukishima is able to block Tendō's attack but Yamagata digs the ball. Tsukishima hurries to be in place to next stop Reon and gets a one-touch. Hinata silently comments that Tsukishima has become like Aone.

Tendō soon rushes to one side before Sugawara has made the set from believing that Sugawara will not send a set down the center where a blocker is already waiting. Tendō was correct in his guess when Tanaka gets the last hit but he is able to get it past the block. Yamagata receives the ball and Shirabu sets to Ushijima. Though Tsukishima was able to get a hand on the ball, Ushijima was still able to power through. The ball is believed to have landed out and giving Karasuno the point until it is called that the ball made contact with the block. Shiratorizawa is now three points ahead in the score.

Yamaguchi suddenly notices something wrong with Tsukishima who is gripping his hand in pain.


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