Unthinking Guidance (Japanese: 無意識 (むいしき) 先導 (せんどう) Muishiki no Sendō) is the ninety-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 9th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Hinata and Kageyama's second quick strike attempt fails, which gives a chance for the rest of Karasuno to show off what they've learned all through out the training camp; Nishinoya's libero toss to Asahi, and the team's synchronized attack at first tempo.


All of Karasuno celebrates the success of the Hinata and Kageyama's new quick attack. Bokuto asks Akaashi if it would be possible for them to try the new quick attack but Akaashi thinks it's something they should not try to imitate, reasoning that Hinata is able to hit this new quick naturally and that the new set is something that may be beyond his abilities.

Kageyama realizes that Hinata possibly baited him into trying the new set as Hinata compliments how amazing Kageyama is, leaving the setter dumbfounded by all the praise. The rest of Karasuno and Fukurōdani become inspired to win.

Kenma and Kuroo are watching the game as Kenma comments how Hinata is always able to surprise others. Noticing how Kenma is enthralled in watching Hinata play, Kuroo asks the setter if he would be more motivated if Hinata were to be playing on their team. Kenma answers that he wouldn't be able to play alongside someone like Hinata. Stating that Hinata is a player always looking to evolve and would notice if Kenma were slacking off, pointing out how Hinata had noticed the easy set Kageyama sent him the day before. Kuroo then suggests that Hinata could be around as a practice partner since Kenma always seems to become more interested in playing when Hinata is around, comparing Kenma's excitement to when he is about to play a brand new game.

Takeda asks Ukai what the difference is between the old and new quick attack. Ukai explains that the old quick would pass through the spikers highest hitting point with great velocity whereas the new one momentarily 'floats' at the peak point and gives the spiker a split moment to aim where to send the set.

The game continues and Kageyama tries the new set once more but it falls short. Hinata tries to assure Kageyama not to worry but this only annoys the setter more. The upperclassmen now wish to try their new methods. When Kageyama covers a one-touch, Nishinoya rushes forward to make the set. He successfully makes the set to Asahi but the ace's spike lands out. Nishinoya right away blames himself for the set being too low as Asahi tries to say that he put too much power into the spike.

Karasuno next tries the synchronized attack at first tempo in hopes that they will throw off the opposing blockers and receivers. Tanaka is able to land the spike and is so excited by his accomplishment that he momentarily forgets how to talk. Kuroo watches the team celebrate their point and muses how they are always trying new things.


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