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hotaru.veritable mess™. rarepair shipper. 光あれ. 
part-time edits wikias & writes meta. full-time
exhausted & rewatching & re-reading haikyuu!!
sendai girl dreaming of tokyo & osaka.
tsukishima keikageyama tobio. akaashi keiji.
oikawa tooru. ushijima wakatoshi. semi eita
karasuno & shiratorizawa & seijoh are the lomls !

Join me in rarepair shipping hell.
Me 24/7.

Editing ProgressEdit

Currently focusing on adding & amending chapter plot summaries, as well as more in-depth plot descriptions and character revelations. Will occasionally add character quotes, mostly when bored & rereading favorite chapters. I also have a focus on ensuring appropriate templates and categories are in place for each page. 

I focus on the Spring High Prelim Arc, currently working on Karasuno vs. Shiratorizawa. Upon completion, I will likely shift my focus towards Karasuno vs. Nekoma and Karasuno vs. Inarizaki.


  • Chapter 59 (Direct Communication) DONE


  • Chapter 155 - 187 | IN PROGRESS
  • Chapters 155 | The Road to the Final Boss DONE
  • Chapter 156 | Guess Monster DONE
  • Chapter 157 | Strength and Reason DONE
  • Chapter 158 | Support IN PROGRESS
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