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"Volleyball Even Idiots Understand" (Japanese: バカでも (わか) ったバレーボール Baka demo Wakatta Barēbōru) is the two hundred fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 23rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2016 series.


The score is 21-20 with Nohebi in the lead. Numai is switched out with Sakijima. Kuroo takes himself out of the game when he busted his nail from trying to receive the ball. Shibayama is switched in the game and tells Lev that he will be standing right behind him. The game continues and Nekoma reaches their match point. Kuguri spikes the ball tying the score 24-24. Shibayama apologizes to the team for being unable to save the ball and Lev tells him that he is not Yaku.


Thanks to Numai's service ace, Nohebi is now in the lead. Numai serves again and thinks his serve will land out but is surprised when Kai is able to receive it. Yamamoto sends Fukunaga the last hit. Fukunaga lands a corner shot that Akama had tried to call as landing out but failed.

With his serve cut off, Numai is subbed back out but makes sure to tell the others that he's counting on them to win the game. Suguru tries to keep Nohebi in the lead but Kuroo is able to lead Suguru into sending the ball right to Shibayama.

Middle blocker Akihiko Seguro sees that Kuroo will get the set and jumps to block but it shocked to see Kuroo use a delayed spike and score. Nekoma is now in the lead but Suguru brings the score to a deuce when he lands a feint shot.

After Nekoma is able to get in the lead again, Kuroo tries an overhand receive when Lev gets a one touch but is unable to receive. Right away, Kuroo feels a pain in his hand and the head ref notices as well. Kuroo calls Shibayama to go in for him as he will need to bandage his finger because the ball ripped his nail.

Shibayama tries to assure Lev that he will be right behind him for support. The Nohebi cheering section encourages the team to take the lead now that Kuroo is out but Lev silences them when he lands a spike and puts Nekoma at set and match point.

Lev tries to end the game when Kuguri tries to spike but places his arms in the wrong place and Kuguri is able to score when Shibayama cannot receive. Shibayama apologizes for not being able to make the receive as his team tell him not to worry about it.

Lev is confused about the apology, wondering why Shibayama would apologize for the lost point because he believes that, other than a serve, a lost point is not the fault of any one person. At this sudden epiphany, Lev understands the meaning of teamwork and how they cannot ever blame one person when something goes wrong because all their plays are connected.

Lev faces the net as he acknowledges that Shibayama is the one behind him and not Yaku.


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