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"Vs. Wakutani Minami" (Japanese: VS (バーサス) 和久谷南 (わくたにみなみ) 高校 (こうこう) Bāsasu Wakutani Minami Kōkō) is the one hundred sixteenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 32nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Karasuno's first game of the quarterfinals is against Wakutani Minami High, a team that uses combination plays and relies on their captain Takeru Nakashima who has a playing style similar to that of the Little Giant.


Daichi and Nakashima shake hands before the game and Yachi is joined by Shimada in the stands. The two are quickly joined by Tanaka's older sister, Saeko, who is excited by the atmosphere of the game. She quickly figures out who Yachi and Shimada are and thanks them for looking out for Tanaka. She introduces herself as his older sister before calling out to Tanaka on the court, to his embarrassment.

The game soon begins. Setter Kazumasa Hanayama serves first. Daichi receives and Hinata and Kageyama instantly perform the super quick. Yachi and Shimada relish that Nakashima's family is caught off guard by the quick attach but it's cut short when Nakashima rallies the team together and encourages them to stop the next quick.

Nakashima is aware that Karasuno cannot be called the Wingless Crows anymore and is excited to be able to play against them. Ukai sees that Wakutani Minami came to the game with a plan set to stop Hinata. Takeda sees this is why Ukai was concerned about facing Wakunan. Ukai confirms this by saying that Karasuno is use to a team that attacks with aggression and it's a team that plays methodically, such as Aoba Johsai and Nekoma, that Karasuno has difficulty playing against.

Daichi whispers to Hinata that a powerhouse school is paying special attention to him since they did not seemed surprised by his quick attack and must still be studying him. The captain them loudly proclaims that Hinata is stealing all of the attention from them. His loud statement being heard by Tanaka who instantly becomes jealous that the spotlight is focused on Hinata while the rest of the team is ignored. Daichi's plan works as Nakashima becomes intimidated by Hinata and Tanaka as well as earning silent admiration from Ukai and Takeda for getting his players fired up.

Kageyama serves but Nakashima is able to receive. Hinata watches as two players approach the net but then is surprised when Shunki Kawatabi is given the set at the opposite end of the court and is able to score past Tanaka. When Asahi receives the serve, Hinata is able to spike between a blockers arms but another is able to save it. Nakashima is sent the last hit and faces Daichi, Hinata, and Tanaka in a triple block.

Nakashima ricochets the ball off Hinata's arm and it's sent into the stands where it is caught by a spectator. Hinata and Saeko notice that Nakashima purposely aimed the ball to hit Hinata's arm. While Takeda deduces that Nakashima's aerial skills may be tougher to handle than any of Wakunan's combination plays, Ukai points out that, of all the current players in the prefecture, Nakashima's playing style is the one that most resembles that of the Little Giant.



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  • In commemoration of the upcoming release of the anime’s first volume, a center color page of Karasuno High boys volleyball team running, with Hinata and Kageyama on the front, Asahi and Sugawara sliding off a hill, Tanaka and Nishinoya climbing over a fence, and Daichi fuming over his teammates. The text reads: “Facing the summer heat with a fiery fervor!!”


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