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"Vs. the Umbrella" (Japanese: VS (バーサス) (かさ) Bāsasu "Kasa") is the ninety-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 4th-5th double issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


Seeking to improve like the rest of Karasuno, Hinata (with Lev) joins Kuroo, Bokuto, Akaashi, and Tsukishima for a 3 on 3 match. He then learns new moves which are essential in fighting alone against blockers in midair, something he needs to achieve.


With Kageyama practicing on his own, Hinata is determined not to be left behind and runs to the third gymnasium. He is caught watching the practice by Bokuto. Hinata reveals that Kageyama is doing solo practice and he was only able to get five sets out of Kenma before the setter called it quits. Kuroo still applauds Hinata for being able to get Kenma to practice with him.

Hinata requests to be able to join their practice at the same time Lev appears and makes the same request. When Kuroo points out how Lev was initially supposed to be practicing receives with Yaku, Lev lies and says that Yaku allowed him to leave early. Despite suspecting that Lev ran away from Yaku, Kuroo dismisses it and suggests they play a 3-on-3 game.

They split into two teams of three. Team Owl has Bokuto, Akaashi, and Hinata while Team Cat has Kuroo, Lev and Tsukishima. Akaashi calls the split imbalanced since one team has the taller players and the other has the shorter ones. Hinata is excited to be practicing with the ace and setter of one of Tokyo's champion schools. Kuroo waves off Akaashi's statement by saying they should take this chance to play while they can.

Fukurōdani managers Yukie Shirofuku and Kaori Suzumeda are walking by the third gym when they hear the players inside. They watch as Kuroo scolds Lev for not read blocking before digging a spike from Bokuto. Kuroo tells Tsukishima and Lev to always stop and jump straight up when trying to block. The two follow the instructions and are able to block Hinata when he tries to spike. The two managers then announce to the group that the cafeteria will soon be closing and will need to end their practice if they want to get their dinner. With the promise of the match being picked up the next evening, the group ends their match.

The next day, Karasuno loses every game and has to carry out the penalty of flying laps. During evening free practice in the third gym, Kuroo gives tips to the first years that it's better to try to block a spikers dominant arm instead of their body. Tsukishima questions Kuroo why he is helping them so much when they will eventually be opponents. Though Kuroo tries to at first claim that he's just being a nice person, he soon admits that he wishes to make the Trashcan Showdown a reality as it's Coach Nekomata's biggest wish. Kuroo knows that Karasuno will need all the strength they can get in order for this to happen and he's willing to help out, even getting good practice against the crows himself.

Practice continues and when Bokuto goes to spike, Kuroo tells Lev and Tsukishima to spread their blocking area. Frustrated at how tall the first-years are, Bokuto hits the ball against Lev's hand; an act that does not go unnoticed by Hinata. Bokuto is then able to hit a straight shot clear of the block. Hinata questions the ace if he purposely hit the ball against the block. Bokuto answers that he did, explaining that this is what's known as a rebound; an option for a spiker to do when believed they will surely get blocked and purposely hit the ball against the blockers in order to reset. Hinata admires Bokuto's tactic, flattering the ace greatly in the process even after Bokuto warns him that there may be times when the rebound doesn't work. Bokuto still tells Hinata that as long as he keeps calm and has a clear head, he'll know what to do.

With Team Cats in the lead at 16-15, Akaashi saves Lev's spike and Bokuto sends the last hit to Hinata. Bokuto promptly scolds the taller players when all three band together to block Hinata. Akaashi compares their block to being like an umbrella, in which Hinata has nowhere to send the shot.

Remembering how Bokuto said he'll know what to do as long as he stays calm, Hinata sees a way to get past the block and hits the ball against Lev's fingers and toward the ceiling. The ball lands out and Kuroo questions Hinata if he did this on purpose, calling the move a block-out. Hinata admits that he did aim to hit the ball against Lev's hand but his aim isn't normally that accurate so it was mostly a fluke.

Bokuto heavily praises Hinata for being able to get past the two-meter wall before him and declares that he will show the middle blocker a new special attack.


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