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Wataru Onaga (Japanese: 尾長 (おなが) (わたる) Onaga Wataru) is a first year middle blocker at Fukurōdani Academy for majority of the series.

After high school, Onaga is a college senior and will be starting work as an electrician in Saitama after graduation. He is also a middle blocker on the Tamaden Elephants, a Division 2 volleyball team in Japan's V. League.


Onaga has very short, dark brown hair and a long face. He is one of the tallest first years shown so far, standing at 191cm.


While not much is seen of his personality, Onaga appears to be a hardworking person and tries to help those around him.


He is currently in his first year of high school at Fukurōdani Academy and is one of the regular middle blockers in the boys' volleyball team.


Tokyo Expedition Arc

Onaga first appears during the summer training camps and is shown being amazed at the sight of Hinata and Kageyama's quick attack. He is mostly seen in the background or playing on the court during a practice match. During the barbeque, he tries to help Yachi when she accidentally ate a piece of burned meat.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Onaga plays during the game’s first rally and is unable to block Nekoma’s quick set. When Akaashi uses him as a decoy, he warns Onaga before doing so and sets to Bokuto. In the middle of the first set, Onaga serves but it goes out of bounds. Sometime in the second set, Washio becomes visibly wary of Lev, who he had won against every time they faced off before, once he spikes past Onaga. During the second set shortly after, Onaga would make Lev payback when spiking past him in turn.

When Bokuto forgets how to do a cross-shot, and by extension, everything else, Onaga, like the rest of his teammates, becomes alarmed. Sometime later, when Bokuto recovers, Onaga would serve as a decoy for him to score.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Fukurōdani vs Eiwa

Onaga mostly appears in the background during the game. He is shown being shocked at Coach Yamiji’s bluntness when scolding Bokuto for getting depressed when they had talked about this habit of his the previous day.

Fukurōdani Academy vs. Matsuyama Nishi Biz High

Onaga is seen spiking past the Matsuyama blockers but his spike was received.

Fukurōdani vs Mujinazaka High

Onaga plays with his team against Mujinazaka High. He was given the first set of the match when Akaashi decides to use him in order to trick Mujinazaka. Despite this, he is still blocked. After this error, he quickly apologizes to his team in embarrassment, but they just laugh it off. Sometime later, he deflects Keisuke Unnan. Another time, Akaashi sets to to him but it becomes too low. Onaga notices this too late and his spike his the net.

Once Anahori is subbed out when Fukurōdani wins the first set, Anahori is frustrated at himself for his poor performance. Despite the rookie setter’s frustration, Onaga praises him for his composure. Sometime later, Akaashi effectively uses him as a decoy. Sometime later in the second set, Onaga marvels at his team’s amazing plays during break.

He is able to score the last point to win the game.

Final Arc

Onaga's final appearance comes when he is watching the MSBY Black Jackals game on his phone. He currently is playing on the Division 2 team the Tamaden Elephants as a middle blocker[1].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He seems to be good at scoring, His block was powerful enough to deflect Kiryu's spike.

Jumping Reach: 330 cm


Post-Timeskip Skills Parameter
Serve Reception



  • Favorite Food: Pudding (rich and creamy type)
  • Pre-timeskip Concern: Some of his classmates call him Omonaga-kun (long face-kun) in genuine error.
  • Post-timeskip Concern: Sometimes he is mistaken for Kindaichi.
  • His star sign is Aries.
  • Onaga is the second oldest first-year in the series.
  • Nomenclature
    • Wataru (渉) - Study
    • Onaga (尾長) - Tail Length