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"Weak Point No. 6" (Japanese: 弱点 (じゃくてん) その6 Jakuten Sono Roku) is the two hundred forty-fourth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 14th issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2017 series.


Fukurōdani faces their biggest challenges of this match: Bokuto's dejected mode. However, the team is well-adapted and knows what to do while waiting for Bokuto to get over his slump. Once Bokuto regain his composure, he leads Fukurōdani to an overwhelming victory over Eiwa. 


After finding out they had free time, Hinata, along with Yamaguchi, goes off to the shops to buy the ace T-shirt that Bokuto had worn during the Summer Training Camp. Meanwhile, Fukurōdani uses their first time out after Bokuto went into "dejected mode". The team is surprised to find the reason is due to Bokuto wanting to play in the main arena where there would be a bigger audience.

After getting over the initial surprise, the team quickly gets back into groove as they have become adept at dealing with Bokuto's mood swings. Fukurōdani gradually catches up to Eiwa while Bokuto grows restless after seeing the performance of his teammates. When Eiwa uses their first time out, Akaashi explains to Bokuto that this sub-arena is no different than the center court since they are the only team playing and everybody's attention is on them. Akaashi lands the final blow when he points out Hinata in the crowd and tells Bokuto that his disciple has come to watch him. 

Bokuto re-energized after getting over his slump.

Once the match resumes, Akaashi tosses for Bokuto, who spikes through Eiwa's three-man block with a sharp straight that paints the boundary line. The crowd roars as Bokuto is back to his glorious self. With Bokuto back to normal, Fukurōdani overwhelms Eiwa to take the match in a set count of 2-0. Afterwards, Akaashi remarks that he can only draw out a fraction of Bokuto's true power but seeing Bokuto at his best is truly an amazing sight. However, he refuses to say that to Bokuto directly since it will only fill his already big ego.

Hinata and Yamaguchi return after watching Fukurōdani's match. On the way, they pass by the t-shirt shop they had previously visited before. They hear someone asking for a t-shirt in small size and meet Hoshiumi face-to-face for the first time.


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