"While Battling the Little Giant" (Japanese: (ちい) さな巨人戦 (きょじんせん) 途中 (とちゅう) ですか Chīsana Kyojin-Sen No Tochūdesu Ka) is the one hundred seventeenth chapter of the Haikyū!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 33rd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2014 series.


In a battle of Little Giant's between Takeru and Hinata, Takeru continues to be the biggest problem Karasuno has to face. In this game, Daichi must do all he can do keep his team focused and under control.


For several plays, Hinata and Takeru continually try to keep their team in the lead. Takeru does another block out against Hinata's hand and puts Wakutani in the lead by one point.

Takeda questions if Takeru has the same ability as Hinata in which he can see things while in the air. Ukai is uncertain if Takeru has this ability but does see a difference between him and Hinata. Whereas Hinata can aim with precision, Takeru instead tools the blocks and uses different angles. Tsukishima overhears Ukai's explanation and his annoyed expression is pointed out by Ennoshita. Tsukishima simply says that any blocker would be annoyed at having to deal with a spiker like Takeru.

Hinata heads right down the center and pulls off another quick attack, shocking the opposing blockers even though they knew it was coming. The ongoing battle between Hinata and Takeru is captivating the audience. Takeru tries to cheer his teammate up who was not able to receive Hinata's quick, telling him that he'll get the next one as it was be simple do to. Hinata overhears this and starts to get annoyed until Daichi tells him that Takeru said this on purpose to get him off his game. Takeru glares at Daichi for having figured out his taunt.

Shimada and Ukai have now figured out that Wakutani has committed at least one blocker to always mark Hinata in an attempt to direct where he should aim his spikes as they know too well that they will not be able to fully shut him out.

Daichi marvels how they are witnessing the battle between the next generation of Little Giants but they should not forget their tried and true methods. In the next rally, Daichi also sees that Wakutani has one blocker focused on Hinata at all times while the remaining blockers will try to stop any other spikers. But even with two blockers, Daichi states that Wakutani would need to bring an iron wall in order to stop Asahi. Outside the gym, Aone and Futakuchi sneeze.

Thanks to Asahi's spike, Karasuno is now in the lead. With the Karasuno team keeping themselves calm and adjusting their play as needed, some of the Wakutani players are starting to become frustrated. For a few plays, it's noticeable that Asahi is being used more and Tsukishima is able to stop some of the spikes. Eventually, Karasuno gets to a two point lead. With Daichi encouraging his team to stay on this momentum, Takeru points out a cute girl to Kawatabi. The sight of the girl causes Kawatabi to demand the next set from Hanayama. The tactic Takeru used to bring Kawatabi back in high spirits is praise by their coach, Masaomi Onikōbe.

Takeru feels that he is able to overcome strong challenges given how he is able to survive his every day home life with care free and energetic siblings and parent's who are too lovey-dovey. Takeda sees that Takeru is like Daichi in which he can lay a solid foundation for the team. Both teams continue to keep the ball going, leading into one of the longest rallies yet. Takeru once more deflects the ball off the blockers but Daichi chases after in hopes keeping the ball alive. Nishinoya saves it next and Daichi dives to get the last hit over only to notice too late that Tanaka is going for the ball at the same time.

The ball goes over the net and lands before Takeru can save it. A brief celebration is quickly silenced as everyone notices Daichi lying unconscious on the floor.



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