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"Who Needs Memories" (Japanese: (おも) () なんか Omoide Nanka) is the three hundred ninety-first chapter of the Haikyū!! series, written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 21st - 22nd issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2020 series.


With his new serve, Atsumu is on a roll and giving the Adlers a run for their money. He is embodying Inarizaki's motto, "Who needs memories" as he focuses on the present and tackles any challenges head-on.


In a flashback to around new years, Atsumu dropped by Osamu's Onigiri Miya shop to vent his frustration about a new serve. Atsumu deemed the serve way too cool to not emulate after watching Russian player, Mikhail Orlov, doing it. However, he was struggling, and the lack of progress was beginning to affect his overall play. Osamu is not sympathetic after hearing Atsumu's reason and bluntly called Atsumu greedy. Nevertheless, Osamu offered his twin a minced tuna and spring onion rice ball. Atsumu was immediately energized by the delicious food until he had a sudden realization that it's made from the first new rice of the year.

In the present, Atsumu claims another untouched service ace with his new hybrid serve, which looks like a jump floater until it curves sharply at the end due to the hard spin put on it. The Adlers add Ushijima to the serve receive formation. Atsumu switches to a jump floater for his next serve. Ushijima bumps it, Kageyama tosses, and Hoshiumi tools the block to cut off Atsumu's serve streak. Next, Romero sends a powerful serve toward the Jackals. Sakusa receives it, but the pass is low and short. Atsumu immediately bends down to get under the ball and does an overhand toss to Bokuto, who decisively scores.

Atsumu recalls how Kita used to not like Inarizaki's team motto, "Who needs memories." However, he always liked it and is now fully appreciating its meaning. In his next serve rotation, Atsumu takes six steps and nails a no-touch service ace with a straightforward but powerful jump serve. When it comes to volleyball, Atsumu chooses to forgo the past and depend on what he has in the present, his muscles. Meanwhile, Kita smiles as he works on tending his rice farm.


Chapter notes

Character revelations

  • Atsumu started practicing his new hybrid serve after watching Mikhail Orlov, a Russian volleyball player.
  • Heisuke Riseki is now an outside hitter for VC Kanagawa in Division 1.
    • He was a recipient of the Best Server award in his 3rd year at Inarizaki High School.
  • Eikichi Chigaya currently plays as a middle blocker for VC Kanagawa and is teammates with Riseki.
  • One of the commentators of the match, Masahiko Inuhata, coached the Miya twins when they were young and was Atsumu's inspiration for becoming a setter.
  • Shinsuke Kita is currently a rice farmer.


  • This chapter's title references Inarizaki's team banner.


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