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"Words from Me to You" (Japanese: おくることば Okuru Kotoba) is the one hundred eighty-second chapter of the Haikyu!! series written and illustrated by Haruichi Furudate. It was published in the 51st issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump’s 2015 series.


As Karasuno's momentum continue partly thanks to Hinata's previous block and Yamaguchi's successful serves, Goshiki starts to make more mistakes. However, thanks to Wakatoshi's unintended words of encouragement, he pulls it together, thus allowing Shiratorizawa to take back the lead.


With most are surprised by Hinata's surprising receive, Kageyama warns Hinata not to get caught up in the excitement of this type of block as it can be problematic for the receivers.

Goshiki taunts Ushijima for Hinata having gotten the better of him but Ushijima surprisingly agrees with the first year. Goshiki himself is surprised that Hinata was able to block Ushijima considering how amazing he is as the ace. Reon notices how irritated Ushijima appears and reminds him that Hinata has now moved to the back row. At the same time, Kageyama assures Narita to play as he normally does with the promise that he will match him.

Yamaguchi is subbed in to serve in Hinata's place and is given the assurance by Daichi that he has nothing to be worried about. Yamaguchi recalls the plan of aiming his serve to where Ushijima is located in hopes of containing the ace and prevent him from attacking. His serve clips the net top and Yamagata dives to receive. Yamaguchi receives the ball when it comes back to Karasuno's side. Goshiki watches as Karasuno launches a synchronized attack and is able to block Daichi but he is called to have touched the net during the block.

Goshiki receives Yamaguchi's next serve and Asahi takes the lead in timing the triple block when Ushijima is sent the last hit. Asahi gets a one-touch and Kageyama promptly tries to set to Narita only for the ball to be slightly higher than Narita is use to. The second year is still able to tip the ball over and score and Kageyama apologizes for the off timing.

With the score now tied 12-12, Yamaguchi serves again. The ball appears to stretch but when Goshiki tries to receive it, the ball tips his fingers and goes out. With Karasuno now taking the lead, Washijō is about to call a time-out when Ushijima questions Goshiki on why a player of his talent is letting himself be controlled by his nerves. This appears to calm Goshiki completely and he is able to settle down.

Yamaguchi unleashes his fourth serve but Reon receives. Goshiki makes-up for his past mistakes by spiking past Karasuno's block to score. With Yamaguchi's serve ended, Goshiki is next to serve. Known for wanting to prove his power, Goshiki surprises the Karasuno team by delivering a soft serve. Semi muses how Goshiki is the only first year on the team to be a starting player and that other teams may not realize they shouldn't underestimate him.

Nishinoya receives the ball but it goes back to the net where Ushijima executes a direct spike and puts Shiratorizawa at match point.


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