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Yūji Terushima (Japanese: 照島 (てるしま) 遊児 (ゆうじ) Terushima Yūji) is a second-year at Johzenji High. He is part of the boys volleyball club, playing as a wing spiker and the team captain.

As of November 2018, he is an apprentice hair stylist.


Terushima has an undercut with spiky blond hair and a tiny tuft of hair that falls over his forehead. He has almond colored eyes and short eyebrows the same color as his blonde hair. His ears and tongue are pierced. He is usually seen wearing black studs on his ears and a silver stud on his tongue. He also has a very athletic build.

Post-timeskip, Terushima has changed his hair to now be parted over his right eyebrow with most of his hair swept over to the left side of his head. He also appears to not wear his ear piercings although it is not clear if this is due to his career.


Terushima is shown to be childish and extremely energetic. He's not one to take things seriously, as he even dismissed volleyball as something played for fun and didn't put much thought into the sport as he thought it wouldn't be as enjoyable. However, he has a change of heart after the match against Karasuno, realizing that playing seriously and winning gives much more satisfaction. He was shown being rather assertive and persistent as he approached Kiyoko before the Karasuno vs Johzenji match, rudely continuing to ask for her number even after she politely refused.


He is a wing spiker for Johzenji High and took over as the new captain of the boys' volleyball team in his second year. He, along with the other second-years and their new Coach Takaaki Anabara, rebuilt their team's playstyle from the ground up. Their practices are often hectic and mainly consist of 2-on-2 matches, which has resulted in an unorthodox approach to playing and has given the team their reputation as a "party team."


Spring High Preliminary Arc

Terushima first appears with his team behind him at his gym. They discover that Karasuno is their next opponent, but Terushima confidently remarks that if they could beat Shiratorizawa, they’ll be able to win against anyone else[1].

Sometime later, he’s at the arena when he sees Kiyoko and approaches her with Bobata[2]. They persistently ask for her number despite Hinata’s intervention. After Hinata jump up in his face, Terushima backs off and notices the school name on Hinata’s shirt, instantly recognizing Karasuno as the team that beat Hyakuzawa. After he asks Hinata about it, he remarks that he wanted to have some fun against Hyakuzawa too. He adds that if they end up facing off, they should get some fun out of it, surprising Hinata.

His team later exits the building and passes by Karasuno. Terushima stares at Tanaka and Nishinoya, annoying them, but Daichi steps in. This seemingly interests Terushima, who turns his attention to Daichi.

The day of the representative playoffs, Johzenji passes by Karasuno again. Terushima recognizes Kiyoko and loudly calls for her attention, enraging Tanaka and Nishinoya.

Johzenji and Karasuno face off in the first round. Right away, Terushima performs a spike from the end line while turning around, surprising everyone. The match continues evenly until Terushima notices the synchronized attack Karasuno performed. He attempts it, but Johzenji fails and Karasuno wins the first set.

After Hinata gets switched back in, Terushima says to him that without him, it was boring. Hinata doesn’t understand though and replies that with these members, Karasuno won’t lose. Daichi later saves a ball and receives Terushima’s spike, surprising the latter, who is reminded of his former captain[3].

Karasuno pulls ahead in the second set and Johzenji is pushed to a timeout. While Terushima announces that they need to continue playing with a bam, Misaki interrupts him and criticizes their way of thinking. She brings up issues that the previous captain had addressed and reminds them to rethink their situations. Motivated, Johzenji heads back to the court with a more serious mindset.

Both teams play hard, but Karasuno is still ahead. Though Johzenji is able to gain back some points, it has gaps in its defense and offensive power. Terushima notes that playing at this level is much more fun than what they’d been doing before. At Karasuno’s match point, Johzenji tries a synchronized attack again, but despite the hit being successful, it goes out and Karasuno wins the match.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Terushima makes a brief appearance during Karasuno's game against Kamomedai. He and several of his teammates are shown watching the match and praise Daichi for a save he made using his foot[4].

Final Arc

Having graduated from Johzenji High, Terushima is now an apprentice hairstylist and, seeing that one of his customers is watching the match between the Adlers and Jackals, he brags about how he played against Kageyama and Hinata during high school, but gets scolded for being off task[5].


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Like the rest of his team, Terushima has been shown to be very versatile and can easily adapt to oncoming attacks no matter what type. One example is his ability to spike from across the court while turning around. However, this makes him more of a reckless, mainly offensive player rather than a strategic one. As a result, he has trouble aiming and organizing synchronized attacks. Despite those flaws, he's shown to have decently powerful spikes and generally good control.

Jumping Reach: 327 cm


Johzenji High

  • Johzenji High: He gets along well with his teammates and is a respected captain whose ideals match the entire team's. It's been hinted that he's responsible for Johzenji's current reputation as a "party team."
  • Hana Misaki: While Terushima respects Misaki as a third-year and the team manager, he often did not take most of her advice seriously and his care free nature often caused her to apologize to others for his behavior. He has voiced how he believes her ideals of the team and their motto don't seem to fit the current team and didn't seem to notice how this would upset her. It wasn't until the match against Karasuno that Terushima, along with the rest of team, began listening to her when she made it clear that their usual methods were not working. Thanks to Misaki, Terushima began to think before he acts much more. When Johzenji lost, Terushima expressed his gratitude to Misaki for all of her guidance and hard work.
  • Kazuma Bobata: Terushima, Bobata, and Futamata are usually seen hanging around with each other during matches or after school, as they usually converse and cheer together during their match against Karasuno. After their loss, the three are seen hanging in a classroom together after school talking about Karasuno and what they could've done to win. They are probably very close friends out of school.
  • Takeharu Futamata: Futamata, Bobata, and Terushima are likely very close friends outside of school and are often seen together both on the team and in school.
  • Seiji Okudake: While Terushima respected his former captain, he appears to have not taken him very seriously when Okudake tried to help him understand that not all matches will be fun and exciting and that he should learn what to do during those moments. Even after Okudake retired from the team, Terushima recalls moments when Okudake was a stable presence for him and the team and began to better understand how he was trying to help him.

Karasuno High

  • Daichi Sawamura:
    Daichi Terushima s2 e15.png
    Initially, Terushima saw Daichi as a "boring" player since he's more of a defensive specialist in the background rather than an offensive player with striking abilities. However, after seeing Daichi save most of the balls and guide his underclassmen, reminding Terushima of his previous captain, he gains new respect for Daichi and admits that he's the most striking player in Karasuno. Terushima is later shown watching Karasuno at Nationals and praises a save Daichi had made with his foot.



  • Terushima is an avid fan of Dragon Ball [6]
  • Favorite Food: Bread with a sausage in between (Wiener Pan)
  • Current Concern: The bread at school doesn't taste that great anymore.
  • On numerous occasions, he is seen wearing a red shirt with a logo reading "The Onokajuita Band." It is unknown if he is a member of The Onakajuita Band or merely a fan.
  • His star sign is Aries.
  • Nomenclature
    • Yūji (遊児) - Playful Child
    • Terushima (照島) - Shining Island