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Yūshi Maiko (Japanese: 舞子 (まいこ) 侑志 (ゆうし) Maiko Yūshi) is a second year student at Tsubakihara Academy and one of the volleyball team's wing spikers.


Maiko has light brown hair. The left side of his hair is swept slightly upwards.


Maiko is seemingly a friendly person around his teammates and is supportive of them, exemplifying this when he and the team's other second year regulars were quick to react to Teradomari’s ‘mean’ comment to a distressed Himekawa and call him out.


Maiko currently attends Tsubakihara Academy, located in Kanagawa Prefecture in the region of Kantō.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

As Tsubakihara’s match against Karasuno is about to start, Atema and Maiko observe Karasuno and comment on the fact that they beat Shiratorizawa. Stressed, Maruyama tells them to stop thinking about that part, and Echigo, his captain, creeps behind him and asks him if he would want to play against Shiratorizawa instead. Maruyama pauses to think, and he, Atema and Maiko all shake their heads, looking the other way.

During the match, Yamaguchi serves, aiming at Tsubakihara’s ace, but fails and instead gets to where Maiko and Kaikake are. Maiko tries to receive it, but it ends up messy since he hesitated. After this, Ōsado scowls at them for taking so much time[1]. At Yamaguchi’s second serve, Maiko gets ready to receive it, but fails to do so, resulting in him scoring a service ace. At the pinch server’s third serve, Maiko is finally to receive it. As the match progresses, Maiko is able to dig Asahi’s spike and earns a compliment from the commentators.

When Karasuno reaches 24 points, Tsubakihara benches Iwamuro for their pinch server, Himekawa. As Himekawa serves, he hits Teradomari’s head, earning Karasuno a 25th point for the first set. After Himekawa goes to see his teammates, Teradomari is only slightly angry but Echigo bursts out laughing about how hollow his head must be to have made the sound it did when the ball hit his head. After this, Teradomari yells at Himekawa that if he was going to do that to someone, he could’ve done it to someone other than him. Atema and Maiko, who were at the front, tell Teradomari not to be mean[2].

But when Himekawa serves once more, he manages to score two service aces in a row, and at his third serve, he is still able to put up a good defense. During this, Tsubakihara gloriously congratulates Himekawa for his success, which puts their hopes up to win.

Nearing the end of the match, Echigo manages to bump Hinata’s quick attack and Maiko sends the ball to Maruyama. However, Sugawara is able to get the ball up. Asahi scores the last point and Karasuno wins the match. After Tsubakihara’s loss, Echigo shakes Daichi’s hand Soon after, him along with Maruyama and Teradomari break into tears. Right after, Ōsado tries to comfort his team by offering them lunch.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He is very proficient at both spiking and receiving like the rest of the team.


Tsubakihara Academy

Maiko seems to get along well with his teammates, and especially with the second years, since he is one himself. He’s often seen interacting with them during Tsubakihara’s character interactions.


  • Nomenclature
    • Yūshi (侑志) - Help/Urge, Will/Ambition
    • Maiko (舞子) - Dance, Child