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Yūsuke Takinoue (Japanese: (たき) (うえ) 祐輔 (ゆうすけ) Takinoue Yūsuke) is a member of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association. He formerly attended Karasuno High and played on the volleyball team.

He currently works at Takinoue Electronics.


He has dark brown eyes and a tall, slightly muscular build. His hair is short, messy and blonde, but he has dark brown sideburns and eyebrows, which hints that he dyes his hair.


Takinoue has an upbeat personality and is flirty, as shown when he tried to impress the female spectators at Karasuno's matches once. He is incredibly supportive of Ukai and the Karasuno volleyball team and often does what he can to help them in any way possible; such as making a special video of their best moments during matches or helping gather funds.



When Takinoue attended Karasuno High, he played on the volleyball team and had been teammates with several of the current Neighborhood Association members. He had been coached by Ikkei Ukai during that time but was stated by Shimada to try to slack off whenever he could without being caught.


Karasuno High Team Formation Arc

Karasuno vs Neighborhood Association

The members of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association Team introduce themselves.

After Ukai agrees to be the temporary coach for Karasuno's upcoming match against Nekoma High, Takinoue makes his debut when Ukai arranges a practice match for the team against the Neighborhood Association.

As the match starts, Sugawara is teamed with the Association team. Takinoue praises the third-year setter for his set as he was able to hit it without any trouble. Takinoue soon would witness Hinata and Kageyama perform a quick attack was incredibly impressed at seeing the move and Hinata's incredible jump.

In the second set, Takinoue hears Kageyama 'taunt' the team by making them think that Hinata will be the one they will need to block but Takinoue is amused when Kageyama tries to apologize in thinking he was being disrespectful. However, Takinoue is soon caught off guard when he watches Hinata making an approach. Takinoue is determined not to let Hinata through but is startled when he sees the first-year is able to change course and head to the opposite side of the court and spike past Asahi.

Near the end of the set, Shimada begins to use jump float serves. Takinoue playfully comments how Shimada found joy when Hinata was unable to save the serve. Eventually the game to an end with the Neighborhood team winning. As they are leaving, Takinoue and the other members playfully comment how the younger players made them feel old but how it was nice to play again.

Nekoma Practice Match

A while later, Takinoue persuades Shimada to go with him to watch the Karasuno vs Nekoma practice match[1]. He appears to have spread the news of the match as a few older fans of Karasuno join them in watching the game.

Group s1-e12-1.png

Although Takinoue is amazed at how Kenma was able to aim his serve to a corner spot, he would be more surprised at watching Hinata perform the super quick and earn Karasuno their first point. After Karasuno gained several points and Nekoma called a time-out, Takinoue notices how Nekoma's blockers have positioned themselves to one side of the court. As several more rallies play out, Takinoue comments how Nekoma appears to be as solid as ever in their receives and how, even though they don't have any stand out players, Nekoma gives off the feeling of being an overwhelming force.

With Nekoma winning the first set, Takinoue starts to notice how Hinata is starting to get blocked more by Inuoka. As Hinata and Kageyama begin experimenting with a slower set to allow Hinata to spike with his eyes open, Takinoue and Shimada start to see the more 'invisible' players start to show their abilities, such as Tanaka being able to tool the block and Daichi demonstrating his defensive abilities.

With Kuroo now playing in the front row, Takinoue notices how Nekoma's plays started to change and how their plays started to be more deceptive. Nekoma continues to gain more points but Karasuno manages to close in. In the end, Nekoma was able to win the game and two more after it. Takinoue praises both sides while expressing that he feels worn out just from watching.

Interhigh Arc

Karasuno vs Date Tech

Although late because his store had customers, Takinoue is able to make it to match between Karasuno and Date Tech with Shimada just as the first set reaches 16-13[2]. As the set continues, Takinoue and Shimada voice how they are concerned about Date Tech somehow catching up in the score but are overjoyed to see Hinata get a deflection on a spike and Daichi help in ground defense until Karasuno was able to win the set.

In the second set, they watch as Asahi's spike was blocked, although Takinoue thinks that this was to be expected since the blockers were able to read that Asahi would be the one attacking and that Hinata is the only one who is used when an off receive is made. As Hinata continues to use his super quick attack from various points, Takinoue and Shimada overhear nearby players comment how Hinata seems like the ace of Karasuno instead of Asahi.

As Karasuno manages to narrowly keep the lead, Takinoue urges them and Hinata to get the remaining points or else Date Tech will continue to cause problems. As Karasuno reaches match point, Asahi calls for the set and manages to get Karasuno the final point they needed to win the game. As the teams are lining up to thank their supporters, Takinoue points out how Hinata and Kageyama were able to use regular quicks and their super quick without any obvious signals and wonders how they were able to accomplish this.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

Although he has used all his vacation time, Takinoue was able to attend the second day of the Interhigh. He and Shimada arrive just before the match between Karasuno and Aoba Johsai starts. Right away, they notice how Seijoh's cheering section appears grander than Date Tech's but that most of the attention is focused on Oikawa.

While they watch the players do serve warm-ups, Takinoue asks Shimada how Yamaguchi has been while learning the jump float. Shimada admits that Yamaguchi is able to manage a lucky serve every now and then but still has a lot of work ahead of him in order to be consistent. As the starting players for Seijoh get ready to take the court, Takinoue notices how serious they become when Oikawa speaks to them.

As the game starts, Takinoue shares in Karasuno's surprise when Oikawa did a direct spike instead of setting to one of his attackers. This surprise would continue when Hinata's spike went directly to Hanamaki and Oikawa looked like he would attempt another direct spike only to change to a set at the last moment. Recognizing that Kageyama used the same decoy glance that Kenma had used during the practice match against Nekoma, Takinoue states how amazed he is at the setter's talent at how he was still able to make a set to Hinata after using the glance.

After Oikawa calls for a time-out and the game resumes with Kindaichi serving, Takinoue overhears some girl's question why Asahi seems to be having trouble receiving the serves when they're not as powerful as Oikawa's. He is able to explain to the girls, Asuka Hirama and Manaka Ujiie, that when a setter is in the back row they have to wait until the serve is made before moving to the front. Because they move the moment the serve is made, the ball will go where the setter previously was which can make it difficult for other receivers to handle because of the awkward positioning[3]. Now understanding, the girls thank Takinoue but, to his dismay, refer to him as an older person.

Later when Kageyama is subbed out and Sugawara is sent in, Takinoue immediately notices the change in behavior in the Karasuno players. He is highly amused when Sugawara and Tsukishima were able to switch blocking positions in order to stop Iwaizumi. When the score reaches 21-15 with Seijoh still in the lead, Takinoue is approached by the girls from earlier who question the gestures that Oikawa does with his hands. Takinoue is able to explain that Oikawa is using hand signals to relay what plan the team should use and how observing the opposing team will allow the setter to know who to use as a decoy. Shortly after, Oikawa begins serving and quickly racks up several service aces that puts Seijoh at set point. Not long after, Seijoh would win the first set.

Takinoue s1-e20-1.png

During the second set, Takinoue sees how Karasuno shifted their rotation. As Oikawa gets ready to serve, he sees that this was done in order to have Daichi and Nishinoya in place to receive as they are Karasuno's best defenders. Seeing how the Hirama and Ujiie seem confused at what he and Shimada are talking about, Takinoue explains that Karasuno has two people ready to receive Oikawa's serve since their earlier plan of having four only made it more complicated for them since they risked getting in each other's way. This will also allow other players the chance to be ready to attack if the receive is made. Midway into the set, Takinoue is approached by Hirama and Ujiie again as they ask if volleyball has a time limit. He tells them how there is no time limit as the first team to reach twenty-five points is the winner. However, if the score reaches a deuce then it would be the team that takes the two point lead that will win. As the girls come to understand what break points are and are excited about Seijoh gaining such points, Takinoue is on edge as it means that the momentum is currently on Seijoh's side.

Sometime before the third set started, Takinoue was able to put together water bottles with pebbles inside so he and Shimada can try to cheer for the team better. As the final set starts, Takinoue watches Iwaizumi deflect a spike off the blockers and thus demonstrates that he isn't simply about power.

Like several others, Takinoue is caught by surprise when Watari performed a jump set to Oikawa and explains how the method works to Hirama and Ujiie. When Hinata is blocked by Seijoh and Ukai is made to call a time-out, Takinoue attempts to cheer harder to boost their morale. However, his attempts only gain Ukai's attention and causes the coach to send Yamaguchi in as a pinch server. At hearing the girl's question why Karasuno is sending Yamaguchi in, Takinoue explains that the first year is being sent in as a pinch server and the role that a pinch server plays during a game[4]. When the two think that Yamaguchi can serve like Oikawa, Takinoue tells them that a serve like Oikawa's isn't the only type of serve there is and goes through what a float serve is and how it works. He hears Shimada nervously talk about how he had told Ukai that Yamaguchi doesn't have a good handle of the serve yet and guesses that Ukai is hoping that Yamaguchi will have one of his fluke serves which will turn the game around if it succeeds. For several rallies, Karasuno and Seijoh would each reach match point. As the team continues to get points back and repeatedly reach match point, Takinoue points out how Seijoh is the team that is most likely suffering from mental fatigue.


Takinoue witnesses Karasuno's eventual defeat when Hinata is blocked when trying his super quick attack. When the players line up to thank their supporters, Takinoue is surprised to see Hirama, Ujiie, and many others give their support to Karasuno. He and Shimada then try to comfort the team by telling them how well they played but admits how he himself hadn't liked hearing such things after a loss.

Takinoue and Ukai s1-e25-1.png

The next day, he stops by Ukai's store to discuss the next step for Karasuno. The two men admit that Seijoh was a strong team and had noticed that the players were leading themselves most of the time without needing much instruction from their coaches unless it was necessary. Takinoue listens as Ukai points out the differences between Seijoh and Shiratorizawa while admitting that he firmly believes that Seijoh is the worse match up for Karasuno to face since they are a team that continues thinking and adapting at all times and will most likely continue to be a cause of concern for Karasuno unless something is done.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Takinoue drives the Karasuno Team to Tokyo for their summer training camp[5].

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Karasuno vs Johzenji

Takinoue is able to make it to Karasuno's match against Johzenji High and joins Yachi in the bleachers. As the game begins, Takinoue and Yachi praise Asahi's starting serve even though it was received. After Bobata mistakenly sent his serve into the net and was playfully heckled by his teammates, Takinoue notices how the Johzenji players are lively whether or not they make a mistake.

After a few rallies, Takinoue watches as Daichi is able to keep Hinata and Kageyama from getting carried away and comments how the Karasuno captain seems far more mature than his age and appearance let on. He is soon relieved to hear otherwise when Yachi explains that Daichi has his own childish moments when she tells Takinoue of how Daichi recently got into trouble when he got into a fight with the captain of the boys' basketball team during lunch and had accidentally set off the emergency alarm; causing Daichi and the basketball captain to be scolded by the Vice Principal[6].

When the first set reaches a tie at 17-17, Yachi starts to become overwhelmed with Johzenji's wild plays. Takinoue explains that this method isn't often used by teams and how it can cause confusion amongst the opposing team but also do the same for their own if not careful. After a few more points, Takinoue witnessed when Kageyama was able to block Futamata's spike but saw that the setter has actually taken the ball to the face in the process. Yachi soon returned to join him in the bleachers after having gone to check on Kageyama when he was subbed out to get medical treatment and informs Takinoue that the setter is fine. Despite this, Takinoue also notices how Kageyama is not being sent back in right away. As Karasuno reached set point, Takinoue and several others notice how Johzenji is copying Karasuno's synchronized attack; although the attack would ultimately fail and Karasuno would win the first set.

In the second set, Daichi was able to save a ball that Hinata failed to spike. While Yachi credited the save to Daichi's reflexes, Takinoue corrects her by saying that Daichi seemed to know that this was going to happen and was prepared for it. Johzenji soon begins to lose many points and putting Karasuno farther ahead in the lead. Takinoue sees that Johzenji now seems to be panicking and rushing their plays in a desperate attempt to gain control.

A short time after a time-out that helped Johzenji calm down, Takinoue points out how the energetic team still has not been able to contain Hinata's super quick attack and this should be the chance for Karasuno win the game. However, Takinoue notices when Johzenji would soon leave Hinata unmarked as they decide to switch to defensive maneuvers to try to receive the quick attack rather than trying to block it. This would work in Johzenji's favor as Takinoue recalls when Aoba Johsai implemented the same tactic during the previous tournament. While he sees that Hinata's spikes still lack power, he is amused when Hinata switches to a line shot and comments how Hinata has changed since that match.

When Karasuno reaches match point, Takinoue is surprised to see Johzenji again attempt to execute a synchronized attack. While they are able to perform the technique this time, Terushima unintentionally sent his spike out of bounds which results in Karasuno winning the match.

Karasuno vs Aoba Johsai

With Karasuno getting ready to play against Aoba Johsai, Takinoue it able to locate Shimada in the stands. After hearing how the match against Wakutani went, Takinoue meets Saeko and internally comments how she looks identical to her brother.

As the match starts, Takinoue and Shimada become nervous at seeing that Oikawa is the first to serve. They explain their nerves to Saeko by telling her that Oikawa has an incredibly powerful serve that can cause a lot of problems for Karasuno. Even though Oikawa did unleash a powerful serve, Karasuno won the point in the end.

Although the boys are able to keep things even for a while, Takinoue is certain that they are thinking about how they need to have Hinata unleash a quick attack. He explains to Saeko and Yachi that Karasuno suffered a crushing defeat against Seijoh during the last tournament when Hinata's final quick attack had been completely blocked. Fortunately, Hinata was able to avenge that lost point with his new quick attack. Eventually, Karasuno was able to win the set when Kyōtani sent his spike out of bounds. He would urge the team to win the second set and win the game in straight sets.

After a few rallies, Kyōtani would get in a sharp cross shot from having made his approach from outside the court. Takinoue and Shimada figure that he made his approach in this manner in order to try to avoid the blockers as best as he could. However, the next time Kyōtani attempted the same move, he would mistakenly send the spike into the net. Later when Oikawa was able to block Hinata's back row attack, Takinoue expresses how Karasuno will need to think of something in order to catch up in the score. They see Ukai calling Sugawara to the bench and guess that he will be sending him in to serve since there is no reason for Kageyama to be removed from the game. They soon see that Sugawara is sent in when Tsukishima is up to serve.

Their theory is proven correct when Sugawara starts targeting Kyōtani with his serves in order to make him late to attack. With Kyōtani being kept from attacking, Karasuno managed to regain a few points but Seijoh eventually figured out a counter plan and ended Sugawara's serve.

Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa

Shimada and Takinoue s3-e1-1.png

For Karasuno's match against Shiratorizawa Academy, Takinoue and Shimada lead a small gathering of Karasuno alumni and members of the shopping district to support the team; a total of twenty-one people to act as the cheering squad. Although taken back by Shiratorizawa's much larger and louder support group, Takinoue and Shimada soon become slightly embarrassed when they see the Karasuno players a mix of being nervous or being jealous as Shiratorizawa's support. Takinoue soon spots Saeko bringing Akiteru to them after having thought he was a spy for Shiratorizawa. Upon learning that Akiteru is Tsukishima's older brother, Takinoue states that the two don't seem alike in the least.

As the teams begin to take the court for the match, Takinoue expresses his concern when he mentions how Shiratorizawa has been to nationals several times and also that the current Karasuno team is in unknown territory as they have not played in the finals before. Even knowing how a five set match will cause some concern for the players stamina, Takinoue and the others still do not hesitate to start cheering for the team as the game begins. Just as the rally is about to start, Takinoue and Shimada both notice how the Karasuno starting formation is not how it usually is and suspect that Ukai has changed the rotation in order to have Kageyama, Tsukishima, and Asahi matched up against Ushijima when he is in the front row.

When Saeko soon picks up that Ushijima is left-handed, Takinoue and Shimada explain how his position as an opposite can change the dynamic of the match and that being left-handed can work in Ushijima's favor since most blockers are use to blocking right-handed people and their blocks may not be effective against him.

When Nishinoya was able to make a receive of Ushijima's spike, Takinoue and many others share in the surprise and encourage the team to take the chance to score. Even as Karasuno lost the first set, Takinoue and Shimada cheered for the team and tried to help them move past it. During the second set, it becomes clear that Tendō is causing trouble with his guess blocking but they continue to stay hopeful. Takinoue and the others become excited when Karasuno was eventually able to tie the score at 22-22.

Near the end of the second set, it becomes evident that Takinoue is trying to hype himself up more than others when he sees Hinata rotating into the front row. When Karasuno reached set point in the second set, Takinoue would share in everyone's surprise and excitement when Tsukishima was able to do what was thought to be impossible by successfully blocking Ushijima's spike.

During the fourth set, Daichi is blocked by Taichi but Takinoue sees that this was due to Daichi not having been able to join in the synchronized attack after making a receive. Because of this, Taichi was able to see that Kageyama was going to set someone else which resulted in a successful block. Right after realizing this, Ikkei Ukai arrives and comments how Takinoue and the others should have put this amount of thought into their own plays when they were on the team. Takinoue tries to cover himself, Shimada, and Akiteru by saying that they had been caught up in the heat of the moment and were not able to properly think things through.

Group s3-e5-3.png

When Hinata was later able to block Reon by using a running approach to add more height to his block, Takinoue explains to Saeko that the middle blocker wouldn't be able to have the stamina to repeatedly use a running approach for each block. It would also be harder since middle blockers already move about so much and Hinata seems to move around more than others. When Shimada comments how Takinoue was a player that tried to slack off when he could, Takinoue proudly admits this but tries to silence himself when remembers that Ikkei is present. As Karasuno manages to take the lead, Takinoue silently pleads for them to keep the lead. At seeing Tsukishima perform a delayed spike, Takinoue is surprised that the middle blocker knew how to perform this tactic.

After Yamaguchi's serve is cut off, Takinoue is both amazed and frustrated that Ushijima is still performing at top peak and doesn't appear to be losing steam. Akiteru thinks otherwise since Ushijima has been attacking frequently and must be feeling fatigue in his legs. When Karasuno reaches set point, Takinoue and Shimada both become incredibly worried as they are aware that playing a five set game and playing this long of a match is new territory for the team as well as the fact that they're facing a champion team that has been to nationals numerous times. When Hinata was able to win the fourth set for Karasuno by using his left hand to hit the ball past Tendō, Takinoue confesses that this was most likely the most nervous he has felt during the match.

At the start of the fifth set, Takinoue and Shimada silently express concern about Sugawara taking over for Kageyama as the setter as they are unsure of how the third-year setter will handle playing against Shiratorizawa. Their worry proves unnecessary when they watch Karasuno perform a five person synchronized attack and Sugawara lands a spike. As Tsukishima continues to get numerous one-touches of Shiratorizawa's attacks, Takinoue expresses how reassuring it is that the middle blocker is playing for Karasuno. This feeling would quickly turn to worry when Tsukishima's hand is shown to have been injured when attempting to block another spike from Ushijima and he had to be removed from the match to seek medical attention.

Fortunately, Kageyama would be subbed back in and he and Hinata would start to turn things around when Hinata used his new downward spike to get past Tendō; a move that surprised Takinoue since he was sure that Hinata would try to avoid Tendō who was waiting right in front of him. After Semi was subbed in to serve and scored a service ace to put Shiratorizawa ahead at 12-9, Takinoue and the entire Karasuno cheer section became silent with worry until Saeko scolded them for going quiet when this was the time the team needed their support most. He joins in the cheer to help inspire the players but they are easily drowned out by Shiratorizawa's side as they began to sing the Shiratorizawa school anthem.

As the set continues with each side returning to match point, Takinoue sees how both sides are unwilling to back down. After an intense final rally, Karasuno claims victory. After the match, Takinoue joins Shimada, Ukai, and Takeda in drinking to celebrate winning the tournament.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Like most of the members of the Karasuno Neighborhood Association, Takinoue helps support Karasuno's journey to nationals. He calls up old acquaintances and sets up a fundraising campaign[7].

Karasuno vs Tsubakihara

He and Shimada travel to Tokyo to attend Karasuno's matches and support the team[8]. Along with Shimada, Takinoue helps lead Karasuno's support group.

Karasuno vs Inarizaki

As the teams begin taking the court, Takinoue and many others on Karasuno's side appear to be overwhelmed by the support group that Inarizaki has. When Tanaka was able to score for Karasuno, Takinoue and Shimada tried to start a cheer but were quickly drowned out by Inarizaki's band.

As Tanaka gets ready to serve, Inarizaki begins using a rhythm that gradually begins picking up speed. Takinoue recognizes this method as one that track athlete's use to set a pace for themselves. But in the current setting, the method will throw off opposing players timing. He and Shimada quickly figure out that Inarizaki's band and support section are doing this intentionally to give their own team more of an advantage.

Fortunately, Saeko arrived with her taiko group and helped Karasuno have more of an even playing field by using their own music to cover Inarizaki's and keep the players from getting distracted. Despite their relief of having Saeko present, Takinoue and Shimada are still mildly annoyed that she arrived so late from what they suspect was a result of her having stayed out the previous night drinking. After Hinata was able to score, Takinoue requests to Saeko that, while she doesn't need to completely overwhelm Inarizaki, she just needs to provide enough cover for Karasuno not to get caught up in the opposing rhythm.

When the score reaches 9-7 with Inarizaki in the lead, Takinoue notices Atsumu preparing to serve and points out how he is a dual wielder. At Saeko's confusion of what a dual wielder is, he explains that Atsumu can use either a spike serve or a jump float serve. When Shimada points out how Ukai decided to have Hinata commit block Osamu in an actual game rather than a practice match, Takinoue thinks that it's because this is an actual game that Ukai decided to go this route as it could possibly help Karasuno win the set. Over the course of the first set, Takinoue continues to show excitement for Karasuno but also worry when Inarizaki starts to get the lead. When Yamaguchi was subbed in to serve, Takinoue noticed that Shimada was missing but later found out that he actually had gone to help the first year by providing a new reset point[9].

At seeing Tanaka begin to struggle against Inarizaki's blockers, Takinoue and Shimada become worried but quickly dismiss their negative thoughts when Saeko declares that this will not be enough to crack her brother. With Karasuno appearing to be getting the upper-hand in the set, Takinoue and the other supporters continue to relish in any point scored. In the second set, Takinoue gets more fired up as Kageyama makes several successful serves until Inarizaki was able to stop him after the fourth. He becomes even more frustrated once Aran is subbed out and Kita helps Inarizaki win the set.

During the third set, Takinoue and the rest of the support group are thrilled at watching Nishinoya make a perfect overhand receive of Atsumu's float serve. When Hinata was able to make a receive of Aran's spike, Takinoue would express great surprise although it would ultimately go back to worry when Inarizaki's managed to get the point for themselves[10]. With Inarizaki looking like they will win the set and game, Takinoue starts becoming worried but is relieved when Karasuno starts getting back points. As each side continues to reach match point, Takinoue pleads for Karasuno to take advantage of certain rotations which would give them the best chance to win the game.

Thanks to Hinata and Kageyama predicting and blocking the Miya twins trying another minus quick attack, Karasuno was able to win the match. Takinoue is shown with a tearful expression and praising the team. Later, he is with Saeko and Shimada when they encounter Akane and Alisa.

Karasuno vs Nekoma

On day 3 of the tournament, Takinoue is with the Karasuno supporters and becomes mildly envious of Nekoma when he spots Alisa is on their side. The game soon starts and Takinoue shares in Karasuno's excitement when Hinata is able to score the first point.

After Lev was able to get Nekoma's first point and the rotation changes, Takinoue notices that Nekoma's blockers are not planning a stack-block formation. Shortly after Nekoma performs a never before seen synchronized attack, Takinoue notices Akiteru arrive and become depressed at how he missed the very start of the game. Takinoue tries to help him feel better but understands how Akiteru wanted to see the entire match in person. Akiteru then questions how long Takinoue and Shimada have been attending and the two reveal that they've been present since the first day thanks to working out their work schedules in order to allow them the time to attend. They then watch the next rally play out and Takinoue and Shimada can't help but laugh when Kuroo was eventually able to shut down Daichi's spike.

Yamaguchi was soon switched into the match and was able to get a service ace off Yamamoto. Takinoue hears Akiteru comment how confident Yamaguchi has become which leads Shimada to adding his own praise for the first-year that Takinoue teases makes him sound like he's referring to Yamaguchi as his son. They celebrate soon after at seeing Yamaguchi teaming with Tsukishima to perform the serve and block technique that shuts down Fukunaga.

Near the end of the second set, Takinoue and the others notice that Nekoma is sending in Tamahiko Teshiro as a pinch server. They express surprise at seeing Teshiro as this is the first time they had ever seen him. When Teshiro reveals that he can execute the ceiling serve like Aoi Himekawa of Tsubakihara Academy, Takinoue shares in Akiteru and Shimada's silent worry of Karasuno taking back the set.

As the game continued, Takinoue would continue to support the team and cheered for them when they were able to win the match.

Karasuno vs Kamomedai

Final Arc

For the match between the Schweiden Adlers and MSBY Black Jackals, Takinoue is with Shimada as they set up a vendor stand. They briefly met with Yamaguchi and Yachi before the start of the game.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

He has been a middle blocker since he was in high school[11].

Jumping Reach: 330 cm


Makoto Shimada

The two attended Karasuno when they were younger and played on the volleyball team together. He and Shimada often attend Karasuno’s matches together and would cheer on the team from the bleachers or explain volleyball tactics to the people around them. The two appear to get along very well.

Keishin Ukai

Takinoue is on the Neighborhood Association Team with Ukai, and they both went to Karasuno High School in the past. They have been playing volleyball together since high school and often go out to drink with Shimada.

Karasuno High

Since the practice match against the current team, Takinoue has grown close to the Karasuno team and now attends most of their matches with Shimada, cheering the team on from the bleachers. Whenever a member pulls an amazing move, Takinoue grins in pride and would sometimes brag to the people near him.


  • "When long rallies continue and I get deprived of oxygen, I think, 'Hurry up and drop, ball...preferably on the other side." (Season 1 Episode 23)
  • "When we lost, I hated being told we had a great match. It was like, 'but we lost.' But being on the other side to say that now, I guess I don't know what else to say." (To Shimada, Season 1 Episode 24)


  • As a running gag, every time he's introduced in the manga, instead of putting his full name, it simply says "Takinoue Electronics" along with a discount/good deal the store is having.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Takinoue placed 19th with 1,162 votes[12]. In the second, he dropped to 47th with 441 votes[13].