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Yasushi Kamasaki (Japanese: 鎌先 (かまさき) 靖志 (やすし) Kamasaki Yasushi) is a third year student attending Date Tech. Prior to retiring, he played on the volleyball team as a middle blocker and the vice-captain.

As of 2021, he works as a furniture upholsterer[1].


He has short, sandy blonde hair that may have been dyed, judging from his dark sideburns and eyebrows. He has a large, muscular build and is often seen scowling or yelling at someone; particularly Futakuchi.

Post-timeskip, he mostly appears the same although he appears to now be growing some facial hair.


He is loud, strict, and generally takes volleyball seriously. He often argues with and threatens Futakuchi, a problematic junior who doesn't show much respect for his seniors. He is quite competitive and belligerent. However, he is incredibly supportive of his team and often attended their official matches and practices matches with Moniwa and Sasaya after retiring.


Interhigh Arc

Kamasaki is the first to serve, but it is easily received by Daichi. Not long after, Kamasaki is one of the blockers who stuff Asahi but goes out of bounds. Later on, Kamasaki slams the ball into Karasuno’s side of the court as a way for them to pay back the god-like quick set. In a few following rallies, Kamasaki serves once more and manages a let serve. During a time-out, Kamasaki and Futakuchi break out into an argument when Futakuchi does not take blocking Hinata and Kageyama’s god-like quick set seriously. Despite this, they are quickly stopped by Aone.

During the start of the second set, Kamasaki remarks that Hinata is going for his god-like quick but as it happens right in front of him, he is unable to react fast enough. Despite this, Kamasaki is able to break through Hinata’s defense shortly after. Kamasaki is further motivated when Futakuchi tries to provoke him by saying that he looks overshadowed by Aone and that only their 6’3 teammate might be considered as Date Tech’s iron wall. In the same rally, Kamasaki manages to harshly block Asahi. After Date Tech’s loss, Futakuchi cannot believe that the third-years would be quitting volleyball after the tournament but Kamasaki confirms it. After this, he and Sasaya are quite smug about seeing Futakuchi being emotional.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Group s2-e19-2.png

Kamasaki and the other third-years enter the gymnasium in a rush to see if their former teammates are winning and winces when he learns that Aoba Johsai had already won the first set. Wanting to see how the new team was coming along, Kamasaki notices that Koganegawa is still a beginner and has a lot to learn. When Futakuchi is visibly worn out due to having to care for the team, Kamasaki finds himself amused at the fact that Futakuchi, who has become the new team captain, is having trouble handling the new team.

Near the end of the match, Kamasaki yells in delight as Futakuchi scores. When Futakuchi manages a snide remark when seeing the third-years after losing the match, Kamasaki yells at his junior. After this, Kamasaki tells Koganegawa that he 'sucks' and Koganegawa apologizes loudly. Additionally, he tells Futakuchi to be grateful to have had Moniwa as captain in the past now that he has to be the captain and the responsibilities that come with the position. Afterward, he would advise the team of how they could continue to grow stronger and he would also agree to help with practices.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Date Tech s4-e7-3.png

Kamasaki, Moniwa, and Sasaya all come to watch their juniors having a practice match against Karasuno. When hearing Futakuchi encourage the team in wanting to break Karasuno’s spirits, Kamasaki laughs at how Moniwa thought that he could’ve turned from his bad-mouthing habits so quickly. At the beginning of the second rally, Kamasaki and the other third-years all exclaim in excitement when Date Tech blocks Hinata. After Koganegawa freezes when seeing Karasuno’s quick attack, Kamasaki understands that it is something Koganegawa would do. Sometime later, Futakuchi fails his serve, which makes Kamasaki burst into laughter. Seeing this, Futakuchi asks the third-years to leave but Kamasaki simply mocks him. After the match concludes and Karasuno leaves the school, Kamasaki comments how he might grow facial hair; possibly from seeing how intimidating Asahi appeared due to having facial hair.

Final Arc

In the coverage of events after Nationals, Kamasaki is with Moniwa and Sasaya in the audience when Date Tech wins the Interhigh tournament[2].

As of 2021, Kamasaki works as an upholsterer in Miyagi and is last seen watching Japan's match against Argentina on his phone.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

Along with Aone and Futakuchi, it's shown that Kamasaki has pretty good blocking skills. All three make up the Iron Wall of Date Tech.


  • Jump Serve: Kamasaki is shown to have a powerful jump serve. His serve was shown to have a strong impact on whomever was able to receive it. However, Kamasaki did occasionally have trouble with aiming and would occasionally clip the net.
  • Blocks: Thanks to his height and muscular build, Kamasaki was one of Date Tech's strongest blockers. Like the rest of the team, he used read blocking in order to try to not fall for opposing teams decoy attempts. Despite this, he is shown that he can manage to get in place to block a second time after jumping early to block Hinata.

Jumping Reach: 330 cm


  • Kenji Futakuchi: Kamasaki and Futakuchi are known to be friends but usually make fun of each other most of the time. While Kamasaki tries to be a role model or pillar of support for Futakuchi and the rest of the team, Futakuchi usually states that Kamasaki takes things too seriously or tries to rile him up in other ways. Despite this, Kamasaki still supports Futakuchi when he becomes the next team captain but does not hesitate to poke fun at the young ace when he makes a mistake or shows to struggle handling newer players.
  • Kaname Moniwa and Takehito Sasaya: Kamasaki is close friends with Moniwa and Sasaya, often appearing with the other two as they help their junior's or attend Date Tech's games to support them.


  • Favorite Food: White bean paste monaka
  • Current Concern: How many "packs" of abs is it possible to have?!
  • His star sign is Scorpio.
  • He is the series' biggest eater[3].
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Kamasaki placed 33rd with 338 votes[4]. In the second, he rose to 29th with 1,420 votes[5].
  • Nomenclature:
    • Yasushi (靖志) - Will
    • Kamasaki (鎌先) - Sickle