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Yoshitomo Atema (Japanese: 当間 (あてま) 義友 (よしとも) Atema Yoshitomo) is a second year student at Tsubakihara Academy and one of the volleyball team's middle blockers.


Atema has wild, light colored hair. He has large tufts of hair in the center and both sides of his face slightly covering his headband. Additionally, Atema has somewhat large eyes.


When he is certain about something, Atema is not afraid to voice it, which sometimes leads him to misunderstand what others are feeling. Additionally, he can get quite frustrated when he makes a mistake. Despite this, he cares about his teammates, exemplifying this when he and the team's other second-year regulars were quick to react to Teradomari’s ‘mean’ comment to Himekawa.


Atema was part of Tsubakihara’s volleyball team as a first year and they were able to go to nationals, but they were quickly defeated in the first round. The team claims that they hadn’t really done anything in the match and had just ruined the 3rd years’ chance.


Tokyo Nationals Arc

With the match about to start, Atema notices how intimidating certain members of Karasuno appear and remembers how they were the team that had managed to beat Shiratorizawa. Maruyama tries to get him and the others to not think about how Karasuno beat Shiratorizawa. Fortunately, Echigo is able to help steer their negative thoughts to a more positive outlook since facing Karasuno means they will not have to play against Ushijima.

Throughout most of the match, Atema can usually be seen attempting to block Karasuno's attacks. When Karasuno eventually took the lead and Tsubakihara called a time-out, Atema shows frustration over Hinata being able to score past the blockers. Echigo attempts to tells him that he's getting better at reacting to it but Atema doesn't seem to hear him. Near the end of the set, Aoi Himekawa is subbed in to serve. Unfortunately, his serve hits Teradomari and wins the set for Karasuno. In his annoyance, Teradomari yells at Himekawa to hit someone else if he messes up again. This stuns Atema since he is one of the other two people that could be hit. This would fortunately not happen the next time Himekawa returned to the court as he was able to land several service ace ceiling serves.

Eventually, Karasuno was able to win the match and Tsubakihara was eliminated from the tournament in the first round[1].


High School Statistics
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Tsubakihara Academy

Atema seems to get along well with his teammates. He’s often seen interacting with the team’s second years, as he is one himself. Additionally, after getting frustrated over being tricked by Hinata’s act as a decoy, Echigo did not blame him. He also cares about his teammates, exemplifying this when he was quick to react to Teradomari’s ‘mean’ comment to Himekawa.



  • Nomenclature
    • Yoshitomo (義友) - Righteousness/Justice, Friend
    • Atema (当間) - Appropriate, Interval/Among