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Yui Michimiya (Japanese: 道宮 (みちみや) (ゆい) Michimiya Yui) is a third-year at Karasuno High. She was the captain of the girls' volleyball club and played as a wing spiker on the team. Since the Interhigh, she has retired from the club and passed the captain position to Rinko Sudō.

In 2021, she works as a hotel employee and plays sepak takraw[1].


She has short, dark brown hair. She has round eyes that are a lighter shade of brown. She is of average height and has a thin figure; although her current concern lists that she is worried her thighs are said to be 'sturdy'.

Her clothing attire mainly consists of the Karasuno girls' uniform. When on the team, she wore the Karasuno girls' uniform that consisted of a sleeveless jersey and black shorts with white details.

Post-timeskip, Michimiya's appearance does not seem to have changed much.


Michimiya is shown to be a very active person, always smiling and cracking jokes. She is a very determined person, who cares a lot for her team, giving them motivational speeches and always tries to stay composed in front of them; she only cries when she's away from her teammates. However, she herself had stated that she isn't strict enough.

Around Daichi though she can become flustered and clumsy, repeating words to try and find the right thing to say.


She went to Izumitate Middle School with Daichi Sawamura and Hayato Ikejiri. She is currently a third-year at Karasuno High and was a wing spiker and the captain on the girls' volleyball team before retirement.


Interhigh Arc

Before the Interhigh preliminaries begin, Michimiya approaches Daichi in the hallway and hands him the schedule for the pep rally[2]. While they are talking, Michimiya accidentally lets it slip that she thinks her team will lose quickly as she has not been firm enough in getting the team to take practices seriously and are therefore lacking in skill and technique.

Daichi points out how Michimiya would often say things like 'next time' but that unless she goes into the match with the serious intent to win, she will lose. Michimiya playfully recalls how Daichi had said something similar to this when they are still in middle school since, as the captains, they should be the ones to never think they could lose. Feeling much better from talking with Daichi, Michimiya begins looking forward to the tournament.

Before the first match begins in the Interhigh preliminaries in the anime, Michimiya warms up with her team in the stadium. However, her teammates are doubtful of whether they could win or not so Michimiya attempts to motivate them with a huddle and team cheer.

Soon afterwards, the first match begins but the Karasuno Girls' Team is showing obvious signs of struggling. Even with continually motivating herself and the team, the Karasuno girls' team eventually lost. Michimiya then leads her team out of the gym and to the hallways where they pack up. Sasaki began crying and taking the blame for their defeat as she believed the opposing team had recognized her as a weak passer and targeted her throughout the match. Michimiya had attempted to cheer her up but Sasaki remained upset


When Michimiya is called to speak with their coach and is left alone, she breaks down and begins crying. She reflects how if she had tried harder and been stricter during practices, the team may have had a better chance. Regardless, Michimiya remained grateful that she was able to play volleyball.

Michimiya and several of the girls soon gather to watch the match between Karasuno and Date Tech. They arrive just as Karasuno pulled ahead at 16-13. She and the rest of the girls were taken by surprise at seeing Hinata perform a quick attack as well as noticing that Sugawara was not one of the starting regulars.

In the second set when Karasuno reached match point, she was taken by surprise when Nishinoya was able to make an incredible receive using his foot. When the boys were able to win, Michimiya congratulates them.

Sometime afterwards, Michimiya retires from the team and a new captain is chosen.

Tokyo Expedition Arc

Michimiya's in her classroom when someone tells her that Daichi is asking for her[3]. She blushes heavily while rushing outside excitedly. Daichi asks her if he can borrow the girls' gym when they're done practicing, and Michimiya tells him that she'll work things out for the boys to use the gym. In the meantime, she asks him why he needs the gym and he explains that the boys are working on new attack strategies and their gym alone is not enough space for them to use.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

Daichi and Michimia s3 e1.png

Michimiya approaches Daichi outside the volleyball stadium before the Karasuno vs Shiratorizawa match begins and nervously gives him a charm, explaining that it's to help him and the team achieve victory. When Daichi graciously accepts the charm and hurries off, Michimiya collapses onto Aihara who is impressed that she was able to give Daichi the charm.

When inside the gym and observing the team's warming up, Michimiya is stunned at the sight of Ushijima's raw power that sent a ball into the bleachers. She shows great support for Karasuno but also apprehension when Ushijima or Shiratorizawa would repeatedly score and seem to bring down Karasuno's spirits. When Karasuno was able to win the match, she tearfully cheers for the third-years and smiles when Daichi holds up the charm she had given him[4].

Final Arc

After high school, Michimiya began working for a hotel in Tokyo. She currently plays sepak takraw.


High School Statistics
Game Sense

It's been said that she practiced the most out of her team and was the most skilled. As the captain, she can motivate her teammates to keep moving forward.

Jumping Reach: 250 cm


Daichi Sawamura

Daichi and Michimiya are close friends as they attended the same junior high. They are often seen discussing their teams with each other. It has been hinted that Michimiya may hold feelings for Daichi; she blushed heavily and stuttered when she gave Daichi the charm for his match against Shiratorizawa. Michimiya often uses Daichi's words on not giving up as motivation. It is unclear if Daichi returns these feelings.

Karasuno High Girls' Volleyball Team

Michimiya was a respected, though somewhat timid captain who wasn't able to stop her players from skipping practice. Despite that, she makes sure to stay composed in their presence and disregard their mistakes during games so they would feel assured. She seems to be close friends with Mao Aihara and attended Karasuno's match against Shiratorizawa with her. Aihara is also aware of Michimiya's feelings towards Daichi.


  • "We had so much time. We could've trained so much more. We could've done so much more. But those things don't matter anymore. The tournament whistle will blow in 45 minutes. All we can do now is get warmed up. We'll fight to the very end with all our might. And...let's win!" (To her team, Season 1 Episode 15)


  • Favorite Food: Natto with rice
  • Current Concern: She's been told her thighs are "sturdy".
  • She has a habit of slapping her cheeks to bring herself to think straight.
  • Her star sign is Leo.
  • In Haikyuu's first popularity poll, Michimiya placed 23rd with 928 votes[5]. In the second, she dropped to 35th with 675 votes[6].
  • Nomenclature
    • Yui (結) - To Tie Up or Braid Hair
    • Michimiya (道宮) - Roadside Shinto Shrine