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Yukie Shirofuku (Japanese: 白福 (しろふく) 雪絵 (ゆきえ) Shirofuku Yukie) is a third year student at Fukurōdani Academy. She is one of the managers for the boys' volleyball team.

As of 2018, she is currently working as a nutritionist in Chiba.


Yukie is shown to have short, reddish brown hair and matching colored eyes. She is also shown to display some sort of critter-like smile. She tends to have a more laid back appearance.

As time goes on, it would appear that Yukie's hair has grown longer in length.


Yukie appears to be a well-mannered and mature individual, especially towards her team. She is shown to have a great appetite and appears to eat anything edible that she could get her hands on. This was seen during the barbeque at Shinzen High when she had a plate piled high with a variety of food during the barbecue and when she also took several onigiri rice balls and ate them in one go[1].


Tokyo Expedition Arc

Yukie is introduced as one of Fukurōdani's managers during the summer training camp. She is mostly seen in the background or along with Kaori Suzumeda.

Shortly after Hinata and Lev joined the third gym group for free practice, Yukie would inform the players to quickly finish their practice otherwise they would miss out on dinner. Later when Fukurōdani was playing their final game against Karasuno, she is able to pick up on Bokuto becoming frustrated at how Karasuno was starting to get the better of the team.

Managers Group S2 E11.png

After he came out of his mood, Yukie helps cheer for him but she and Suzumeda comment how his mood swings are the reason that he is no longer one of the top three in the nation. For most of the camp, Yukie cheers for the team from the sidelines and she is seen eating a great amount of food during the barbeque.

Spring High Preliminary Arc

When Fukurōdani is playing against Nekoma, Yukie is the acting manager for the team on the court. Just as the match is about to begin, Yukie approaches Akaashi and asks if they should use their standard method of getting Bokuto to peak condition of claiming they heard a girl in the stands say how amazing the ace is.

Tokyo Nationals Arc

Although not often shown, Yukie appears to be the manager on the bench most during Fukurōdani's games at nationals.

Final Arc

After high school, Yukie became a nutritionist at a food company. She and Suzumeda get together to watch the Jackals and Adlers game[2].


Kaori Suzumeda

They appear to be close as they are seen together often, chatting about volleyball among other things. After they graduate, they are seen together again watching Bokuto play.

Kōtarō Bokuto

Both of them seem to be good friends. Like the rest of the team, Yukie is aware of Bokuto's tendencies to fall victim to his mood swings and knows how she can help bring him out of it if needed. Bokuto is noted to often borrow notes from her although he tends to forget to return anything to her, and they both share an interest in food. She was given the nickname Yukippe by the ace.


  • Likes to eat food.
  • She has a lazy/sleepy voice she can't get rid of even when she's irritated.
  • Nomenclature
    • Yukie (雪絵) - Snow Painting
    • Shirofuku (白福) - White Fortune