Yukie Shirofuku (Japanese: 白福 (しろふく) 雪絵 (ゆきえ) Shirofuku Yukie) is currently working as a nutritionist. Prior to this, she was a third year student at Fukurōdani Academy and was one of the team's managers.


Yukie is shown to have short, reddish brown hair and matching colored eyes. She is also shown to display some sort of critter-like smile. As time goes on, it would appear that Yukie's hair has grown longer in length.


Yukie appears to be a well-mannered and mature individual, especially towards her team, though once food is brought into the picture, she becomes similar to Bokuto - as she would eat anything that she could get her hands on. This was seen prior to the eleventh episode of the second season when she had a plate with food piled high during the barbecue and when she also took four (three in the Manga panel) onigiri rice balls and ate them at one go.[1]


Tokyo Expedition ArcEdit

Yukie is introduced as one of Fukurōdani's managers. She is seen along with Kaori Suzumeda telling Hinata and the others to hurry with their practice, as the cafeteria was closing soon.


Kaori SuzumedaEdit

They appear to be close as they are seen together often, chatting about volleyball among other things. After they graduate, they are seen together again watching Bokuto play. 

Kōtarō BokutoEdit

Both of them seem to be good friends; Bokuto often borrows money and notes from her (although often forgetting to return both), and they both share an interest in food. He calls her Yukippe.


  • In the anime, she was capable of eating four onigiri at the same time[2] In the manga, it was only three.[3]
  • Likes to eat food.
  • She has a lazy/sleepy voice she can't get rid of even when she's irritated.
  • Nomenclature
    • Yukie (雪絵) - Snow Painting
    • Shirofuku (白福) - White Fortune


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